📌2 From Tower of Power Hit By Train 📌When Obamacare Repeal Will Affect Consumers 📌15 Fact You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch 📌The Era of Extreme Entertainment In Politics 📌and More!

Obamacare Repeal Is Moving Forward. When Will Changes Affect Consumers? Ryan confronted by cancer patient who says ObamaCare saved his life NRA’s influence with Florida lawmakers is powerful Trump’s Cabinet Picks Break With Him On At Least 10 Major Issues Trump picks for Pentagon, CIA not so smitten with Putin Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter} 📌Los Angeles 📌San Diego to Los Angeles 📌Chargers 📌ChicagoPD

📌CHARGERS Everything you need to know about the Chargers and Raiders relocation saga The Chargers are reportedly moving to Los Angeles   📌SAN DIEGO TO LOS ANGELES Rams coach candidate Sean McVay lists Wade Phillips as top pick for DC Report: Jon Gruden has spoken to Los Angeles Rams, as Tap in for more!

📌Paris Pissed At “Insulting” Joseph Fiennes Portrayal of Michael 📌Charlie Sheen Looks Forward To Trump’s Impeachment 📌Mayweather Supports Ronda Rousey 📌Amazon Removes Indian Flag Doormats 📌and More!

  📌Paris Jackson slams “insulting” Joseph Fiennes portrayal of Michael Jackson after trailer debuts 📌Paris Jackson and Sofia Richie Hug It Out at InStyle & Warner Bros.’ Golden Globes Bash 📌Charlie Sheen on Trump: ‘We Look Forward to Impeachment’ 📌BOOM: You Won’t Believe Who Just Publicly SLAMMED Meryl Streep 📌Kim Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter}: 📌Black-ish 📌STAR

Click the Twitter bird to find out what people are saying on Twitter!  📌’black-ish” ‘Black-ish’ takes on the election of Donald Trump ‘Black-ish’ Is Shocked by Trump’s Victory Scoop: BLACK-ISH on ABC – Today, January 11, 2017 Tonight on TV Wednesday, Jan. 11: ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ ‘black-ish’ Tap in for more!

📌Michigan Man Ticketed For Warming Up HIS Car In HIS Driveway 📌Tito Jackson For Boston Mayor 📌Corey Booker Trashes Trump 📌Trump Had A Presence Conference-Did You Know? Fact Check + What You Missed 📌and More!

📌Abducted teachers appeal to Donald Trump in Taliban video 📌Black Caucus Chair Accuses Senate Committee Of Putting Him At ‘Back Of The Bus’ [VIDEO] 📌Trump, Sessions, Tillerson: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing 📌The top takeaways from Tillerson’s rocky Hill performance 📌Cory Booker thrashes Trump attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions in historic Tap in for more!

TRENDING ON TWITTER: 📌Anderson Cooper 📌Nutella 📌Lethal Weapon 📌Peter Thiel

📌ANDERSON COOPER ‘You Guys Are Feeling the Heat!’: Anderson Cooper, Kellyanne Conway Battle Over CNN Intel Report More on Anderson lately: Watch Anderson Cooper ridicule Trump for tweeting Meryl Streep is ‘overrated’ Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin ring in the New Year with puppets Click the Twitter bird to find out Tap in for more!


Presented Without Comment: Here Are the First Images of Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson  (see more on this at our sister site) Dash Store Reportedly Robbed Because 2017 Also Hates The Kardashians Golden Globes Group Sends Meryl Streep Letter Thanking Her for “Unwavering Support for the Arts” Streep v Trump Tap in for more!

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📌5 ways to get a car you need to drive for Uber or Lyft 📌Women entrepreneurs hold sway at crafts fair 📌SeaWorld San Diego ends killer whale show after years of outcry #travel 📌This woman quit her job to travel around the world with her dog, and it’s inspiring #travel Tap in for more!

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📌This Is the New “It” Haircut You’ll Want to Ask Your Stylist For 📌American Apparel prepares for store closures 📌The Limited Shuts Down Brick-and-Mortar for eCommerce Focus 📌Nasty Gal creditors seek more involvement in sale 📌Double Eleven to shake up denim market 📌Meet Art School, London’s gender-queer fashion collective 📌Nail Tap in for more!

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📌Lose up to a stone in two weeks! Dr Xand van Tulleken offers his tips and tricks to do just that – and a selection of recipes from his Definitive Diet 📌This Blog Tells You How to Make a Woman Orgasm 📌Studies show saunas can protect against heart, brain diseases Tap in for more!

📌Iman Pays Tribute To David Bowie 📌’Badly Burned’ Brad Pitt Dating Again, Already?📌Drake’s Summer Sixteen Makes History 📌See Drew Barrymore’s ‘Santa Clarita’ Diet 📌and More!

📌Reactions to gospel preacher Kim Burrell on LGBT issues reveal split among black churches (podcast + more on this at our sister site) 📌Soulja Boy, Chris Brown recruit Tyson, Mayweather to train for grudge matchThe most must-see films of 2017, from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to ‘Star Wars’ 📌Pretty Much Tap in for more!

📌2017 Golden Globes Faux Pas, Fashion and Shenanigans!

📌2017 Golden Globe Awards: Everything You Haven’t Seen on TV 📌The Best Beauty Looks of the Night 📌Red Carpet Fashion (NYTimes) 📌Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2017 Golden Globes – Top Red Carpet Dresses at Golden Globe Awards (Elle) 📌Tracee Ellis Ross Shows Off Her Sparkly Stacked Rings 📌 The Best-Dressed Celebrities  Tap in for more!

📌Trump To Force Inmates To Build That Wall? 📌Wanna Lose Weight? Stop Eating By Noon 📌British Man Gives Birth 📌World Travelers Among Florida Airport Shooting Victims 📌Celeb Bid Farewell In Emo Video To President Obama 📌Browns Hire Gregg Williams 📌and More!

The ‘strategy’ is simple: Treat the voting process and democracy like the IRS branch of government does overseeing its ‘ducketts’ when it’s checked in at the door: DO IT BY HAND. Stop wasting our time and beating a dead horse as if there is some kind of complicated strategy that Tap in for more!

Yahoo’s Got To Get Its Finances Together

As the world news media article headline droppin’ Don-da-da of the blogging game, we, at ToriSpilling.com are trying to figure out just how Yahoo Finance’s headline (as posted on Twitter), would have read across the article selecting pool we pull from. Sometimes it matches the tweet, sometimes, it doesn’t. In Tap in for more!

📌How To Drink Like A Star While Watching Golden Globes From Afar 📌Are Cleanse Diets A Good Idea? 📌How Greek x Italian Food Makes You Smarter 📌What Is The Whole30 Diet? 📌and More!

1. 📌This Kind of Food Is Both Filling and Insanely Good for You 2. 📌5 pieces of basically useless nutrition advice 3. 📌5 Food Items You Should Consider For A Daily Dose of Zinc 4. 📌Are cleanse diets really a good idea? 5. 📌Get Oprah’s Turkey Burger Recipe — Considered Tap in for more!

📌How To Know If Your Therapy Is Working 📌How Cold Weather Helps You Burn More Calories 📌Moms Who Regret Having Children Need Support Too 📌New Drugs Stops Deadliest Form of Skin Cancer 📌and More!

📌Obamacare repeal costs: 3 million jobs gone, $1.5 trillion in lost gross state product 📌The Complex Mess of Health Insurance 📌Federal government rejects doctors group’s call for a new national Centre for Disease Control 📌Would YOU trust it? NHS to diagnose patients via new smartphone app after criticisms of ‘inadequate’ Tap in for more!

📌Facebook To Begin Charging on Saturday? 📌Caitlyn Jenner’s Full MAC Collection Due Out Tomorrow 📌No Evidence In Claim of Vicks Vapo Rub Death 📌The Best Places To Visit In 2017 📌Alexa Technology Being Put In Ford Vehicles 📌and More!

  📌Facebook to start charging users on Saturday? Message sparks fear of incoming costs 📌Ridiculousness: Chrysler unveils selfie-taking concept car for Millennials 📌Coming From Automakers: Voice Control That Understands You Better 📌Trump says Toyota will face tariffs on cars made in Mexico 📌Cadillac’s Book is a subscription car service that Tap in for more!

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📌How online dating has turned us into a generation of private detectives 📌Obama’s Hawaii vacation home up for rent 📌This one-click ‘rape threat generator’ aims to counter online misogyny 📌Is this the “world’s most dangerous” gym class? 📌Victim loses PS750 in ‘convincing’ Amazon email scam – here’s what to look Tap in for more!

Gag Me With A Speech: Post Ellen Degeneres’ Cancellation, Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Loses Yet, Another Speaking Engagement Due To Homophobic Religious Ran Caught On Tape

Gag me with a spoon speech, say the ‘Valley Girls.’ The religious say: “God ‘aint through with me yet,” but apparently, invitees of gospel singer Kim Burrell’s speaking engagements are and sending her back ‘yonder. Besides The Ellen Degeneres Show, here’s another: Here’s the back story on all this.

📌Gas Prices Expected To Spike in 2017 📌Shopflifters Lead Cops on 4 Hour Foot Chase 📌Son Sues Amazon For Its Driver Hitting and Killing His Mom 📌Police Detain 4 In Facebook Live Beating of ‘Special Needs’ Man 📌and More!

📌City pays 3 homeless men after cops threw out their belongings 📌Son of elderly woman fatally hit by delivery truck sues Amazon 📌10 deadly seconds: Chandler police release report in Walmart shooting 📌Charlotte pastor charged in armed robberies of 9 businesses LoL: 📌Shoplifters lead Colonie police on 4-hour foot chase Tap in for more!

📌General Colin Powell Can Be Elected POTUS Tomorrow 📌Bernie Sander Brings Life-Sized Trump Tweet To Senate Floor 📌Scariest Abortion Restrictions To Watch in 2017 📌and More!

📌Colin Powell Can Be Elected President of The United States on January 6 📌Donald Trump’s Soft Spot for Russia Could Be His Political Undoing 📌GOP Lawmaker Asks Twitter To Vote On Whether Obamacare Should Be Repealed – It Brutally Backfires 📌Trump Twitter Ethics Forces GOP Congress To Keep Independent Ethics Tap in for more!

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📌I feel better now. A ‘Dirty Mouth’ May Be A Sign Of Integrity; Study Associates Swearing With Increased Honesty 📌Does a vegan diet affect your ability to heal? 📌A New Device Can Diagnose Disease By Analyzing Your Breath 📌5 Ways Technology Will Make You Healthier In 2017 📌Why you shouldn’t Tap in for more!

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📌6 Phrases that Kill Your Credibility with Clients 📌21 Tips on Running a Great Social Media Contest 📌Why These 10 100 Year Old Companies Still Matter 📌5 Questions to Ask When Building a New Website 📌Why These 10 100 Year Old Companies Still Matter 📌10 Reasons Your Website Can Have Tap in for more!

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📌Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ ratings sink after Trump exit 📌Get Ready! Beyonce And Kendrick Lamar Are Headlining Coachella 📌Trey Songz posts tirade against MGM National Harbor 📌Megyn Kelly’s Departure Is a Big Clue About the Future of Fox News (more on Megyn Kelly and our sister site) 📌Chris Brown Dares Soulja Tap in for more!

📌Funny How Time Flies When You’re Having—Son: Janet Jackson Gives Birth! 📌How Many People Watched The New Celebrity Apprentice? 📌Johnny Depp Rips At Amber Heard’s “Extended Fifteen Minutes Of Fame” 📌and More!

📌Janet Jackson, 50, gives birth to a boy, Eissa Al Mana 📌Frank Ocean’s Mom on Kim Burrell’s ‘Blonde’ Feature: ‘Son, Can We Crop Her Voice Out of Your Song?’ 📌Meg Ryan Books First Major TV Role in 30 Years with Epix Comedy 📌Johnny Depp Blasts Amber Heard, Claims Amber ‘Trying Tap in for more!

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📌Why do passengers always board planes from the left side? 📌This is the real reason why women cheat on their partners 📌There’s no good way to deal with trolls, so you may as well snitch to their mums 📌Hungry Girl: 5 Ways to Go on Vacation and Not Gain Weight Tap in for more!

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📌Insider Q&A: Your medical information is big business 📌Americans’ Average Income by Age 📌Amazon files patent for flying warehouses 📌The $10 Billion Club: Meet the 8 most valuable startups in the US 📌Don’t Judge a Nonprofit by its CEO Salary 📌5 ways to jumpstart your credit score in 2017 📌You Tap in for more!

📌18 Real Healthy Meals To Start The Year Off Right 📌What Happens To Your Body (and Skin) After A Night Of Heavy Drinking 📌Age Is No Hot Bod Barrier 📌8 in 10 Middle Aged Adults Dangerously Unhealthy 📌and More!

📌This is what happens to your body after a night of heavy drinking 📌Can a gel made with you own blood heal chronic leg wounds? 📌Newspaper headlines: Rail fares and breakfast sugar 📌Dentists call to end ‘workplace cake culture’ 📌Doctors curtail opioids, but many see harm to pain patients 📌Exercise Tap in for more!

{Video} 📌Mother of Two Dies While Using Facebook Live 📌Spirit Move Worship Collab Cover 📌O’Dell Beckham & Josh Norman Square Off 📌Drake Retires The Meek Mill Diss ‘Back To Back’ 📌and More!

📌Mother Of Two Dies While Using Facebook Live (Video)  📌Drake Retires The Meek Mill Diss ‘Back To Back’ [VIDEO] 📌Australian tourist 4WD rolls off ferry with passports and all belongings inside 📌Odell Beckham and Josh Norman square off in Week  📌CNN Don Lemon Drunk on Air – Says He Wants Tap in for more!

📌5 New Year Resolutions For Introverts 📌Only This One Habit Makes Your Resolution Fail-Safe 📌Science Says Do These 8 Things In Order For Your Resolutions To Stick

📌With New Law, Illinois Stylists Join The Fight Against Domestic Violence 📌17 Absurd (But Hopeful) Predictions for 2017 📌Your Resolutions Will Likely Fail Unless You Develop This One Habit 📌How to Quit a Job When Your Boss is a Psychopath 📌Want To Have The Best Year Of Your Life? Here Tap in for more!

📌On That Note: Samsung Will Soon Tell You With the Galaxy 📌Beware: 10 Innovation Killers 📌Wanna Crush It In 2017? Get Back To Basics 📌Trump: Human Couriers Over Computers 📌and More!

📌Your Next Manager Could Be a Computer 📌Eating Too Much of This Is Bad for Your Brain, Science Says 📌Samsung will reveal what caused the Note 7 fires later this month 📌Fiat Chrysler and Google team up to integrate Android Nougat with Uconnect 📌WhatsApp Stops Working On Some Devices Today Tap in for more!

📌Top 20 TV Events of 2017 📌#IAmLaTavia: Former Destiny’s Child Member LaTavia Roberson Pops Off At ‘People’ 📌#MariahsWorld: Mariah’s Merry Mess 📌Michael Jackson Made More In 2016 Than Celeb Dead (Or Alive) 📌and More!

📌20 TV Events to Get Excited About in 2017 📌Rejoice! Ed Sheeran offically teases new music 📌36 Celebrity Babies We Met In 2016 📌Mariah Carey walks off after technical snag 📌Mariah Carey’s Rep Explains What Went Wrong With Her New Year’s Eve Performance 📌Mariah Carey’s New Year’s show is latest Tap in for more!

📌4 Signs It’s Time To Let Go Of That Idea You Thought Was A Winner 📌Want Guaranteed Income? Move To Finland 📌Repealing Obamacare Affect Everyone 📌You Don’t Have To Pay A Service Charge At Restaurants With Bad Service 📌and More!

📌9 Misconceptions of Entrepreneurs 📌Why Tyra Banks Cold-Called Zappos’s Tony Hsieh 📌To Lead a Digital Transformation, CEOs Must Prioritize 📌China Twitter boss leaves after seven months 📌”Fake News” And How The Washington Post Rewrote Its Story On Russian Hacking Of The Power Grid 📌Trump says hackers can’t be caught after Tap in for more!

📌Consume These Superfoods in 2017 📌What Will You Create in 2017 📌’Design Thinking’ To Get You Unstuck 📌Book Review: America. The Anxious 📌4 Cooking Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight 📌and More!

📌The case for NOT making Resolutions 📌Looking for a new look in 2017? Check out these cosmetic procedures 📌Design Thinking Could Help Those Who Want To Get Unstuck 📌What Will You Create In 2017?  📌5 Everyday Exercise Options To Stay Healthy 📌I’m too busy 📌Why Do I Commit Breach Social Tap in for more!