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  • Janelle Monae Thinks Women Should Go On a Sex Strike Until Men Are Feminists   📌…As a result of some things happening in popular culture (and beyond…and the conversation that needs to be had) I was just talking to my friend about this over the weekend (to interject a subject on an upcoming podcast regarding how at this point in the dating/ relationship game, anything less than a feminist male as a partner is unacceptable-considering the rampant preconceived notions and expectations placed upon women by men who have zero interest or the willingness to understand the female plight. However, going “on strike” (as Janelle Monae) suggest, is like the difference between demanding respect and commanding respect. One’s presence should command the respect his mouth demands. Commanding respect is a matter of that which you will (sit) or won’t stand. At any rate, look out for it at AngFrankPodcast.

I have a lot to say about this 📌(like in my book and podcast-where I teach you how to know if you are dealing with a misogynist) I will go over how to know if a man is anywhere near a feminist or (if not) at bare MAXIMUM-feels the plight of the woman enough to even CONSIDER dating. Your antannae game’s gotta be on tip-top intuit dating these dudes today.