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This ENTIRE ad space is yours to say what you wish to say about your header, product, service brand, project or business-so tell them what YOU want them to know. We won’t proofread or change a thing (limit 500 words and no html links within your spiel, please).

Through the header/graphic pic that you upload to ads@torispilling.com, ToriSpilling staff will simply link our readers to that (1) link (website address OR page per advertising block that you purchased).

Tap the header above-posted as an example. This is how we will do the same onto your graphic/header image via that (1) that you want visitors to be linked your ° News / Info ° Brand ° Website ° Blog ° Product ° Business ° Service ° Show / Premier ° New Music / Project / Press Release  or ° Podcast!

In short, deets review:

  • Ad Space 5: 350 x 263
  • .jpeg only
  • $350.00  $250.00  $150.00 ALL MONTH campaign today through September 30, 2017 consecutive days campaign
  • 500-words max to accompany header
  • header file upload: ads@ToriSpilling.com
  • NOTE: To ensure clean and clear pixels, please upload proper (.jpg)  file size as shown in your particular ad space you are purchasing


In addition to your very own booked space at ToriSpilling (which includes: an advertisement/header graphic + a 500 word spiel), you get to include a HEADLINE! (That can be your brand or business name and/or your .com! We give you the most and STRETCH your advertising dollars! Welcome!