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ENTERTAINMENT & CELEBRITIES The Notorious B.I.G. releases his autobiographical debut ‘Ready to Die.’   Ex-Boyz II Men (baritone) Michael McCary has multiple sclerosis  Mariah Carey Breaks Silence After James Packer Split Mariah Carey SLAMS Woman’s Day in Instagram photo with manager pal Stella Bulochnikov blamed for split from James Packer Tap in for more!

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CELEBRITIES/ENTERTAINMENT  Eve, Ashanti, Monica & Angela Simmons to Guest Host THE REAL Alex Trebek Spits Drake’s “Jumpman,” Canadian Hip Hop Peaks Derek Jeter praises Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests A Barber’s Sign Has A Photoshop Of Anne Hathaway With A Hi-Top Fade And People Are Dying #RIPVine trends as Twitter Tap in for more!

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Stroke vs. Aneurysm: What is the Difference? HSE audit finds lack of rehabilitation services for stroke patients 16 Ways to Increase Neuroplasticity (and Why That’s Important) | Mark’s Daily Apple Doctors’ low morale ‘puts patients at risk’ California Focuses On Violence Against Health Care Workers Are you an introvert, socially Tap in for more!

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ENTERTAINMENT 50 Cent Threatens to Murder Son on Instagram Kim Kardashian Makes Her First Public Appearance Since Paris Robbery What to listen to now: D.R.A.M., Colbie Caillat, NxWorries and Weyes Blood Coolio Pleads Guilty to Weapon Charge as Judge Compliments His New Hair ‘The Simpsons’ writer Kevin Curran dies, aged Tap in for more!

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World News Politics Preemie Inspires Parents With Dazzling Smile 5 Days After Birth  Preemie Inspires Parents With Dazzling Smile 5 Days After Birth Montana Judge Faces Call For Impeachment After Incest Sentencing  Montana Judge Faces Call For Impeachment After Incest Sentencing Refugee who made Lily Allen cry reunited with Dad Tap in for more!

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[ictt-tweet-inline]Experts reveal the benefits of ‘poo transplants’ and probiotics[/ictt-tweet-inline]  Experts reveal the benefits of ‘poo transplants’ and probiotics  [ictt-tweet-inline]Oral Sex May Lead To Oral Cancer Via HPV Virus In Mouth, Throat[/ictt-tweet-inline]  Oral Sex May Lead To Oral Cancer Via HPV Virus In Mouth, Throat  [ictt-tweet-inline]This Snapchat Star Died After Visiting Tap in for more!

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