CRUZIN For A Brusin’ : HEIDI CRUZ Likens Husband TED CRUZ’s Campaign Fight To The 25 Years It Took To End Slavery

Reparations is an order, surely now. They say when people show you their true colors-believe them and it’s obvious that almost-First-Lady of the United States of America, Heidi Cruz, knows zilch about the red, white, and blue. Given her now infamous, campaign swan song of a sad statement [for] comparing Tap in for more!

New Study Suggest That Unless You Are Apart of Your Friend’s Grind and Social Climb, They Probably Don’t Consider You To Be A “Friend”

  It’s one thing to be a good judge of character and (too-by contrast) a good judge of caricature. But are you a good judge of friend? No, I don’t necessarily mean a good judge of selecting who you call friends versus—being good judge of who those same people you Tap in for more!

Riding High On Marijuana Closely Linked To Drunk Driving? As Per Washington State Fatalities – Studies Say Yes

  Go on and press play ↑ and let the music play…. Trust me. Given the fact that marijuana has been made legal in some states, I would be totally skeptical about this report. But because I watched a special many years ago about the seconds stalling/delay/reaction time of marijuana smokers (high) Tap in for more!