Mosque Visit Subject of American Scorn As President BARACK OBAMA & FLOTUS Seek To Rid All of “Islamphobia”

No… that’s not the president Obama preparing to show’em how it’s done: cutting the rug, dancing the “Dab.” And no, that  isn’t the first lady playing around in the latest fashion trend [of] wearing the hijab. What better way to leave people to worry, waddle, and wear themselves down-submerging themselves Tap in for more!

” National Signing Day ” Irony: $63 Million Dollar Unclaimed Lottery Ticket Expires Today

Lyrics that could perfectly fit an Alanis Morissette classic (“Ironic”) is happening right about now, ironically.   Ooh. Ooh. Lemme finish: “He played his WHOLE DAMN LIiiiife. To win that ticket. As the time ticked downnnn…the muthasucka’s missin.’ Isn’t it ironic? Don’t cha think? A little tooooo ironic… Yeah I Tap in for more!

Genetic Modification (GM) Is Here: Are You Ready To Take Control Of How You Want Your Child To Look? Would You?

Ever had that debate with someone putting another (or you) down about looks or certain attributes and you (or they) said, “Well if he/she/I could change it, I/he/she sure would!” Welp. With research taking place at London’s Francis Crick Institute, going forward, you might have that option as, scientists have Tap in for more!