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  ENTERTAINMENT ‘Fences’ Trailer: Denzel Washington & Viola Davis Enter Oscar Race 2. Rob Kardashian Leaks Kylie’s Digits Over Baby Shower Gone Way Wrong 3. Rob Kardasian Tweets Kylie Jenner’s Real Cell Phone Number  4. Rob Kardashian Lashes Out at Kylie Jenner by Posting Her Phone Number on Twitter 5. Selena Gomez First to Tap in for more!

📌Tit for Tat: Trump’s Divorce Records Sought, Hillary’s Health Records Sought 📌Cavs and LeBron 📌and More!

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‘Unbelievable’: Heart Stents Fail to Ease Chest Pain Study Of 1.5 Million Men Finds Link Between Penis Shape And Cancer Risk ‘It’s insane’: Ont. patient told she’d have to wait 4.5 years to see neurologist Obama Takes to Twitter to Promote Obamacare Enrollment Brain scans of toddlers reveal impact of Tap in for more!

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How Trump’s energy order affects jobs, fuel prices President Trump has successfully created an alternate reality Today: Trump Won’t Fight Climate Change? California, Here We Come Trump’s Spokesman Says the Case Is Closed on Russia. It’s Not After defeat on Obamacare, Trump advisers want him to delay another campaign pledge Tap in for more!

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This bride was completely upstaged in her wedding day photo… and social media can’t get enough of it 5 unusual airline perks you might not know about  #travel See your dream home at a 360 [?] perspective FILM Emmy-winning actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 The filming locations of this Tap in for more!

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[ictt-tweet-inline]Experts reveal the benefits of ‘poo transplants’ and probiotics[/ictt-tweet-inline]  Experts reveal the benefits of ‘poo transplants’ and probiotics  [ictt-tweet-inline]Oral Sex May Lead To Oral Cancer Via HPV Virus In Mouth, Throat[/ictt-tweet-inline]  Oral Sex May Lead To Oral Cancer Via HPV Virus In Mouth, Throat  [ictt-tweet-inline]This Snapchat Star Died After Visiting Tap in for more!

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1. Steph Curry backs Clinton for president 2. Attention Georgia: Georgia is using an error-riddled database to reject thousands of voter registrations 3.  Trump held a baby at a rally and decided on a mom-friendly political agenda to seem presidential and’s gonna ride it ‘til the wheels fall off. LoL. Donald Tap in for more!