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Sydney Loofe



LaVar Ball pulls son LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA, ESPN reports

  • …they wanted to humble him (his dad). Saw this coming. I just saw this interview with he and NBC Today Show’s Natalie Morales and his whole assertion is that China ‘pardoned’ the incident yet, America is punishing him. It’s amazing that his incessant need for establishing this annoying persona of the “arrogant dad” he’s trying to build for himself in an effort to push a brand is too, clouding all understanding that UCLA’s benching his boy is more about a humbling than a punishment. I TOTALLY get what he’s saying about not wanting to ingratiate himself to Trumps ‘claims’ that he was instrumental in the release of the boys from China as, Trump has claimed LOTS of things that turned out to be fragments of his imagination ego and China didn’t back Trump on that claim. But at the same time, arrogantly and disrespectfully asserting himself like such (and according to this Natalie Morales interview) sending Trump a pair of sneakers is like shooting himself in the foot, twice. His son (who aspires to play on the Lakers) is going to have his dad to thank for his basketball dreams gone osmosis as, this ‘patriarch persona’ for this storyline he’s trying to build for himself is coming across both ignorant and TERRIBLY misinformed. Is he not paying attention to Colin Kaepernick and Kathy Griffin? Kathy Griffin merely posed for a vile photo and Colin Kaepernick took a stand kneel on a social issue. Playing ball (where you haven’t even gone pro yet especially) is a privilege–that has to be granted by powers bigger than LaVar Ball’s ego and brand. It’s a way to build this ‘persona’ he’s shooting for without ruining it for his son. I’m totally floored that this most recent interview SINCE pulling his soon out of UCLA is worse than all he’s said and done since this China scandal. Wow! It will (more than likely) be a cold day in HELL before the Lakers takes his son on, especially after this interview.
    • Right, wrong or righteous, this love-affair with (the word)  “brand” as a VERB over a noun can go too far. And when your persona supercedes your brand (by your antics), it’s time to question your actual brands VALUE. Nouns people taking advantage that they are at a certain point in their careers that they can do certain things and carrying on without incident is slowly becoming no more. Are you paying attention to what’s going on in Hollywood? Journalism? Sir, you are a black man with a son merely wanting to play basketball. Revisit all that’s going on in Hollywood and journalism. You (especially being black) are more expendable than them. They already know what the 3-ring circus goal was. They are going to make an example of dreams deferred in the worse way-all damning due to his dad. How sad. He is an example of how banking on “all publicity is good publicity” and the world growing a brand over controversy leading him to think the noise from that of valuable to the NBA brand. But franchises and companies are slowly peeling the pages back of being slaves to that philosophy and the acts that come with it. And he is about to be in for a rude awakening. There is was a way to be known for the powerful patriarch who got 3 sons onto the Lakers without carrying on like they needed you. And they are gonna show you.



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