The ToriSpilling.com blog site simply does what it says down to the very meaning of the slogan:

Spills Other’s News for Your: Information, Use or Entertainment.” 

ToriSpilling is the plug.

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Our sister site is the load.



What seems like all day play play on social media for its users/account holders is actually work done for us, in turn: For you, and well, ultimately, themselves as well. In connection with a social media metrics source; the OSF Mag brand has our hands on the hourly running accumulative of what’s hot, what’s percolating, what’s circulating and what’s poppin.’ Tori Spilling then spills it.

So like your Twitter “Moments” and Facebook “Trending” news feed, in no particular order, ours is a daily headline list with a twist in all areas of world news, sports, entertainment, fashion and beauty, business & technology, social/marketing/FYI, fashion, science, politics, food, and health. We pick through social media’s shared, reposted, retweeted, and repinned stories in those areas and list them in daily editions at ToriSpilling.com. For our reader’s reading pleasure, we link them to the article and leave them filed here at ToriSpilling.com. Unlike Twitter’s “Moments” and Facebook’s “Trending” feed, our headlines/feeds/stories do not descending into oblivion. The people, persons, places and stories can always be searched in our search bar here at ToriSpilling.com.

We are chronic infopreneurs at the OSF Mag brand, and while we put on for our readers, we know others may have what they like or need too!

Our sister site is still involved.

Via ToriSpilling’s spiels, we basically summarize and give a segue to popular news stories by which we link you to
the actual source for the actual read. For other informative life hacks, lifestyle stories and content that may not have circulated or come through ToriSpilling.com’s source, via our sister site’s channels 1-8, we’ve already positioned her list other great, useful and informative pieces of info FYI, too! 
Our sister site is a top, leading, high content lifestyle and entertainment online blog mag that (in less than  2 years) shot up high in the popularity rankings and ranks highest among Alexa’s site visitor engagement! ToriSpilling: in just 6 months!toriheader2


The OSF Mag brand knows just what to do to earn our keep in these worldwide web streets!



ToriSpilling at 19 days live


So, as you can see, reader’s don’t just stop by ToriSpilling and our sister site, they are engaged in what we have to say and post. They hang out, and search to see what’s been spilled! We pride ourselves in being able to offer our readers not only just valuable world news and information, but provide them with the stories that were most important to their social media peers.

As having been a student of journalism and too, intensive experience in research methods, with years of study of the inner workings Internet/worldwide web through to the invention of outer workings social media, this one thing I’ll say again:

  • The power of syndicated radio media is one thing.
  • The power of syndicated television media is another.
  • But the power of the mobility of social media has the power of them both.

We can’t hear or see what the collective audience in radio or television has to say or share. But via social media, you definitely can. Its response to news is containable and something you definitely need to know as, people are online more than they watch television or listen to the radio. People carry online in their pockets and pocketbooks.

So again, no particular order (and without the news feed descending into oblivion), Tori Spilling is thee first blog site to have invented an innovative way to spill  daily headlines and stories that may or may not have shown up in a Twitter trending hashtag or Facebook trending topic in all areas of: 

  • world news📰
  • sports📰
  • entertainment📰
  • business & technology📰
  • social/marketing/FYI📰
  • fashion📰
  • science📰
  • politics📰
  • food📰
  • health📰

We’re continuously working on keeping it covered and you entertained or informed! ToriSpilling.com is “on” [this], all day-even when our pulse is not online. 

We don’t have to keep up with the fly-by-day and night fluctuation of social media trending hashtags moments and news feeds.

ToriSpilling.com never has to be concerned with being “first” because in addition to ‘best’ and ‘most,’ our guarantee is that if it circulates throughout social media platforms (through to our analytic source), we’ve got it within the 24-36 hour time it trended and circulated and filed for your reference (and searchable-rather than descended into oblivion).