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📌(Updated 6.23.17) Otto Warmbier Likely Suffered Severe Neurological Injury Just After His Trial? That + More Articles and Headlines on Otto Through His 6/22 Funeral Services

*note* As news continues to come in on Otto and this N. Koreas situation, we will (of course) continue to post ANY and all new updates on it in our World News category. If you are following this, just search Otto Warmbier, Korea, or North Korea and if news is Tap in for more!

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WORLD NEWS Unknown number killed in massive London high-rise blaze Reportedly, it was blogged (back in November 2016) that residents feared a major fire at this tower: Chilling warning by local residents' action group re fears of major fire at this tower block from November 20, 2016:https://t.co/Pfwcp2rUYH pic.twitter.com/IsUPUDUdnE — Piers Tap in for more!

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Television reporters told to stop filming in Senate hallways, prompting outcry Russian Hackers Attacked Infrastructure, Voting Data in 39 States WORLD NEWS Sheriff: Lawmen ‘desperately’ searching for killer inmates Explaining a 9-year-old’s death to children requires tact, honesty  ‘Daddy please don’t’: Alexis Stubbs begged ‘stepfather’ for her life The Latest: Tap in for more!