TORISPILLING SPILLS:📌How 5 Huge Brands Are Marketing You Through Amazon Alexa 📌Justice Dept Proposes to Eliminate Office That Help Communities Resolves Racial Conflict 📌 ̶G̶r̶a̶b̶ ̶’̶E̶m̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶P̶u̶&̶&̶y̶ Shoot ‘Em in the Pu%%y Says Duterte 📌Encore: My👏 Kinda 👏Girl!👏 Keep the Fame✋–And Keep My Worth and Wealth Under Wraps: Judge to Hear Case of $560m Powerball Winner Wishing to Remain Anon 📌U-Ahhhh: Utah Taxpayers Paid for Hotel Linked to Prostitute Report 📌Trump’s Budget Hits Poor Americans Hardest – Takes Monthly Food Benefits for Boxes of Food 📌The Winners and Losers Under Trump’s ‘Plan’ 📌Still Smitten with Putin Much: Still No Olympic Tweets from Trump–Could it be Because Russia Can’t Compete? 📌Google Maps Found To Lead Women Seeking Abortions Astray 📌Why Your Peen Get ‘Lean’ 📌and More!

South Korea’s ‘penis park’ draws an Olympic crowd FASHION / STYLE / BEAUTY Taking a look under the hood of Lagos’ brutal Beauty industry A 10-Year-Old “Drag Kid” Just Stole the Show at New York Fashion Week The Craziest Looks at New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018 Marvel Studios brings Tap in for more!

📌Bar Open To Ban ‘Ugly’ People-Why It Will Lose Its Luster 📌Yahoo Accused Of Scanning Emails For Intelligence Sources 📌Tacky: Duterte Tells Obama To ‘Go To Hell’ 📌O’Dell Beckham’s Not Having Fun Anymore 📌and More!

POLITICS Men blatantly disrespecting other men with such verbiage is soooooooooo ultra tacky. Philippines’ President tells Obama to ‘go to hell’  story here  (search ref: Duterte-I thought he ironed out his issues with President Obama. Guess not). Philippines: Duterte tells Obama to ‘go to hell’  story here Encore: Philippine Duterte Tap in for more!

Atlanta: Power To Be Restored By Midnight 📌California: Edison Considering Turning Off Power 📌Bazooka Turned in at San Francisco Gun Buyback 📌Michael ̶K̶o̶r̶s̶ Course: Woman Apprehended in Hit & Run Found w/$4000 Worth of the Designer’s Handbags 📌The Gaming Industry on Net Neutrality 📌Niger Soldier Was NOT “Captured” 📌McCain To Miss Tax Bill Vote 📌5 Ways To Reignite The Passion in a Tired Relationship 📌100 Foot Long Joint Rolled 📌Famed Photographer Annie Leibovitz Offers New Online Course 📌10 Burning Questions Everyone Has About Relationships 📌Google To Purge Sites Masking Country Origin 📌How Safe is Your DNA? 📌 Battle of the Beauty Apps 📌Sports News 📌and More!

  When no one comes to a talented dad’s art show, his daughter makes sure that people see his work Friends in Art and Beyond – 10 Unexpected Artist Friendships How Effective Content Maximizes Opportunities for Your Art Post-Irma, Art Basel at Miami Beach is still swinging The best art Tap in for more!

Thriller in Manila: Trump Entangled in Awkward Elementary Chain-Gang Like Handshake w/Allies on Last Day of Successful Asian Tour 📌Hannity’s Advertisers Haul Ass Sans Roy Moore Coverage 📌Advice for Millennials on How To Get Rich 📌12 Year-Old Sues Sessions Over Marijuana Policy 📌Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death 📌Walmart Increasing Online to Get You Back In Line? 📌Smoking Back Pack at Orlando Airport Sends Commuters Scrambling for Safety 📌and More!

TECHNOLOGY / BUSINESS / MONEY How Apple Is Ripping Off America An app where teenagers lip synch reportedly got bought for $1 billion Seeking Arrangement sugar daddies pay for college students’ tuition Wal-Mart Lifts Web Prices to Aid Stores — WSJ Don’t Let YouTube Babysit Your Children I watched 1,000 Tap in for more!

📌Afghan Suicide Bomb Kills 80 Wounds 340 📌Pakistan: Woman Sentenced To Die–For Being Raped 📌Kathy Griffin Raked Across Social Media Coals For Makeshift Trump Beheading 📌and More!

Eminem helps raise almost £2million for Manchester victims Ariana Grande Joins Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Niall Horan, And More For Manchester Benefit Concert Vanessa Hudgens Announced As 3rd Judge On ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 14 ‘World of Dance’ Premiere: Jennifer Lopez Is Full of Fun, Derek Hough Tap in for more!

📌 “I Shaq The Sherriff” 📌Penn State Hazing: Shameful, Chilling, Timeline Leading To Frat Member’s Death 📌Trump’s First 100 Days Cost $40 Million Dollars 📌and More!

WORLD South Korea’s presidential election could change its relationship with the United States. Here’s why Giving Up Nuclear Weapons: It’s Rare, But It’s Happened United Messes Up Again: Flies Customer to San Francisco Instead of France Man once charged in slaying of Chandra Levy is deported Five big takeaways from Tap in for more!

📌Obama Makes Plea To Congress 📌24 Key Issues The Media Isn’t Giving Adequate Attention To 📌Facebook (Plans To) Launch TV Shows in June 📌Met Gala Donors Pissed Over Bathroom Rampant Smoking+ Sports, World News, Politics, Entertainment 📌and More!

Ivanka Trump used Toni Morrison quote to compare herself to a slave in new book ENTERTAINMENT ‘The View’ Slams Ivanka Trump’s Empowerment Book As ‘Tone-Deaf’ Brandy, Chromeo to headline LA Pride Festival Museum Donors Are Pissed Celebs Were Smoking in the Met Gala Bathrooms This is where it's at and Tap in for more!

📌30 Year Old Dayton Ohio Man Driving Wrong Way Collides With Tanker Carrying Gas -Dies 📌Man Opens Fire At San Diego Apt Complex Pool Party 📌Eminem’s Lawuit Against New Zealand Political Party Begins 📌How Trump Could Get Fired 📌and More!

6 blacks, 1 Hispanic shot in San Diego; police kill gunman (search reference: Peter Sellas -gunman) Cop shot in head when man opens door at scene of domestic dispute Republicans Want to Punish Students Who Shut Down Controversial Speakers on Campus Girlfriend’s on-air killing drives anchorman into politics Police search for Tap in for more!

📌Cue The Music: Sia “The Greatest” (Stamina) – Trump’s Got It? 📌It’s My Party I Can Deny If I Want To, Deny If I Want To: White House Correspondents Dinner Awkward Without President Trump There 📌Journalist Tweet Empty Seats At Trump Rally 📌and More

Sunday shows preview: Trump plans next steps Absent glitter and Trump, journalists honor press freedom How Maxine Waters became ‘Auntie Maxine’ in the age of Trump The White House Correspondents’ Association paid Trump a compliment — then delivered a message Host blasts absent Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner What Tap in for more!

📌Trump’s Budget Rolls Over Meals On Wheels and Crushes Housing Across the Nation 📌Virginia Officials Arrested📌Breitbart Wants You To Know There Was A Border Lakes Shooting 📌and More

  Chelsea Clinton Is Writing a Children’s Book About Inspirational American Women What the Yahoo Hack Says About Russian Spies CNN’s Van Jones: Why Oprah could beat Trump in 2020  WORLD Trump’s Budget Would Eliminate Meals on Wheels Cops catch speeder transporting $200,000 and drugs Body of man found in Tap in for more!

📌Melania Opens For Trump 📌First-Ever Hate Crimes Tracker Launched 📌News On The Lurking Russian Spy Ship Sailing U.S. Seas Goes Back 30+ Days- See The Articles 📌Trump Makes It Clear He Will Never Digress About His Disdain For “Fake News” Media 📌Roe v. Wade’s Norma Roe Dies 📌and More!

Norma McCorvey, ‘Roe’ in Roe v. Wade, is dead at 69 After 18 employees skip work to attend immigration rally, they receive brutal lesson from their boss ‘Not My President’s Day’: Thousands Plan Anti-Trump Rallies Across U.S. Here's President Trump telling the crowd about how Abraham Lincoln used to fight Tap in for more!

📌Here’s What You Can Do For Aleppo 📌Jobless? Free Cash in Finland 📌Trump Can’t Spell 📌10 Most “Satisfying” Airports 📌

  📌Police arrested a man living in an SUV then learned he’s an heir to millions 📌’Prince’ and ‘Princess of Pot’ arrested and released in Montreal dispensary raids 📌They ‘borrowed’ a TV to watch Netflix in their dorm room and got busted for it 📌WhatsApp, a Coke bottle and fake Tap in for more!

📌Bloody Penguin Homewrecker Battle Shows Just How Close We Are To Nature & Animals 📌A Scientific Look Into Human Consciousness 📌Snoop & Martha Hang Out Again 📌Move Over Comedians: Studies Show Musicians May Be 3x More Like To Suffer Depression Than Regular Folks and Lessers 📌Federal Authorities Investigate Election Threats 📌Donald Trumps Suits Are Expensive, Here’s Why They Look So Cheap On Him 📌Jim Morrissey, VA Politician That Married+ Impregnated His (Then) 19 Year-Old Assistant On Way To Becoming Mayor+Why I Support Their Relationship 📌Trump, Clinton & Election Shenanigans 📌Sports News 📌and More!

 SCIENCE 📌Fall Back: Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday 📌5 Things You Didn’t Know About Daylight Saving Time 📌Insight Into the ‘Seat of Human Consciousness’ 📌Penguin Fights Homewrecker in Bloody Battle FEMALE PENGUINS RUN THINGS OUT THERE. CHECK IT OUT: For further reference/reading, you might want to check out an excerpt Tap in for more!

📌Notorious B.I.G Autobiographical Debut ‘Ready To Die,” Ready 📌Trump Urges Supporters To Vote Twice 📌Willow & Jaden Join DAPL 📌Boys II Men Member Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis 📌Two Cases-HighProfile-On Trial This Week 📌Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson Sued 📌Manuer Dumped At Dem Headquarters 📌Madea Burns Inferno At Box Office This Weekend 📌and More!

ENTERTAINMENT & CELEBRITIES The Notorious B.I.G. releases his autobiographical debut ‘Ready to Die.’   Ex-Boyz II Men (baritone) Michael McCary has multiple sclerosis  Mariah Carey Breaks Silence After James Packer Split Mariah Carey SLAMS Woman’s Day in Instagram photo with manager pal Stella Bulochnikov blamed for split from James Packer Tap in for more!

📌Jack O’Connell Cast As Alexander McQueen in Biopic 📌Preemie Delights Parents With Thousand Watch Smile 5 Days After Birth 📌Once A Gay Crime in Britain, Thousands of Gay Men To Be Pardoned For Gay Sex 📌White Seattle Teachers Wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirts 📌Bike Theft Prevention Makes Thieves Vomit 📌Woman Gets Emotional After $1000.00 24k Gold Face Mask 📌Gigi’s New Shoe 📌Textured Shampoo and More!

World News Politics Preemie Inspires Parents With Dazzling Smile 5 Days After Birth  Preemie Inspires Parents With Dazzling Smile 5 Days After Birth Montana Judge Faces Call For Impeachment After Incest Sentencing  Montana Judge Faces Call For Impeachment After Incest Sentencing Refugee who made Lily Allen cry reunited with Dad Tap in for more!

📌It’s Over: The Fat Lady Sings on Samsung Note 7 📌Google Announces Their New Cell Phone 📌Feds Demand Fingerprints To Open Phone 📌Thanksgiving Day Shopping A Thing of The Past? 📌Forget You- Make Your Customer Look Good 📌Pokemon Making It Safe For You From Idiot Drivers Who Look For It While Driving 📌Trumps Brand Plummets 📌and More!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sent feeds that helped police track minorities in Ferguson Is our world a simulation? Why some… Samsung puts Galaxy Note 7 out of… Galaxy Note 7: Samsung ends production  Samsung ends production of the Galaxy Note 7 for good LOL: Galaxy Note 7 return kit includes Tap in for more!


Hacked Podesta Twitter sends out Trump-supporting tweet  Hacked Podesta Twitter sends out Trump-supporting tweet Challenging Iran is ‘the last thing’ Obama wants to do — even as Iran-backed militants fire on US Navy ships Challenging Iran is ‘the last thing’ Obama wants to do — even as Iran-backed militants fire Tap in for more!


  POLITICS USA Today: Mike Pence: Donald Trump is ready to lead … USA TODAY’s Editorial Board: Trump is ‘unfit for the presidency’ USA Today Takes A Side In The Presidential Race For The First Time USA Today urges voters to oppose Trump ‘Don’t vote for Trump,’ says USA Today Tap in for more!

📌Video of Terence Crutcher Gunned Down By Tulsa Cop 📌NY/NJ Bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Father Tipped Authorities in ’14 📌Trump Jr. Skittles x Refugee Comparison Sparks Outrage 📌8 Stabbed In St. Cloud Mall📌Coffee Over PreWorkout Supplements? 📌Sky Brown-Youngest Girl To Compete In Vans Open Series 📌and more!

WORLD NEWS ‘Disturbing’ Helicopter Footage Shows Tulsa Police Kill Unarmed Man (more on this from our sis) Video released in fatal police shooting of unarmed Oklahoma man Man fatally shot by Tulsa police was unarmed, chief says, as ‘disturbing’ video is released New York Explosion: Video Captures Bomb Blast Driver Saves Tap in for more!

📌Wells Fargo Exec’s Big Payday 📌Household Income Median Grew in 2015 📌Oprah Loses $117m 📌1Phone 7 Verdict Is In 📌Samsung Exploding Phone Issue Yields $26b in Losses 📌Grocery Prices Fallen Over Past 8 Mos📌One Unbreakbale Rule In Business Writing 📌 Real Income Gains Are Brief & Hard To Find In America 📌 Autopilot Saves Unconscious Pilot 📌and more!

You Can Now Send A Payment To Anyone In The World Via iMessage How the Most Effective Leaders Achieve Success What Every Start-Up Can Learn From Country Music’s Most Anticipated New Artist Should Customers Fall For Panera’s New Gimmick? Food Scientists Weigh In 5 Lessons About Taking Risks From the Tap in for more!

📌North Korea Did It–Again 📌 Does Facebook’s Mark’s Zuckerberg’s Deleting ‘Napalm Girl’ Post Prove He Doesn’t Know History 📌Beware of the USB That Completely Destroys Your Computer 📌Social Pressures Lead To Decline In Breastfeeding 📌Is Exercise The New Hangover Cure? 📌 “Cheater’s 2016: Dude Snapchats Cheating Girlfriend 📌Kanye’s NYFW A “Hot Mess?” 📌and more!

  North Korea claims successful test of nuclear warhead  Apple Events – Keynote September 2016 Mark Zuckerberg accused of abusing power after Facebook deletes ‘napalm girl’ post Facebook slammed for deleting iconic Vietnam War photo Demi Lovato now co-owns rehab center where she received treatment Baby born on flight gets Tap in for more!

📌Live Animals As Keychains? 📌POTUS Learns He’s a Son of a B|tch (Or Whore) You Decide📌Diaper & Pampers Your Way To Big Butt 📌LAFITNESS Body Shaming Victim Dani Mathers Shamed Is Located-Charges Possible📌Diddy Disses The Pres📌and more!

This 1 piece of crucial English speaking advice is sending the internet wild Bill and Bey for her BD: Beyonce — My Birthday’s Worthy of Presidential Mention!!! (PHOTO/VIDEO) U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections Live Animal Keychains Exist And People Are Furious …live what? This Guy Tap in for more!


  Why Has Japan’s Massacre Of Disabled Gone Unnoticed? For Answers, Look To The Past WILLY WONKA and BLAZING SADDLES Returning to Theaters to Honor Gene Wilder Sarah Michelle Gellar And Freddie Prinze Jr. Prove Love Is Real Hobby Lobby Founder Does a 180 on Trump Over Concerns of Hillary Tap in for more!

📌Cocaine Found At Coca-Cola Factory 📌Iris Apfel: Dressing For Your Age Is ‘Stupid’ 📌Hurricane Hermine Threatens East 📌Trumps Mexico Visit Fail 📌Strawberries Linked To Hepatitis? 📌 People Going Wild Over Promising Effects of New Alzheimer Drug 📌 Why Celebrity Accounts of Depression Is Essential 📌LeBron To Manila 📌12 Year-Old Rapes Primary School Girl 📌 and More!

  FASHION/BEAUTY Kareena to Malaika: Bollywood’s hottest squad steps out in style : Fashion, News Iris Apfel Thinks Dressing For Your Age Is ‘Stupid’ Why this bride wears her wedding dress every year — and says you should, too Maven Pictures to Produce Movie About Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow Tap in for more!

📌Remembering Gene Wilder 📌Facebook Trending News Blues 📌Blue Ivy’s $11k Dress 📌Cheaper Alternative For EpiPen But You’ve Got To Do This: 📌17 Year Old Dies From Girlfriend’s Hickey 📌Trump Polling At 0% w/African Americans 📌and more Tori’s Stories { August 30 Edition }

FASHION/BEAUTY Mom says school ’embarrassed, harassed’ 11-year-old daughter for wearing leggings Alicia Keys VMAs 2016: The Singer Responds to Critics Blasting Her Wearing for No Makeup Blue Ivy Wore an $11,000 Mischka Aoki Dress to the VMAs 2016 23 Products Everyone In Their Late Twenties Should Try On Their Skin Tap in for more!

📌 What That 2 Year-Old From 6 Years Ago With The Smoke Habit Looks Like Today 📌 Italy Earthquake 📌 The Hacking of Leslie Jones Luridness 📌 Convicted: Man Who Threw Boiling Water On Sleeping Gay Men 📌 Charity Rejects Atheist’s Donation But He Keeps On Giving 📌 and more Tori’s Stories { August 25 Edition }

Praying For Aretha Franklin… Crowd Goes Silent When 85-Year-Old Walks The Catwalk Better Than Every Young Supermodel   Leslie Jones Luridness: (more on Leslie Jones from our sister site) Hackers Publish Nude Pictures on Leslie Jones’s Website Leslie Jones’ website hacked, exposing nude photos, personal info Leslie Jones’ Website Taken Tap in for more!


Mirror Smartly dressed woman does massive poo in lift  Bored Panda: Famous Ballet Dancers Practicing On The Streets Of New York Little Things: 14-Year-Old Girl Combines Ballet And Hip-Hop Into One Unforgettable Routine Brightside: Why the cabin crew keep their arms behind their backs when greeting passengers   Business Tap in for more!


  Gene That Makes People Behave Like Idiots When Drunk Could Also Protect Against Diabetes Thousands evacuated at JFK airport after woman says she saw man with gun JFK Airport shooting reports of shots being fired in Terminal 8 JFK airport: All-clear given Celebrity Chefs Turn Wasted Olympics Food Into Tap in for more!


62 miles of flooded I-12 closed from Baton Rouge to Covington   PHOTOS: Dramatic Rescues Underway As Louisiana Floodwaters Reach ‘Historic’ Levels   Bring back our girls, remember? Chibok girls: Boko Haram video purports to show captives   Children as young as seven ‘sexually assaulted’ in Greek refugee camps   Castro Tap in for more!