📌20 Injured in German Axe Attack 📌Found: Wire Hanger – Brain Receptor That Triggers OCD Found 📌Snipers Depress Cleveland 📌Omarosa Appointed Trumps ‘African American Outreach’ Head 📌North Carolina Bans: Sagging Pants + Public View of Police Body Cam 📌LeBron Returns To Cleveland 📌and More!

1) [ictt-tweet-inline]No more wire hangers: The brain receptor that triggers OCD identified[/ictt-tweet-inline]. Story here  (search reference: Faye Dunaway / “Mommie Dearest” ) 2) Cleveland not fancy enough for snipers. Snipers working the RNC increasingly depressed by the city of Cleveland’s sprawling view. Story here 3) North Carolina town successfully bans Tap in for more!