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Court says politicians can’t block people on social media   HEALTH & FOOD The MIND Diet: A Detailed Guide for Beginners Swank diet: Does it help with multiple sclerosis? What a day at the beach does to your brain Marijuana DUIs Are Still Too Subjective Say Cops. Why No BreathTest? Tap in for more!

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Republicans call for second special counsel to probe Clinton, Lynch and more Reince Priebus Is Ousted Amid Stormy Days for White House Huckabee calls for repeal of 17th Amendment after healthcare failure Anthony Scaramucci’s wife files for divorce, report says Anthony Scaramucci’s wife files for divorce TRUMP NEWS Trump tells Tap in for more!

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Why the organizers of a pop-up ‘O.J. Simpson Museum’ are displaying the artifacts of notoriety WORLD NEWS The U.S. has a staggering pilot shortage Transgender Military Members Share What It’s Like to Serve in the Closet Baby born after head-on collision can now see clearly for 1st time There’s way Tap in for more!

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Lyft Riders Can Now Get Free Taco Bell on the Way Home From the Bar ENTERTAINMENT Bell’s Palsy: The facial paralysis that’s affected A-listers like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney Justin Bieber involved in rollover incident with the papz when leaving church   Bruno Mars’ ’24k Magic’ world tour goes Tap in for more!

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POLITICS Here’s how much members of Congress pay for their health insurance Health Care Vote shows Republicans’ Problems in Replacing Obamacare Senate rejects proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare McCain Didn’t Actually Vote for the Health Bill He Railed Against — But His ‘Yes’ Was Still Bizarre TRUMP NEWS Trump: Tap in for more!

📌Help For Entrepreneurs Who Are Not Morning People 📌The Shocking Reality of A 27 Year-Old in Menopause 📌China To Launch The Unhackable 📌Michael Kors Buys Jimmy Choo 📌Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’: Church? 📌LeBron, Kobe, Derrick Rose 📌and More!

Vaccine To Prevent Type-1 Diabetes Could Be Trialed In Humans As Early As Next Year WELLNESS Time, not material goods, ‘raises happiness’ Your Guide to the Ultimate Wellness Staycation HEALTH Early Treatment or Immunity? Child Born With HIV Now Free of Infection How patients who stop taking statins are risking Tap in for more!

📌Going to Mexico? BYO-B&B (Bottle and Born Baby) 📌Jared Kushner To Answer Re: Russia 📌No: Michael Phelps Is Human–With Olympic Gold, Not A Great White 📌and More!

The ‘Tone It Up’ girls share 8 rules for living the fit life CELEBS / ENTERTAINMENT Pink confirms NEW SINGLE release date and shares video teaser How Frank Ocean — and Brad Pitt — made FYF Fest feel one of a kind Why Hollywood Studios Are Slow to Embrace Virtual Tap in for more!


Flights to Europe in the fall cost around $300 round-trip right now #travel Over a cold beer in Vienna, I decided to stop flying so much — here’s why  #travel July 23 airfare chart: Hawaii’s calling with lower fares from LAX and Orange County #travel Crave the quirky? Here are Tap in for more!

📌Driving More Than Two Hours A Day Found To Make You Less Intelligent📌How All Sensors in Your Smart Phone Work 📌It’s A Given: Your Financial Adviser Will Lose Some Of Your Money – What To Do About That 📌Wonder Woman II To Happen 📌Still Alternative Facting: Kellyanne Says Trump’s Lies Are Ok Because He Doesn’t Think He’s Lying 📌Marvel, Westworld, Star Trek Discovery, Avengers Trailers 📌and More!

FOOD / HEALTH Charlie Gard Hospital Says Staff Have Received Death Threats Alternatives To Vaccination Shots Are In Development :  Blood donation rules relaxed for gay men and sex workers He thought he just had blisters from a hike. He had flesh-eating bacteria and nearly died Glioblastoma: New tools against Tap in for more!

📌Data of Wells Fargo’s Wealthy Client Portfolio Leak Just How Far Their Money Stretched 📌Missy Elliott Performs 1st Show In Decade – Katy, Janet, Beyonce, Solange Show Up For Her Show Out 📌Kentucky Must Pay Attorney’s Fees For Couples Who Sued Marriage License Clerk Kim Davis 📌What Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Said About OJ’s Release 📌Trump Inquires About His ‘Pardoning Power’ 📌Rob Kardashian Returns To Social Media 📌and More!

Missy Elliott, Bjork kicked off Friday of FYF Fest 2017   Missy Elliott makes rare appearance for first U.S. show in decade Beyonce Takes A Break From Mommy Duty & Dances Backstage To Missy Elliott At FYF Fest — Pic Beyonce Dances Like Nobody’s Watching While Watching Missy Elliott Perform Beyonce Tap in for more!

📌Viagra-Like Ingredient Found–In Coffee 📌Mind Over Matter: Simply Thinking You’re Slacking On Exercise Boosts Death Risk 📌Linkin Park’s Chris Bennington Hangs Himself On Friend Chris Cornell’s Birthday 📌Monica Lewinsky Applauds Jay Z 📌Proud Mary: Taraji P. Henson 📌and More!

HEALTH / FOOD Just Thinking That You’re Slacking On Exercise Could Boost Risk Of Death Healthier living could reduce worldwide dementia by a third, report says These Nine Risk Factors Dramatically Increase Your Dementia Risk Texas company issues recall after Viagra-like ingredient discovered in its coffee VIDEO A Man Was Tap in for more!

📌Trump Inquires About His Pardoning Power 📌So Was Elon Musk Government Approved For Underground Hyperloop Or Not! 📌Affordable Care Act Opinions Shifting 📌Upate Your Apple Devices: Right Now 📌See Home Depot’s Bluetooth Wireless Hose 📌and More!

TRUMP NEWS Trump lawyers asking about presidential pardon powers: report One In Eight Donald Trump Voters Not Sure They Will Vote For Him Again Trump legal team’s spokesman resigns Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo resigns During ‘Made in America Week,’ President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club applies to hire 70 foreign Tap in for more!

📌Why Even If OJ Simpson Earns Big Bucks, He Can’t Keep It 📌Frozen Pork Falls From Sky – Out of Nowhere 📌$447Million Powerball Winner Steps Forward 📌Body Cam Shows Baltimore Officer Planting Drugs 📌Shocking Vid Shows Man Being Murdered Outside Brooklyn Bodega 📌and More!

WORLD NEWS Father to Trump: Let us in the U.S. to attend daughter’s funeral Frozen pork fell from the sky, hitting their house. No one knows where it came from The Navy Gets Its First Female SEAL Candidate Virginia McDonald’s employee refuses to serve uniformed police officer California family that Tap in for more!