📌How (R)John Kasich’s “Meet The Press” Interview (This Past Sunday) Means More (Today) After Trump’s “Budget” Specs 📌Trump’s “Budget” Eliminates Dozens of Agencies & Programs 📌Why Automakers Love Trump Right About Now 📌Trump’s Budget Meticulously Undoes Everything ‘Obama’ 📌What Pelosi Calls Trump’s “Budget” 📌and More!

  We Rounded Up Great Political Writing You Shouldn’t Miss Establishment Hack Rachel Maddow Shamelessly Helped Trump for Ratings Boost POLITICS ‘They said it was a Muslim ban!’: ‘The View’ blows up over Trump’s second failed travel ban Trump just nominated several people for top Pentagon jobs Pentagon spending sees Tap in for more!

📌Trump’s Budget Rolls Over Meals On Wheels and Crushes Housing Across the Nation 📌Virginia Officials Arrested📌Breitbart Wants You To Know There Was A Border Lakes Shooting 📌and More

  Chelsea Clinton Is Writing a Children’s Book About Inspirational American Women What the Yahoo Hack Says About Russian Spies CNN’s Van Jones: Why Oprah could beat Trump in 2020  WORLD Trump’s Budget Would Eliminate Meals on Wheels Cops catch speeder transporting $200,000 and drugs Body of man found in Tap in for more!

📌..And Jesus Said Unto Paul 📌The Truth About Meals On Wheels In Trump’s “Budget” 📌Trump: MSNBC Are “Bad People” 📌Meals On Wheels Donations Pour In 📌After 32 Years Imprisoned, LA Man Exonerated 📌Side-eye: Kim Jong Un Says Engine Test Is “New Birth” In Rocket Industry 📌and More!

Ranking Sunday’s eight NCAA tournament second-round games Team USA beats Dominican Republic, moves on to World Baseball Classic semifinals WORLD Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping 15 year-old student Update:   North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says engine test is ‘new birth’ of rocket industry Driver of ‘suspicious’ car detained near Tap in for more!

📌McDonald’s Says Trump’s Hands Are Too Short To Bag Its Fries 📌Amazon To Put Alexa on iPhone 📌Who ‘Won’ In Trump’s “Budget”? 📌and More!

UNHAPPY MEAL: McDonald’s Unleashes Anti-Trump Hate Tweet Bashing Trump’s Hand Size, Wishing Obama Were Back McDonald’s tweets, then deletes, Trump insult: ‘Disgusting excuse’ of a president ENTERTAINMENT Mother was ‘screaming’: Relatives of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring recall learning of Manson family murders   📌(more on Mason at our sister site) Jussie Tap in for more!

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A tiny California college whose graduates outearn Harvard and Stanford grads is changing how we train students to enter the job market A student at UPenn’s Wharton School negotiated almost $50,000 off his yearly tuition — here’s how he did it What to do when pulled over: A new chapter Tap in for more!

📌Trump Will “Speak From The Heart” Tonight 📌Body Language: What Does Kellyanne Conway’s At The Oval Office REALLY Say? 📌Bush Doesn’t Like Trump’s Racism 📌Trump Says Obama Behind Leaks and Protests 📌Harvard Law Elects Black Woman Pres 📌GSU Student Develops App To Connect & Choose HBCU For You 📌and More

Inside the Apple Museum in Prague – 41 years of Apple products and a tribute to Steve Jobs #travel Look What ToriSpilling.com does for plugging in and putting the spotlight on you:  📌 ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Inundated With Reality TV Offers: Will She Get Her Own Show? Weird but Tap in for more!

📌5 Most Common Ignored Mens Health Conditions 📌Exactly How Obamacare Affects Everyone 📌Specific Exercise Slow Aging, Not Just All Kinds 📌Chicken Recall For Fear Of Metal Contamination 📌2/3 Of Cancer Mutations Reduced To Just Having ‘Bad Luck’ 📌and More!

Study shows no long-term cognitive benefit to breastfeeding Daily aspirin found to increase risk of heart attack by 190% Endometriosis treatment ‘unacceptable’ and women aren’t diagnosed quickly enough GPs ‘dismissing womb illness as period pain’, report says 5 most common yet ignored men’s health conditions Two-Thirds Of Cancer Mutations Down Tap in for more!

📌Engineer Named Saddam Hussain Can’t Get A Job 📌Why Amazon Men In Their 80s Have Arteries of Americans In Their 50s 📌House Dems Says Trump May Have Leaked Government Secrets 📌We’re Clueless As To Why Northern Lights Wreak Havoc On Our Satellite Technology 📌and More!

First day of spring officially arrives early Monday Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too Humpback whales are behaving strangely and scientists want to know why Indian engineer named Saddam Hussain cannot get a job HEALTH The Cost Can Be Debated, but Meals on Wheels Gets Results Amazon Tap in for more!

[FREE NEWS PEEP] 📌HPV Short for: “Honey Please Vaccinate?” 📌1 in 9 American Men Have Oral HPV Says Study 📌Rollercoasters for Kidney Stones and Probiotics for Lupus? 📌Gwnyth Wins Another Award 📌NFL Boycott Yields Empty Seats 📌Elon Musk Fires 400 Employees—in One Week 📌Fla. Gov Declares State of Emergency—For Charlottesville Hate Rally Organizer’s Speech 📌Two Year-Old Loses Bid For Kidney—Due To Father’s Parole Violation 📌Actor Donates Entire Salary To Rape Charity Over Regrets For Working with Woody Allen After Defending Harvey Weinstein 📌Robber’s Mom Says Her Son Being Shot Was ‘Unfair’ 📌and More!

The Best Wedding Photos Of 2017 Will Absolutely Amaze You That is ONE hell of a wedding photo. Hilar! ENTERTAINMENT / CELEBS Please Don’t Act Shocked And Appalled By Harvey Weinstein If You Celebrated Hugh Hefner Macklemore leads crowd chanting ‘F–k Donald Trump’ at Arizona concert Joe Jonas Put A Tap in for more!

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Southwest Is Having a 72-hour Sale With Flights Starting at $42 Fall travel: Southwest Airlines three-day sale offers fares starting at $59 The finer details of Southwest’s big three-day sale These Southwest flights to and from Salt Lake City are below $100, but there’s a catch Southwest Airlines 72-hour fare Tap in for more!

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Barber goes above the call of duty to ensure child with autism gets amazing haircut JFK’s speedboat fetches $75,000 at auction WORLD NEWS Video shows man clinging to moving school bus Police say man arrested after clinging to moving school bus Dramatic scene as storm surge floods Biloxi casino car Tap in for more!

[Free News Peep] 📌Man Who Filmed Eric Garner “I Can’t Breathe” Video Suing NYPD For Being Under Their Radar 📌Schools Warned of Semen Tainted Flutes 📌Poll Claims Only 27 Percent of Americans Think O.J Simpson Will Regain His ‘Fame’ Again- My Spiel on Fame & Why That is Totally Incorrect, Sorry 📌Spiel on Op-Ed “Speaking Ill of Herner” 📌Did Hurricane Maria Make Manifest and Exemplify ‘2nd Class Citizens’?📌5 Photog Tips For Great Pics Every Time 📌Jay Z on SNL 📌and More!

The latest trend in avocados? Art. ICA LA Rising: The City’s Newest Art Institution Has a Social Agenda Art of Anthropology exhibition opens at ANU Art for pets? This unusual exhibition in Singapore was made for cats and dogs Art and Fashion Do Mix Unseen Snapshots of Fashion Photography’s 90s Tap in for more!

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Apple fan camps outside Sydney shop 10 DAYS before release as deep, minimalistic and purposeful we all are now, people are still this level of consumerists? Oh. Shame. With New Set of Wheels, Street Vendor is Back in Business After Cart Tossed in Viral Video Apparent ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Is Now Tap in for more!

[FREE NEWS PEEP] 📌Who Started ‘Labor Day’ 📌It’s Time To Rock Your Goals, Find Your Bliss: Here’s How 📌Israel Gives $1m to Houston-‘s Jewish Community 📌East & Gulf Coast Warned of Irma 📌Facebook Knows EXACTLY Where Live 📌23-Year Old Set To Rival Uber 📌 “Cruel & Irrational”: Congress to Trump on DACA 📌Cruel Summer For Movie Industry 📌Taylor Swiftly Trademark Trappin’ 📌 and More!

12 Reasons Why You Have Shoulder Pain Many insurers would rather doctors give you morphine and fentanyl over milder drugs  …soooo like a bank financing you a late model vs. older car? WTF? Millions who buy health insurance brace for sharp increases New cancer drug priced at $475K raises questions Tap in for more!

📌Breaking: Harvey Flooding Forces Release from Addicks and Barker 📌FEMA: “We’re Setting Up Texas For Years” 📌Texas Governor, Trump & Celebs on Texas Hurricane + 📌The CRUELEST Fucking Hurricane Harvey Headline EVER! 📌And More!

Harvey flooding forces release from Addicks and Barker 1,000-year-old oak tree survives Hurricane Harvey – the 500-year storm The Latest: Houston opening convention center as shelter Houston Experiencing ‘Unprecedented’ Rain Event, Says County Judge Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick on catastrophic flooding in Houston   Rev. Franklin Graham: Texas needs our Tap in for more!


IBM and JDRF bring machine learning to type 1 diabetes research Breakthrough as certain probiotics are found to produce powerful antibiotics that kill superbugs Doctor’s attempt to inject hospital superintendent with HIV+ blood over personal grudge foiled Politician disses Hawking’s research analysis (it doesn’t go well) Stephen Hawking: ‘I wouldn’t Tap in for more!