Friday Mailbag: Soda, the Health Act and ‘Mrs.’ Trump Trump to lay out vision for country in inaugural address, but don’t expect a ‘long-winded’ speech Handicapping Trump’s first 100 days After oath, Trump faces ambitious Day 1 to-do list At candlelight dinner, Trump says election was ‘victory for all of Tap in for more!

📌Selena Series In The Works 📌The Rise of Boy Beauty Movement 📌Live Longer: Red Hot Chilli Peppers 📌Found: Sasha On The Beach In Miami 📌On This Note: Samsung Users On Verizon Getting Calls Re-Routed 📌and More!

ENTERTAINMENT Actress: ‘Macho’ persecution followed ‘El Chapo’ meeting Get Your First Behind the Scenes Look at Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show This Conspiracy Theory Will Change How You Feel About the Bachelor Villain New TV Series About Selena Quintanilla’s Life in the Works ICYMI: Happy 95th birthday, Betty White! Tap in for more!

📌Hip Hop Podcaster Taxstone’s Bail Conditions: $350k (Cash or Property)–Identify 5 Who Put Up + Electronic Monitoring 📌Carmelo And Phil Jackson To Have “The Talk” 📌Child Dies During Pit Bull Attack in Atlanta On Way To School 📌Nina Turnerss Soul Stirring Speech Will Stir Yours 📌LeBron’s Words (vs. Actions) 📌and More!

https://www.instagram.com/p/BF2o_JSHGu4/ The Latest: Prosecutor calls hip-hop podcast host a killer Child dies, two others hurt after pit bulls attack kids on way to school in Atlanta Parents claim to find mold inside popular teething toy Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s widow charged FBI: Ft. Lauderdale Terrorist Says He Carried Out Attack Tap in for more!

📌ToriSpilling’s “End Game” Is Actually an “In” Game + What It Means To You

Cliff’s notes: Why, and in what way Tori Spilling plans to/will expand to being a “social media” site down to its literal meaning + what this means to its readers (and prospective investors/partners). Why Tori Spilling’s placement in blogging/online news media is essential to other sites’s articles getting seen + Tap in for more!


  This Is The Single Best Diet For Your Overall Health, According To Nutrition Experts Drug-resistant superbug may be craftier, more widespread Blood donation ban lifted for men who have had sex with men Antiretroviral drugs may increase gay and bisexual men’s susceptibility to syphilis What You Need to Know Tap in for more!


ENTERTAINMENT Here’s the thing: If Trump’s going to run an entire country (successfully) he’s going to have to stop Tweeting and tending to every argument he’s invited to. Z’at simple. If it takes 21 days to break a habit, he should’ve started somewhere around Dec31. Then by January 2oth’s inauguration, Tap in for more!

📌Phil Jackson Wants Carmelo Anthony Out? Carmelo: “It’s Time To Talk” 📌Rep. John Lewis’ Books Sells Out Following Trump Twitter Attacks 📌Should 49ers Sign Shaun Hill? 📌Is Your Smartphone Listening To Everything You Say? 📌Racial Discrimination In Ride-Sharing Apps 📌and More!

📌Gamecocks in the NFL: Alum will play in Super Bowl 📌Aaron Rodgers, Packers topple Cowboys to advance to NFC Championship Game 📌Cowboys received a rare unsportsmanlike conduct penalty because Brice Butler was in the huddle 📌Carmelo Anthony miffed that Phil Jackson might want him out 📌Carmelo Anthony: ‘If they feel Tap in for more!

📌 “Hidden Figures” ‘Aint Hardly Hiding See How It Did—Again 📌Tony Romo A No-Go For Broncos 📌Jordy Nelson Has A Breathing Problem 📌Lamar Odom Reunites w/NBA Friends 📌’Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka Dies 📌Post Loss, Ciara’s Russell Woods Shades Her Past-Future 📌Citing Death Threats, Andrea Bocelli Cancels Trump Inauguration Invite 📌and More!

📌HIDDEN FIGURES: … Leads ‘La La Land’ and ‘Patriot’s Day’ at holiday box office … Continues Its Reign At The Box Office While ‘Monster Trucks’ Bombs (more on this at our sister site!) … Dominates At The Box Office Again While Ben Affleck Appears To Have Another Flop  Daydream caption: “Surely it was that Tap in for more!

📌CIA Head John Brennan Warns Trump of His Tongue 📌Martin Shkreli Hit In Face w/ Dog Poop 📌Women’s March: Pussycats Turn To ‘Pussyhats’ 📌Trump Gets Pass To Bypass Nat’l American Museum On MLK Day 📌and More!

 📌CIA head John Brennan warns Trump to watch his tongue  📌Dear President Obama: Please Upgrade Nuclear Launch Protocols Before You Leave Office  📌Martin Shkreli Gets Hit In The Face With Dog Poop After Raising Price Of HIV/AIDS Drug  📌Trump team considers evicting press from White House  📌Trump no longer expected Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter} Ring Around The Rosey…All Falls Down: 📌Ringling Bros Wraps After 146 Years – May Marks The Spot

Alongside of being a daddy’s girl and brat, if it’s two childhood memories my dad gave me, the circus was one of them Star War movies a close runner up. The proverbial “Ringling Brothers and Barnam Bailey Circus” was something I looked forward to with my dad-through to my tween Tap in for more!

{Trending on Twitter}: Bishop Of New Birth Baptist Megachurch 📌Eddie Long Dies At 63 + The Controversy, Scandals Via Comprehensive Article Timelines

 📌Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Releasing Tell-All Book   📌It’s Complicated: The Bishop and Eddie Long  📌Atlanta’s New Birth Church Says Bishop Eddie Long Died of ‘Aggressive Form of Cancer’  📌After Eddie Long’s Death, Daughter Says He Was ‘Perfect,’ Others Point to His Cloud of Secrets  From Nigeria: 📌American Megachurch Pastor Eddie Tap in for more!

📌Michael Jackson Coming To Lifetime 📌Carrie Fisher’s Vintage SNL Epi To Air Tonight 📌Ciara’s Ex-Rapper Future-On Sideline Of Hubby Russell Wilson’s Game 📌and More!

Good news.📌After that scrapped “Urban Myth” tragic contraption that almost happened  (Paris Jackson Pleased, ‘Surprised’ Network Canceled Michael Jackson Episode) Lifetime is about to put some respecK on Michael Jackson’s name: Michael Jackson is getting the Lifetime movie treatment 📌Carrie Fisher SNL episode from 1978 to re-air on NBC tonight Tap in for more!

📌 “I Cooked My Wife’s Placenta And This Is How It Tasted” 📌Why Christians Believe The World Will End This Weekend 📌’Uniquely Devastating’ Genital Injuries Among Troops 📌and More!

📌I Cooked My Wife’s Placenta. Here’s How It Tasted. 📌This is the bizarre reason why some Christians predict the world will end THIS WEEKEND 📌Forest Ranger Explains How Trees Have Social Networks And Complex Relationships | Health 📌If You Don’t Want To Know What An Owl Looks Like Naked, Look Tap in for more!

📌How To Grow Your Hair Out By Summer 📌This Shower Cap Will Save Your Blowout 📌How Clothes Defined First Lady Michelle Obama 📌What Sneakers To Buy In 2017 📌Is Your Makeup Bag Vegan Too 📌and More!

How to Grow Out Your Hair by Summer The SHHHOWERCAP Shower Cap Will Actually Save Your Blow Out Veganuary: Here’s what it means for your make-up bag Dakota Johnson Says BDSM Can Be “Chic” and “Luxurious,” Is a National Hero How Clothes Defined Michelle Obama Selena Gomez cuts her hair Tap in for more!

📌How Your Fingerprints Can Be Stolen From Selfies 📌Apple To Soon Make TV Shows? 📌May The (Literal) ‘Force’ Be With Us: So Now We Find a “Rogue” Planet? 📌Discovery About Moms Who Cradle On The Left Side 📌Palm Oil Is Killing The Environment 📌and More!

Thieves Can Steal Your Fingerprints From Your Selfies Mothers Predominately Cradling Infants On Their Left May Have A Deep Evolutionary Origin Ruby Seadragon Has Been Seen In The Wild For The First Time Rare Ruby Seadragon Caught on Video for First Time Palm Oil Might Not Kill You, But It Tap in for more!

📌3 Ways To Cultivate Happiness 📌What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion 📌You’re Eating The Wrong Fruits & Veggies 📌Bacon, Nutella & Other Foods Linked To Cancer 📌Indian Pepper = Cancer Fighter? 📌and More!

Here’s What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion UAE’s first robot pharmacy – This is how robotics will change healthcare in near future! Nutella, bacon and other foods you love that are linked to cancer Gluten-Free French toast Big Sugar’s Secret Ally? Nutritionists A Super Cheap, Generic Alternative to Tap in for more!

📌L.A Rains Cause ExtraTV’s Mario Lopez’s Back Yard To Collapse 📌Trump’s ‘Urban Outreach’ Mission Moves From Omarosa To Steve Harvey 📌Estate of Aaliyah Giveth & Taketh Away 📌Star Jones + The View Co-Host Star In New Daytime Series 📌and More!

In this order: 📌27 days ago: “The sad reason Aaliyah’s music has disappeared from the Internet” 1 day ago: “AALIYAH’S HITS HIT ITUNES, APPLE MUSIC“ Same day:”Aaliyah Album Rockets Into iTunes Top 10 After Long-Awaited Release“ Within that same,  ‘1 day ago’ “Aaliyah Album Rockets Into iTunes Top 10 After Tap in for more!

📌While You Are Tweeting: A Total Abortion Ban Is Being Considered 📌Doctor Explains Why Costa Rica’s Health Care System Beats U.S 📌”Medium Rare” Chicken, Though -Why? 📌Jack Daniels Launched Coffee 📌 How Much Protein (And Exercise) Do You Really Need?

📌Donald Trump, Chicago Police: Your Friday Evening Briefing 📌Readers react: The future of Obamacare 📌Why this Texas doctor says Costa Rica’s health care system beats the US 📌A New Bill Introduced in Congress Would Constitute a Total Abortion Ban 📌Seth Meyers Grills Kellyanne Conway on “Concerning” Russia Reports About Trump Tap in for more!

📌2 From Tower of Power Hit By Train 📌When Obamacare Repeal Will Affect Consumers 📌15 Fact You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch 📌The Era of Extreme Entertainment In Politics 📌and More!

Obamacare Repeal Is Moving Forward. When Will Changes Affect Consumers? Ryan confronted by cancer patient who says ObamaCare saved his life NRA’s influence with Florida lawmakers is powerful Trump’s Cabinet Picks Break With Him On At Least 10 Major Issues Trump picks for Pentagon, CIA not so smitten with Putin Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter} 📌Los Angeles 📌San Diego to Los Angeles 📌Chargers 📌ChicagoPD

📌CHARGERS Everything you need to know about the Chargers and Raiders relocation saga The Chargers are reportedly moving to Los Angeles   📌SAN DIEGO TO LOS ANGELES Rams coach candidate Sean McVay lists Wade Phillips as top pick for DC Report: Jon Gruden has spoken to Los Angeles Rams, as Tap in for more!

📌Paris Pissed At “Insulting” Joseph Fiennes Portrayal of Michael 📌Charlie Sheen Looks Forward To Trump’s Impeachment 📌Mayweather Supports Ronda Rousey 📌Amazon Removes Indian Flag Doormats 📌and More!

  📌Paris Jackson slams “insulting” Joseph Fiennes portrayal of Michael Jackson after trailer debuts 📌Paris Jackson and Sofia Richie Hug It Out at InStyle & Warner Bros.’ Golden Globes Bash 📌Charlie Sheen on Trump: ‘We Look Forward to Impeachment’ 📌BOOM: You Won’t Believe Who Just Publicly SLAMMED Meryl Streep 📌Kim Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter}: 📌Black-ish 📌STAR

Click the Twitter bird to find out what people are saying on Twitter!  📌’black-ish” ‘Black-ish’ takes on the election of Donald Trump ‘Black-ish’ Is Shocked by Trump’s Victory Scoop: BLACK-ISH on ABC – Today, January 11, 2017 Tonight on TV Wednesday, Jan. 11: ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ ‘black-ish’ Tap in for more!

📌Michigan Man Ticketed For Warming Up HIS Car In HIS Driveway 📌Tito Jackson For Boston Mayor 📌Corey Booker Trashes Trump 📌Trump Had A Presence Conference-Did You Know? Fact Check + What You Missed 📌and More!

📌Abducted teachers appeal to Donald Trump in Taliban video 📌Black Caucus Chair Accuses Senate Committee Of Putting Him At ‘Back Of The Bus’ [VIDEO] 📌Trump, Sessions, Tillerson: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing 📌The top takeaways from Tillerson’s rocky Hill performance 📌Cory Booker thrashes Trump attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions in historic Tap in for more!

TRENDING ON TWITTER: 📌Anderson Cooper 📌Nutella 📌Lethal Weapon 📌Peter Thiel

📌ANDERSON COOPER ‘You Guys Are Feeling the Heat!’: Anderson Cooper, Kellyanne Conway Battle Over CNN Intel Report More on Anderson lately: Watch Anderson Cooper ridicule Trump for tweeting Meryl Streep is ‘overrated’ Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin ring in the New Year with puppets Click the Twitter bird to find out Tap in for more!