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📌It’s Britney B|tch: The Best & Worst Moments From Her Lifetime Biopic + Her Feud With Katy Perry For Shading Her Hair Shaving Meltdown 📌and More Britney News

Despite NOT giving her green light and good graces to the making of the Lifetime biopic, the show must go just went on, and here’s what some are writing and saying: Britney Ever After Gif Recap: All the Best and Worst Moments from the Lifetime Movie Britney Spears & Justin Tap in for more!

📌Quinn Cook Wins D- League All Star MVP 📌”No One Knows What It Means But It’s Provocative- It Gets The People GOIN’!” -Adam Silver…Sorta – On Kyrie’s Flat Earth + 📌Other Sports & 📌NBA All Star Shenanigans and Stuff

Adam Silver on Kyrie saying Earth is flat: ‘He was trying to be provocative and I think it was effective’ Tracy McGrady And Chris Webber Headline 2017 Finalists For The Basketball Hall Of Fame Even without Kevin Durant, Sam Presti’s plan for the Thunder holds up NBA All-Star Game 2017: Tap in for more!

📌Sinkholes From Around The World – Reminders As To Why No One’s “Safe” From Them + How Do Sinkholes Form & Happen? What Areas Are Most Prone To Them?

Terrifying Sinkhole Reminds Americans That Nowhere Is Safe Massive Sinkhole Just Swallowed Two Cars in Studio City Huge LA sinkhole swallows two cars 2 cars in a giant bubbling sinkhole. Not a movie. Wow. #StudioCity @NBCLA pic.twitter.com/3e5chANxIx — Pablo Kay (@pablo_kay) February 18, 2017 A #sinkhole in Studio City shallows Tap in for more!

📌Melania Opens For Trump 📌First-Ever Hate Crimes Tracker Launched 📌News On The Lurking Russian Spy Ship Sailing U.S. Seas Goes Back 30+ Days- See The Articles 📌Trump Makes It Clear He Will Never Digress About His Disdain For “Fake News” Media 📌Roe v. Wade’s Norma Roe Dies 📌and More!

Norma McCorvey, ‘Roe’ in Roe v. Wade, is dead at 69 After 18 employees skip work to attend immigration rally, they receive brutal lesson from their boss ‘Not My President’s Day’: Thousands Plan Anti-Trump Rallies Across U.S. Here's President Trump telling the crowd about how Abraham Lincoln used to fight Tap in for more!

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Hundreds of DC Zika virus tests to be re-examined after ‘technical issues’ HEALTH What ‘This Is Us’ episode got right about panic attacks ICYMI: ​How vitamin D Can Prevent Colds  📌LoL at how this just TOTALLY sh|ts on all we’ve been taught, told and sold on Vitamin C being “the Tap in for more!

📌What To Eat When You Get A Craving 📌PepsiCo Answers The Call For Healthier Drinks & Snacks And This Happens 📌See How Chefs And Restaurant Owners Are Participating in #DayWithOutImmigrants & How It Affects You 📌and More!

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Get a firsthand look at a dramatic wildebeest migration across the Serengeti Strangers give bride early wedding so cancer-stricken father can attend Crop-Protecting Fungicides May Be Hurting The Honey Bees HEALTH Lawmaker introduces bill to prohibit forced microchipping Companies are already implanting employees with microchips Iranian doctor sees effects of Tap in for more!

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RANDOM OR WTF NEWS: No. The Westminister Dog Show didn’t pick some bleached, well-groomed, lashed, funny-built pooch this year. It was a regular old German Shepherd named “Rumor.” I am humbled 😄😂. 📌Rumor the German Sheppard wins Best in Show American Girl announces its first boy doll   📌Unnecessary distraction and Tap in for more!


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GRAMMYS: 📌Red Carpet Live 📌Jazz Jolt: Al Jarreau Dies At 76 📌SNL Scores Best Ratings In 6 Years 📌and More!

BREAKING: Richard Gere Just Went Where NO ONE Dared To  Grammy Awards 2017: See the Full Winners List (Updating) Grammys 2017 Red Carpet Arrivals Grammy Awards: A Pro-Trump Statement on the Red Carpet Prince unreleased music, concert films and more to be released Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ Reissue Packed With Unreleased Tap in for more!


My guy Mario Lopez of ExtraTV always brings the #headlines puns and the fun, and I know JUST what to do to shoot the ball back, sometimes: LifeComesAtUFast💫RT @MarioLopezExtra: When you happen to be sitting next to Michael Jackson's daddy..#JosephJackson pic.twitter.com/MzShh6L4zb — IG: osfmag_ (@SaidSherice) July 1, 2016 This time, Tap in for more!