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📌Oscar Breaks Jimmy Kimmel’s Cherry

Airing tomorrow (February 26, 2017 at 5:30 PST) live from Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California; this year’s Academy Awards/ 89th Oscar Awards Ceremonies will be hosted by non other than late night funny man 📌 Jimmy Kimmel-his first time ever hosting!  That said, the Oscars is sure to be laced with Tap in for more!

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📌Is The Media Capable of Being Objective? The Answer is YES and NO. Here’s Why+My Personal Example Of When and Why (and When and Why Not)?

IS the media capable of being objective? YES, the media IS “CAPABLE” of being objective. But the world is on stage right now so, they we are only going to be as objective as being able to get the story out and told COMBINED WITH being as provocative as much Tap in for more!

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Blog post details sexism problems at Uber, CEO says heads will roll (hey y’all. Is our literary jargon getting around? Cool beans! Yeah, I use “heads roll”/”head will roll” several times in a recent post at our sister site. We’re cool with it, though.😁No shade). In colossal shock, Uber alleged to Tap in for more!

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Small plane crashes, narrowly misses gas station   Is there mail on President’s Day? A look at what’s open, what’s closed Hitler’s phone sold for $243,000 Hitler’s phone sells for more than Sh24m Hitler’s telephone auctioned for $243,000 Adolf Hitler’s dreaded red telephone sold for USD 243,000 Your daily 6: Tap in for more!