TORISPILLING SPILLS:📌How 5 Huge Brands Are Marketing You Through Amazon Alexa 📌Justice Dept Proposes to Eliminate Office That Help Communities Resolves Racial Conflict 📌 ̶G̶r̶a̶b̶ ̶’̶E̶m̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶P̶u̶&̶&̶y̶ Shoot ‘Em in the Pu%%y Says Duterte 📌Encore: My👏 Kinda 👏Girl!👏 Keep the Fame✋–And Keep My Worth and Wealth Under Wraps: Judge to Hear Case of $560m Powerball Winner Wishing to Remain Anon 📌U-Ahhhh: Utah Taxpayers Paid for Hotel Linked to Prostitute Report 📌Trump’s Budget Hits Poor Americans Hardest – Takes Monthly Food Benefits for Boxes of Food 📌The Winners and Losers Under Trump’s ‘Plan’ 📌Still Smitten with Putin Much: Still No Olympic Tweets from Trump–Could it be Because Russia Can’t Compete? 📌Google Maps Found To Lead Women Seeking Abortions Astray 📌Why Your Peen Get ‘Lean’ 📌and More!

South Korea’s ‘penis park’ draws an Olympic crowd FASHION / STYLE / BEAUTY Taking a look under the hood of Lagos’ brutal Beauty industry A 10-Year-Old “Drag Kid” Just Stole the Show at New York Fashion Week The Craziest Looks at New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018 Marvel Studios brings Tap in for more!

📌How (R)John Kasich’s “Meet The Press” Interview (This Past Sunday) Means More (Today) After Trump’s “Budget” Specs 📌Trump’s “Budget” Eliminates Dozens of Agencies & Programs 📌Why Automakers Love Trump Right About Now 📌Trump’s Budget Meticulously Undoes Everything ‘Obama’ 📌What Pelosi Calls Trump’s “Budget” 📌and More!

  We Rounded Up Great Political Writing You Shouldn’t Miss Establishment Hack Rachel Maddow Shamelessly Helped Trump for Ratings Boost POLITICS ‘They said it was a Muslim ban!’: ‘The View’ blows up over Trump’s second failed travel ban Trump just nominated several people for top Pentagon jobs Pentagon spending sees Tap in for more!

📌Trump’s Budget Rolls Over Meals On Wheels and Crushes Housing Across the Nation 📌Virginia Officials Arrested📌Breitbart Wants You To Know There Was A Border Lakes Shooting 📌and More

  Chelsea Clinton Is Writing a Children’s Book About Inspirational American Women What the Yahoo Hack Says About Russian Spies CNN’s Van Jones: Why Oprah could beat Trump in 2020  WORLD Trump’s Budget Would Eliminate Meals on Wheels Cops catch speeder transporting $200,000 and drugs Body of man found in Tap in for more!

📌..And Jesus Said Unto Paul 📌The Truth About Meals On Wheels In Trump’s “Budget” 📌Trump: MSNBC Are “Bad People” 📌Meals On Wheels Donations Pour In 📌After 32 Years Imprisoned, LA Man Exonerated 📌Side-eye: Kim Jong Un Says Engine Test Is “New Birth” In Rocket Industry 📌and More!

Ranking Sunday’s eight NCAA tournament second-round games Team USA beats Dominican Republic, moves on to World Baseball Classic semifinals WORLD Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping 15 year-old student Update:   North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says engine test is ‘new birth’ of rocket industry Driver of ‘suspicious’ car detained near Tap in for more!

📌McDonald’s Says Trump’s Hands Are Too Short To Bag Its Fries 📌Amazon To Put Alexa on iPhone 📌Who ‘Won’ In Trump’s “Budget”? 📌and More!

UNHAPPY MEAL: McDonald’s Unleashes Anti-Trump Hate Tweet Bashing Trump’s Hand Size, Wishing Obama Were Back McDonald’s tweets, then deletes, Trump insult: ‘Disgusting excuse’ of a president ENTERTAINMENT Mother was ‘screaming’: Relatives of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring recall learning of Manson family murders   📌(more on Mason at our sister site) Jussie Tap in for more!

TORISPILLING SPILLS: 📌Science Says: If a Woman Has These 14 Qualities: Never Let Her Go 📌FBI: Missing Texts May Trump Watergate Scandal 📌School Shooting Is the 11th in the Nation–Thus Far…23 Days into 2018 📌 ̶S̶t̶a̶y̶ ̶W̶o̶k̶e̶ StayAwake: Can It Beat Depression 📌Grandpot: 9 Year-Old Shares Grandpa’s Pot Gummies with Class 📌How to Spot Possible e-Coli in Your Salad 📌📌List of 90th Academy Awards / Oscars Nods 📌Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu February 2018: What’s On 📌CHIP Funded After 114 Days w/o Budget 📌AP NBA Picks: Steph Curry, LeBron 📌Men and Women View ‘The Perfect Body’ Differently 📌3 Strategies This Company Use to Grow Sales Fast 📌and More!

Heavy Snowfall Hits Tokyo, And The Results Are Pretty Much What You’d Expect   CANNABIS Poor neighborhoods shouldn’t have pot stores, this city suggests. Who Will Survive in the New Era of Legalized Cannabis? A 9-year-old accidentally shared her grandpa’s marijuana gummies with her fifth-grade class Cannabis company to use Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌I Got You Babe: Check On Cher, Says Published Report 📌So Far-So ̶G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶S̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ Bad: Only a Small Portion of Corporate America Has Shared Their “Gift” From Trump w/Their Employees 📌Resolve to Be More Mindful in 2018? There’s an App for That 📌No More Cell Phone Use Trump’s White House 📌Spotify Sued for 1.6 Billion – How The Industry Could Have Avoided This Free Market Distributing Of Artist’s Works 📌7 Tech Trends That Will Rule CES 2018 📌FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ‘Mysteriously’ Canceled His CES 2018 Visit 📌Screaming Like This Did She Win $11 Million–Or $11 Dollars? 📌Why People In Oregon Are Freaking Out About Pumping Their Own Gas 📌The Top 3 Films of 2017 Starred Women 📌Rose McGowan’s Docuseries to Air on E! 📌1500 Security Barriers Going Up Across NYC 📌And The Highest Grossing Movie Actors Are… 📌5 Takeaways From Coachella’s 2018 Lineup 📌and More!

The top keynote speakers at CES are all men. Here’s why that’s a problem These British grandpas made a grime track and it’s actually super catchy Woman gets entire airplane to herself after getting booked onto flight meant for staff 7 tech trends that will rule CES 2018 FCC chairman Tap in for more!

Latest: California Wildfires 📌Did You Know Google and Amazon Are Duking it the Hell Out? Punched: You and Me 📌How Meghan Was Me 📌New Weinstein Allegations 📌Trump’s Jerusalem Jolt and Revolt 📌Unreleased Jimi Hendricks Music Releases in March 📌Mistake on Time’s “Silence Breaker’s” Cover Actually a Loud Statement 📌Porn Star Dies at 23 📌Trump Bumpin’ His Gums? 📌Critics: ‘Goop is Damaging’ – The Psychology Behind How and Why Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lifestyle Brand Gets ‘Life’ 📌and More!

This has to be THEE most (literal) insane, diabolically genius, weird piece of crazy I haven’t witnessed in a long time in NEVER. I’m gonna charge this backslide in communication to Mercury having been in Retro: LoL. CHeck this story out: Tampa Police Spokesperson on Fake Sign Language Interpreter: ‘I Tap in for more!

$1 Long Island Iced Teas Back at Applebees 📌People Who Diss Trump Online Are Totally Getting Robocalls to Their Homes 📌How Smiling Can Trick Your Brain into Happiness 📌4 Ways Technology Ruins Relationships 📌Court Day For 24 Year-Old Tampa Shooter 📌Meet The Ex-Twitter Employee That Deleted Trump’s Account Why You Should Never Argue w/Anyone On Facebook 📌and More!

10 places you shouldn’t visit in 2018 #travel Computer glitch leaves some American Airlines flights without pilots during Christmas week #travel Popular travel Instagram shut down over offensive photos #travel New budget carrier Level expands NYC, Boston with $149 flights to Europe #travel ART The 5 Best Hotels to Stay Tap in for more!

📌Melinda Gates On Making A Successful Life 📌Income Tax Audits Down As IRS Loses Agents Over Budget Cuts 📌”Why My Law Degree Made Me A Better Entrepreneur 📌16 Hour Game Binge Almost Ruins Boys Life 📌Bruno, Katy, Ed Set For iHeart 📌and More!

A tiny California college whose graduates outearn Harvard and Stanford grads is changing how we train students to enter the job market A student at UPenn’s Wharton School negotiated almost $50,000 off his yearly tuition — here’s how he did it What to do when pulled over: A new chapter Tap in for more!

📌Trump Will “Speak From The Heart” Tonight 📌Body Language: What Does Kellyanne Conway’s At The Oval Office REALLY Say? 📌Bush Doesn’t Like Trump’s Racism 📌Trump Says Obama Behind Leaks and Protests 📌Harvard Law Elects Black Woman Pres 📌GSU Student Develops App To Connect & Choose HBCU For You 📌and More

Inside the Apple Museum in Prague – 41 years of Apple products and a tribute to Steve Jobs #travel Look What does for plugging in and putting the spotlight on you:  📌 ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Inundated With Reality TV Offers: Will She Get Her Own Show? Weird but Tap in for more!

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The directors of the CIA, FBI and national intelligence all testified Tuesday that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. The President is not buying it, sources say. George W. Bush: ‘Pretty clear evidence’ Russia meddled US intel chiefs unanimous that Russia is targeting 2018 elections Obama admin discussed how much Tap in for more!

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Pornhub Premium will be free on Valentine’s Day. So have at it, romantics. Panera wants you to get engaged at Panera, and everyone’s wondering why? Google didn’t sell many Pixel phones in 2017, and that’s not good for the line Chris Rock’s first stand-up special in a decade drops on Tap in for more!

📌5 Most Common Ignored Mens Health Conditions 📌Exactly How Obamacare Affects Everyone 📌Specific Exercise Slow Aging, Not Just All Kinds 📌Chicken Recall For Fear Of Metal Contamination 📌2/3 Of Cancer Mutations Reduced To Just Having ‘Bad Luck’ 📌and More!

Study shows no long-term cognitive benefit to breastfeeding Daily aspirin found to increase risk of heart attack by 190% Endometriosis treatment ‘unacceptable’ and women aren’t diagnosed quickly enough GPs ‘dismissing womb illness as period pain’, report says 5 most common yet ignored men’s health conditions Two-Thirds Of Cancer Mutations Down Tap in for more!

📌Engineer Named Saddam Hussain Can’t Get A Job 📌Why Amazon Men In Their 80s Have Arteries of Americans In Their 50s 📌House Dems Says Trump May Have Leaked Government Secrets 📌We’re Clueless As To Why Northern Lights Wreak Havoc On Our Satellite Technology 📌and More!

First day of spring officially arrives early Monday Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too Humpback whales are behaving strangely and scientists want to know why Indian engineer named Saddam Hussain cannot get a job HEALTH The Cost Can Be Debated, but Meals on Wheels Gets Results Amazon Tap in for more!

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  Don’t Let Netflix Ruin Your Life The Most Pointless Power-Ups in Gaming History George and Amal Clooney just made a huge donation to Florida school shooting survivors Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir: The endless ‘will they, won’t they’ 8 life-changing portable washers, dryers and other laundry gadgets Travel comfortably Tap in for more!

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  What your favorite ‘Black Panther’ crush says about you Kids who dab on Snapchat aren’t actually helping cure cancer Anger management isn’t going so well in new ‘Jessica Jones’ trailer ‘Black Panther’ hides a key to Marvel’s future at the movies in Wakanda A gorgeous ‘Game of Thrones’ tarot Tap in for more!

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  This device turns your skin into a virtual screen that can display your medical information Amazon Prime members can save big on the Moto X4, so why not try it out? Lupita Nyong’o channels Chadwick Boseman’s stunning Rolling Stone cover on Instagram and it’s perfect Mitt Romney is now Tap in for more!

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  KFC has run out of chicken in the UK Dude makes ‘why you should swipe right’ PowerPoint for his Tinder and it worked Lupita Nyong’o is still making Michael B. Jordan do pushups, and it’s still hilarious Every graphic designer can benefit from taking online courses like these Chrissy Tap in for more!

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Put your vital signs on show with this ultrathin, stick-on skin display There’s finally a board game powered by Amazon Alexa Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman hands over mask to Victor Oladipo These two guys tried that ‘tall man in a trenchcoat trick’ to see ‘Black Panther’ Twitter trolls are Tap in for more!

TORISPILLING SPILLS: 📌Beauty’s Pain: Trump Rigged Miss Universe Pageants to Favor Countries Where He Had Business Interest 📌MAC Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of 📌The App That Lets Kid Hide Tuck Stuff Away from You in Their Phone –Plus 11 More Apps Parents Need to Know About 📌10 Essential Netflix Tips, Tricks and Hacks You Really Should Be Using 📌Fergie’s All-Star Anthem Apology 📌Dissecting ‘Black Panther’ and Its Most Impactful Moments But Will It An Oscar Player? 📌Limited Time: XBox One S Bundles Are $50 Cheaper 📌Tax Scam Deets You Need To Know About 📌There’s A Pretty Good Chance Trump is Being Blackmailed 📌Gates: Billionaires Should Pay ‘Significantly’ More Taxes 📌Curing Cannabis Properly 📌Why Does He Prefer Sluts? 📌So Cavalier: LeBron, Irving, Love and Wade 📌10 Life Hacks to Cure Mommy Burnout 📌and More!

  17 Life Hacks from People with No Money but Huge Brains The easy hacks every solo traveler needs to know #travel Steal these genius budget travel hacks from Redditors #travel 8 business travel hacks to make your next venture more lucrative! #travel 8 (More) Pinterest Packing Hacks Using Household Tap in for more!

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  Adam Rippon just won a different kind of Olympic prize: A spot on NBC Now you can shoot enemies out of the sky like Iron Man using augmented reality Anyone can use Facebook to boost a message. Even Russian agents. US airstrikes killed dozens of Russians in Syria, but Tap in for more!

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  Presidents Day tech deals include the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, Dell laptops, and camera drones Sorry haters, Evan Spiegel is not sorry about Snapchat’s redesign When school shootings are broadcast on Snapchat, the effects reverberate There’s a storm dying on Neptune, and it probably smells like rotten eggs The Tap in for more!

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  ‘Black Panther’ has one of the highest ticket presale rates of all time Explore the deep sea without all the bulky equipment Jeffrey Tambor officially fired from ‘Transparent’ following sexual harassment allegations FedEx customer information exposed in data breach During the shooting, Snap Maps took viewers inside the Florida Tap in for more!

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  There’s a powerful story behind today’s ‘Word of the Day’ Activists use ‘Three Billboards’ to make a powerful point about Grenfell Tower fire in London Kristen Bell reacts to some twisty fan theories about ‘The Good Place’ This restaurant’s egg-themed ‘pun’ is so spectacularly bad it’s good Dude Tap in for more!

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  No one can tell Russian bots from average trolls on Twitter, and that’s a very bad thing Why is everyone so disappointed with the winner of the Westminster Dog Show? Kindergartner takes different approach to Valentine’s Day cards for her class Apple’s HomePod is marking up furniture, and the Tap in for more!

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Tinder is about to become more like Bumble in an important way Knotty Vibes is the feminist sex toy company the world needs It’s time for Huawei to prove its phones aren’t spying on Americans   ‘Black Mirror’ made the Season 4 dating app just in time for Valentine’s Day Tap in for more!