📌5 Things To Remember When Setting 2017 Goals 📌Most People Don’t Even Realize They’re Making This One Huge Life Mistake 📌2016 The Year Of The Feminist Bubble Burst? 📌and More!

📌5 Things To Remember When Setting Your 2017 Goals 📌3 Perspectives on Redefining Success After Personal Tragedy 📌Most People Don’t Even Realize They’re Making This One Huge Life Mistake 📌Barack Obama Admits He Wrote Some Embarassing Love Letters In College 📌2016 Was the Year the Feminist Bubble Burst 📌Want to Tap in for more!

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SOCIAL MARKETING FYI 📌Twitter spent 2016 pouring gasoline on its fires 📌Your 2017 Social Media Strategy: Don’t Try To Be Everywhere At Once 📌ICYMI – tech week rewind, Uber, Facebook, Snapchat 📌How This Entrepreneur Turned His Blog Into an 8-Figure Software Business with 46,000 Customers 📌5 Unconventional Facebook Groups That Tap in for more!

📌Facebook Buys ‘The Eye Tribe’–A Tracking Company. Go Figure… 📌Amazon Echo On The Stand For A Murder Case? 📌Stress Reducing Secret To Being More Successful 📌14 Habits That Keep Top Execs On Top 📌and More!

  📌Facebook already owns your spirit, self-esteem, heart, mind tongue and life–now it’s one step closer to owning souls, esophagus,’ lungs, spleens, corneas and all:  Facebook acquires eye tracking company The Eye Tribe 📌An Amazon Echo may be the key to solving a murder case 📌Alexa, whodunit? Amazon Echo data Tap in for more!

📌Books Trumps Need To Read Before Getting The Nuclear Codes 📌Jesus Take The Wheel: 100 More Vacancies Under Trump Administration 📌2017: Guns, Weed and Catfish 📌and More!

https://twitter.com/WriterNamedNGLA/status/380797987808481280 But man'o'man, I got a special open space on my bookshelf for Obama's thoughts in a book-post presidency. I wanna know his (real) thoughts. — Author-Writist (@WriterNamedNGLA) September 19, 2013 I CALLED THIS. HIRE ME: President Obama plans to write a book once he leaves the Oval Office The Tap in for more!

📌Trump To Republic of Congo To Discuss ‘African Issues’ 📌XMas Day After Mall Disturbances 📌No Bowl Games = Smart Business? 📌It’s Britney B|tch…She’s Not Dead 📌George Michael Tops iTunes & Spotify Streams Surge Over 3000%

Ricky Harris, Actor & Comedian, Dies at 54 Is Remy Ma Dissing Nicki Minaj in ‘Wait a Minute’ Remix? Sony Music’s Twitter account apparently hacked, tweets Britney Spears died George Michael tops iTunes, Spotify streams surge over 3000 per cent Britney Spears and Rumored Boyfriend Sam Asghari Cozy up in Tap in for more!

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📌Want to make noise for New Year? Be creative 📌Michelle Obama took calls from children across the U.S. on Christmas Eve 📌My favorite thing about Christmas in a blended family? Making new traditions 📌I am happy my daughter doesn’t know the value of money 📌The Heartwarming Reason This 7-Year-Old Got Tap in for more!

📌The Christmas Holiday Effect: More Fatal Heart Attacks, Here’s Why 📌17 Useful Google Products You Didn’t Know Existed 📌92 Die In Russian Military Plane Crash 📌Obama’s Spend XMas In ‘Escape’ Room While Blagojevich Awaits The POTUS’ Commutation Decision 📌and More!

HEALTH 📌The Many Faces and Phases of Addictive Behaviors 📌12 things to try before turning to IVF 📌Why cancer treatments cause collateral damage in kids 📌Does your child really need all the prescribed vaccines? 📌Using multiple social media sites may lead to depression and anxiety, says study 📌How to find Tap in for more!

📌Wham’s George Michael Dies At 53. Damn. 📌J. Cole On… 📌Pharrell Gets Feminine 📌Lena Goes Topless 📌 NBA, NFL & College Ball Haps Over XMas 📌The Acne Nobody Talks About 📌And More!

FASHION/BEAUTY 📌The Acne That Nobody Talks About 📌Blood creams to fried chicken edible nail polish: 2016’s weirdest make-up trends that made us go WTH! 📌Fashion shoot goes on for hours despite dead man 📌Smoky Eye Urban Decay Naked Palette 📌Becca Cosmetics: The 7 Things You Need to Know 📌The Trends Tap in for more!

📌11 Pieces Of Good News The World Gave Us In 2016 📌This A$$hole Sells Plastic Rice in Nigeria 📌Why Sex Gets Better–In Older Age 📌Decoding Dreams 📌Why We Embrace Conspiracy Theories 📌and More!

📌A real fMRI high: My ecstasy brain scan 📌America Is Finally Ready to Change the Way It Talks About Drugs 📌’Can Science Crack Consciousness? (Why this is–and is NOT cool) 📌Demsystifying Science  📌Future humans: Why we’ll be living like Martians in the future 📌 Why are we so eager to embrace conspiracy Tap in for more!

📌How To Cut 600 Calories From Your Holiday Dinner 📌Oprah Unveils 40 Lb Weight Loss On Weight Watchers 📌Pregnant Patron Tips Pregnant Server 9k 📌Newborn Match Liver of Another-In 40 Minutes! 📌And More

  ENTERTAINMENT 📌’Star Wars’ actress Carrie Fisher suffers heart attack on a plane  (more on this at our sister site) 📌Oprah Reveals She’s Lost ‘Over 40 Lbs.’ on Weight Watchers in New Ad — See It Here! 📌See What Beyonce Got All Her Formation Dancers For Christmas 📌Quincy Jones has Tap in for more!

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📌Hit the sauna to cut risk of dementia 📌Oh the irony: 📌About 70 employees get sick after health department party 📌Savings, Longevity and the Year in Fitness 📌Top 10 Most Deadly Drugs In US My friend’s jaw would drop as in many a repeated jokes (that I seriously mean), I Tap in for more!