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All it takes to destroy grunge rock is to play ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in a major chord Stephen Colbert’s rant about the new Trump tell-all book is as hilarious as you’d think Why ‘Fire and Fury’ could mark the end of the road for Trump Sorry, millennials: A latte Tap in for more!

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South Korea seizes ship it claims transferred oil to North Korea Teen hospitalized after arrest. Parents want dashcam video. Mystery surrounds most expensive home Trump tweet suggests climate change could be good Opinion: Trump gets the honor he deserves Trump’s 2017, in 17 tweets Moore spokeswoman pressed on colleague’s anti-Semitic Tap in for more!

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The Winter Olympics, a royal wedding and flights to Antarctica. Here are 18 things to look forward to. Predictions for the next year The year’s most popular GIF perfectly sums up 2017 People we lost this year ‘Sound of Music’ star dies The Philippines’ deadly Christmas weekend Topless protester tries Tap in for more!

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Sarah Palin’s son charged with assaulting his father Senator: Trump’s FBI attacks a sign of fear Trump judicial nominee withdraws after viral hearing video Slain soldier’s mom: Military changed story Johnson: Mueller email dispute may require change to the law Judge: US can’t block undocumented teens from seeking abortions Trump’s Tap in for more!

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5 Weird Mood Hacks Sure to Quickly Lift You Up ART Old becomes new: Deja Vu show celebrates repurposed art Woman turns her stretch marks into art by covering them with glitter… and says she’s proud of her ‘perfectly  Pimple Nail Art: Deeply Disturbing Or Oddly Satisfying? The eyeball lip Tap in for more!

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‘Bigfoot’ reportedly sighted in Northern California, pictures go viral  …  Make it stopppppppppppppp. HEALTH / FOOD Sugar fuels cancer tumor growth, new study suggests Tesco stocks green satsumas in drive to reduce food waste Janes brand chicken products recalled over salmonella concerns Type 2 diabetes breakthrough Cash-strapped NHS chiefs AXE Tap in for more!

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I knew this would be one of those Internet bandwagon deals that no one talks about in a week. Newsflash: I don’t care how innovative your digital invention is, you gotta beat folk’s social media addiction FIRST or find some kind of way to incorporate social media-because that’s where people Tap in for more!

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Woman who filmed hunter husband killing bear with 7ft spear loses Under Armour sponsorship deal PV Sindhu Brings Home India’s First Silver From Rio Olympics, Internet Goes Nuts About Her! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About PV Sindhu – Who Rewrote India’s Olympic History! Rio Olympics 2016: Twitter reacts Tap in for more!


News and Info from on and Around January 10-14 2018:   Muslim volunteer groups hand out food, toiletries at Martin Luther King Day of Service charity event  Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.’s Famed ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech   Dennis Rodman arrested on suspicion of DUI in California Man Arrested Tap in for more!