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Volkswagen Automaker recalling 281,000 vehicles due to defect Volkswagen Issues Recall Over Computer Glitch …and this “glitch” goes something like: driving 65mph on the highway and all of a sudden, your car stalls out of nowhere—with cars speeding behind and coming up on you. Stuff our subscribers knew weeks ago, Tap in for more!

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Lawyers to Harvey victims: File insurance claims before law changes Sept. 1 or risk losing money Some People Left Their Dogs Tied Up To Die In The Flood And It Will Break Your Heart Saving Pets Is Paramount for Many Fleeing Tropical Storm Harve Texans refuse to leave pets behind Tap in for more!

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Headphone Startup Kanoa Shuts Down After One Brutal Review…LoL. You go through all that money spent on prototyping and research only to bow out at ONE brutal “review.” Then you aint built for entrepreneurship and world game. LoL Hit App Sarahah Quietly Uploads Your Address Book … this is soooo Tap in for more!

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‘Game of Thrones’ recap: ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ and the inescapable family ties About That Game of Thrones Finale Death In ‘Game of Thrones’ season finale, there’s a lot to chew on   Game of Thrones 7×07 Dragonpit Council Meeting   ‘Game of Thrones’: An Ode to Littlefinger Littlefinger Tap in for more!

📌Breaking: Harvey Flooding Forces Release from Addicks and Barker 📌FEMA: “We’re Setting Up Texas For Years” 📌Texas Governor, Trump & Celebs on Texas Hurricane + 📌The CRUELEST Fucking Hurricane Harvey Headline EVER! 📌And More!

Harvey flooding forces release from Addicks and Barker 1,000-year-old oak tree survives Hurricane Harvey – the 500-year storm The Latest: Houston opening convention center as shelter Houston Experiencing ‘Unprecedented’ Rain Event, Says County Judge Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick on catastrophic flooding in Houston   Rev. Franklin Graham: Texas needs our Tap in for more!

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MTV/VMAs ALL ACCESS LIVE STREAM: How to Watch the 2017 VMAs Online For Free MTV VMA Nominees 2017: A Full Nominations Refresher Before August 27 Show Best New Artist: Julia Michaels Khalid Kodak Black Noah Cyrus SZA Young M.A. Video Of The Year: Alessia Cara, “Scars To Your Beautiful” Bruno Mars, “24K Magic” DJ Tap in for more!

Mayweather v. McGregor: 📌Oscar De La Hoya Explains Why He Thinks The Fight Was a ‘Fraud’ 📌Conor To Keep MMA Rank 📌Definitive List of All Celebs Who Attended the Fight 📌Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Showtime 📌Skip Bayless Says Floyd Got 9th Round Favor 📌 Boxing Legend Says Mayweather Needs an Asterisk By His Name 📌See Post-Press Conference 📌and More!

Listen to Oscar De La Hoya explain why he thinks Mayweather vs. McGregor fight was a ‘fraud’ Oscar De La Hoya thought Mayweather-McGregor was a "fraud" and still thinks it's a "fraud." pic.twitter.com/7tbnSGlBmq — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) August 28, 2017   Mayweather-McGregor aftermath: A body blow to pay-per-view from live-streaming Tap in for more!

📌Hurricane Harvey 2017 – 📌How to Help 📌FEMA On Harvey Recovery: “Years” 📌Scared Hawk, Hawks Ride w/Cabbie-Refuses To Leave 📌Verizon and Sprint To Waive Fees 📌What About Those Too Poor To Flee? 📌Why You Should Put A Quarter on a Frozen Cup Before A Hurricane 📌and More!

In this tragedy, it’s good to see that someone can take it all in stride and laugh it: How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims Here’s how you can help South Texas residents affected by Harvey   People in distress from #harvey can call the following #USCG numbers: 281-464-4851281-464-4852281-464-4853281-464-4854281-464-4855 — U.S. Tap in for more!

📌AFROPUNK 2017 From London To Brooklyn: The Before, During–and the Morning After

Honey, you’re just gonna have to head over to SelfieStyleStories.com to get a load of all this AFROPUNK 2017 fabu-lousness. I’on know what else to tell you, ’cause…     (…as well, tap in to see retro Afropunk fests at our sister site OtherSideoftheFame.com!)

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