1) Get it in. The world’s suppose to end today. Story here 2) Hillary Clinton Makes U.S History as first female presidential nominee. Story here 3) 18 year-old Malia Obama caught—teening: Skipped the DNC for some Lollapalooza f.u.n. Story here https://twitter.com/alexanderlao/status/758837093959213057 5) Hillary’s full DNC text speech here 6) Former Tap in for more!


1) Lenny Kravitz said it best: “Honey, it aint over ‘til it’s over.” Stay tuned to the DNC’s live stream interviews, debates, commentary and other political shenanigans up through the very last night of the DNC, here 2) About Last Night: Watch Bill Clinton’s DNC Day 2 speech, here 3) President Tap in for more!


1) After 46 people in 21 states become ill, flour recalled (again) by General Mills. Story here 2) Michael Jordan steps up to speak up for Black lives—and police officers. Story here 3) Things probably making rapper Noreaga smile right now: Carmelo Anthony says ‘it’s about time’ Michael Jordan stepped Tap in for more!


  1) So who’s buying? Male escorts make a killin’ at the RNC. Story here 2) Better than Flint? THC found in Colorado resident’s water. Residents warned not to bathe in it or drink it. Story here     2a)  What is THC and where else can/has it be found? Tap in for more!

📌Meet Iesha Evans-The Woman From Poignant Baton Rouge Photo 📌Twitter Silences Milo 📌The Story Behind Melania’s Plagarized Speech 📌Tamron Hall Scolds Scott Baio 📌and more!

  1) Due to lead, Consumer Safety Commission recall children’s water bottles specifically sold at LL Bean. Story here 2) Meet Iesha Evans-the woman from the poignant Baton Rouge photo (search ref: Gayle King)     3) Milo silenced by Twitter. Story here 4) Internet Free speech war initiated by Tap in for more!

📌20 Injured in German Axe Attack 📌Found: Wire Hanger – Brain Receptor That Triggers OCD Found 📌Snipers Depress Cleveland 📌Omarosa Appointed Trumps ‘African American Outreach’ Head 📌North Carolina Bans: Sagging Pants + Public View of Police Body Cam 📌LeBron Returns To Cleveland 📌and More!

1) [ictt-tweet-inline]No more wire hangers: The brain receptor that triggers OCD identified[/ictt-tweet-inline]. Story here  (search reference: Faye Dunaway / “Mommie Dearest” ) 2) Cleveland not fancy enough for snipers. Snipers working the RNC increasingly depressed by the city of Cleveland’s sprawling view. Story here 3) North Carolina town successfully bans Tap in for more!


    1) The White House received a petition to have social media group #BlackLivesMatter  a “terror” group, this is the reply. Story here 2) According to a new study your personality is controlled by your immune system.  Story here 3) 10 days before his death a manifesto or mission? Tap in for more!

Rape Suspect, Held Then Freed Hostages – Including 7 Year-Old At BURGER KING, Surrenders To Police & SWAT + 2 Secrets Law Enforcement & Corrections Will Never Tell You

  “Have it your way” turned out to be more than a mere Burger King’s slogan after an armed man made the decision to surrender after holding restaurant patrons for almost four hours today. Around 11 o’clock this morning, the unidentified man was spotted as a possible rape suspect that Tap in for more!


  1) Whatever happened to the days when we connected ourselves to something redeeming? Islamic state claims Nice, France truck attacker was their “soldier” and well…3 in connection to it were just arrested. Story (and video) here              1a) More on that story here 2) Did you know that the late, Tap in for more!

📌Trump Pence Logo Gets Meme’d 📌Ben Affleck Defends Tom Brady 📌Playboy Model Dani Mathers Body Shames & Posts Old Woman At LA Fitness On Social Media 📌Turkish Coup Attempt Updates 📌and more!

  1) Although John Stewart said goodbye to us in April of last year, one fact remains: You can leave your calling but sometimes, your calling calls you back. John Stewart will be reuniting with Stephen Colbert to cover the RNC—Republican National Convention (in case you didn’t recognize the acronym). Tap in for more!