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Why Minnesota Mom Is Suing Her 17 Year Old Pre-Op Transgender Child, The County & The State +Texas Rep. Sen. Konni Burton’s Texas Bill Requires School Admin To Out LGBT Students

In the world of self-identity, it seems like an all out war against teens and young adults right (under 21) now. It’s obvious however, that our baby boomer and parents of Gen X’ers are starting to feel a loss of control over the direction their child is headed—sexually.  Full story Tap in for more!

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Meet 1 Of The 538 People Of The ‘Electoral College’ That Decide Who YOUR (American) President Will Be

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📌LIVE: Jay Z’s Get Out and Vote Concert For Hillary Clinton

Live, from Cleveland’s Wolstein Center on the campus of Cleveland State University, 8 o’clock marked the spot that S.Dot and friends (John Legend Katy Perry and wife Beyonce in attendance) give a concert for the fans in support of democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton!     11/4 Cleveland. Let's make Tap in for more!

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