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  2017-18 Schedule: Lakers to Play 35 Nationally Televised Games | Los Angeles Lakers Toxicology report shows Tiger Woods had Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax, Ambien and THC in system at time of DUI arrest Fighters around the world are trolling Conor McGregor after his Media Day workout on Friday Dahntay Jones Tap in for more!

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Booted for flipping the bird harsh? Sure. Necessary? Absolutely Jimmy Butler Hosts Thank-You Dinner for Bulls Staff Members  The allies Colin Kaepernick needs are hiding behind their helmets Vince Wilfork of Houston Texans announces retirement Johnny Manziel: Colin Kaepernick is ‘good enough’ to be on an NFL roster Minnesota Timberwoles Tap in for more!

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Why the organizers of a pop-up ‘O.J. Simpson Museum’ are displaying the artifacts of notoriety WORLD NEWS The U.S. has a staggering pilot shortage Transgender Military Members Share What It’s Like to Serve in the Closet Baby born after head-on collision can now see clearly for 1st time There’s way Tap in for more!

📌Going to Mexico? BYO-B&B (Bottle and Born Baby) 📌Jared Kushner To Answer Re: Russia 📌No: Michael Phelps Is Human–With Olympic Gold, Not A Great White 📌and More!

The ‘Tone It Up’ girls share 8 rules for living the fit life CELEBS / ENTERTAINMENT Pink confirms NEW SINGLE release date and shares video teaser How Frank Ocean — and Brad Pitt — made FYF Fest feel one of a kind Why Hollywood Studios Are Slow to Embrace Virtual Tap in for more!


Flights to Europe in the fall cost around $300 round-trip right now #travel Over a cold beer in Vienna, I decided to stop flying so much — here’s why  #travel July 23 airfare chart: Hawaii’s calling with lower fares from LAX and Orange County #travel Crave the quirky? Here are Tap in for more!

📌Driving More Than Two Hours A Day Found To Make You Less Intelligent📌How All Sensors in Your Smart Phone Work 📌It’s A Given: Your Financial Adviser Will Lose Some Of Your Money – What To Do About That 📌Wonder Woman II To Happen 📌Still Alternative Facting: Kellyanne Says Trump’s Lies Are Ok Because He Doesn’t Think He’s Lying 📌Marvel, Westworld, Star Trek Discovery, Avengers Trailers 📌and More!

FOOD / HEALTH Charlie Gard Hospital Says Staff Have Received Death Threats Alternatives To Vaccination Shots Are In Development :  Blood donation rules relaxed for gay men and sex workers He thought he just had blisters from a hike. He had flesh-eating bacteria and nearly died Glioblastoma: New tools against Tap in for more!

📌NJ Gov Chris Christie’s Name Sounds Like Krispy Creme – And He Did The Piggiest Thing Ever 📌Thomas Jefferson’s Slave Mistress Sally Hemmings’ Living Quarters Found 📌Updates: Tensing Trial Cincinnati 📌David Beckham Defends Kissing His Daughter on the Lips 📌and More!

WORLD NEWS Man dies after driver plows into music store, strikes him NYPD officer shot in the head, dies in hospital NYPD cop fatally shot while inside police vehicle in the Bronx NYPD officer assassinated in police vehicle France to make vaccination mandatory from 2018 as it is ‘unacceptable children Tap in for more!

📌Beached Whail: NJ On Shutdown, Chris Christie Goes To Beach-Anyway 📌How To Avoid Getting Trapped in Bad Contracts 📌NYT Best Seller Malcolm Gladwell on Trump: People Shouldn’t Be Shocked He’s ‘Being Who He Is’📌Dept. of Justice Compliance Watchdog Resigns Citing “Trump Conduct” 📌Social Networks w/Most Engaged Users

How often you should wash bed sheets Men are affected by the biological clock as well, researchers find Atheists are less open-minded than religious people, study claims (📌as with the ‘studies’ in these first two blog articles, these ‘studies’ have been putting out an incessant amount of studies for obvious) Tap in for more!

📌LeBron Stans For Steph 📌Grenfell Tower Fire Resident’s Rent Still Being Withdrawn From bank Accounts 📌Adele Out For Now 📌Officer Adopts 8 Year Old Abused Boy 📌Rihanna and Billionaire Boo Hit a Snag? 📌and More!

9 tips to keep your pet calm and safe on July 4 SPORTS 5 burning questions about Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry inks super-max contract at five years, $201 million Underpaid? LeBron James says Steph Curry should be getting $400M this summer NBA Free Tap in for more!

📌See Why Facebook, You Tube and Twitter Join Forces 📌Does Right’s Trump’s Tweet Let Left Hand Know What He’s Doing? 📌Miranda Kerr Hands Over Jewels Involved In Corruption Case 📌Runner Completes Race 5mos Pregnant 📌

RANDOM Flying the world’s most affordable private jet #travel SPORTS Serena Williams opens up about pregnancy: ‘It just doesn’t seem real’ Serena Williams fires back at John McEnroe’s ranking comments Kevin Durant attends Hoopfest in Spokane, shows love to Washington Chiefs preview: Kansas City looks to break from status quo Tap in for more!

📌Charleston Shooting Vic’s Son Drafter By Chicago Cubs 📌Miley Cyrus and Dolce Gabbana Go At It On Instagram 📌Australian Tourists Eating Dogmeat in Bali 📌Wonder Woman Submits 📌and More!

SPORTS Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers agree to swap Nos. 1 and 3 draft picks Pete Rose honored by Cincinnati Reds with sculpture depicting his headfirst slide Son of Charleston church shooting victim drafted by Chicago Cubs   ENTERTAINMENT Miley Cyrus Beefs With Dolce & Gabbana on Instagram Necessary, befitting: Lionel Tap in for more!

📌Putin Says He Has Nothing Incrimination on Donald Trump (or Election) 📌Lionel Richie’s Bassist Stabs Himself After An ‘Edibles’ Trip 📌Jay Z Caught Faking It On The Cam For Kev? 📌Kevin Durant’s Mom Comes For Stephen A. Smith About Her ‘Boy’ 📌and More!

A group of Dutch children may sue their sperm donor father on grounds that they ‘should not exist’ FOOD The secret pricetag on your cola bottle Baked meatballs in spicy tomato sauce ENTERTAINMENT Danny Boy Mad Slams Fans Who Are Not Going To See “All Eyez On Me” Because Not Tap in for more!

📌Sit Down. Be Humble: Kendrick Lamar’s Modest Graduation Gift Gets Baby Sis Runover on Twitter 📌1950s Film Warned Us What Technology Would Do To Us 📌New Film To Help The Person Whose Not A Morning Person 📌12 Year-Old Sets Self On Fire After Watching Cartoon, Dies 📌and More!

I brushed my teeth with charcoal for six weeks because a Facebook ad told me to 1950’s Film Warning Technology Will Isolate Us WELLNESS I’m so not a morning person, trying though! New film for your photoreceptors Why I don’t believe men when they say they want flexibility at work Tap in for more!

📌Angelina Jolie Keeping Tabs On Brad? 📌Highlights & Happenings: Tina Knowles-Lawson’s Wearble Art Gala, Daytime Emmys, Radio Disney Music Awards -Britney Spears Honored As Icon 📌and More!

On The Scene: Wearable Art Gala 2017  Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams & More Stun at Tina Lawson’s Wearable Art Gala Beyonce Is a Pregnant Queen in Red Gown and Flower Crown at Mom’s Gala  Beyonce Stuns in Fierce Headdress at Wearable Art Gala, Mom Tina Knowles Gives Pregnancy Update! Beyonce Tap in for more!

📌 Everything That Went Down At Time 100 Gala 📌 Apple Working On Sequel To R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” 📌 Proud of Mary : Entertainment Weekly Review 📌 Caitlyn Jenner Says Khloe Refuses To Talk To Her 📌 and More!

Gabourey Sidibe Worked at a Phone-Sex Company for 3 Years Before Her Big Break: ‘My Acting School Was on the Phone’   The Reasons Why Caitlyn Jenner Is Pissed Off at Ellen DeGeneres and Khloe Kardashian Caitlyn Jenner Praises Kim Kardashian, Admits Rift With Khloe: ‘She Doesn’t Want To Talk Tap in for more!

📌Major Changes To Calculating Your Score 📌New Orleans Takes Down 1st of 4 Confederate Statues The World 📌Diversify Ways To Diversity Your Business 📌Shah Rukh Khan Says Women Make Better Directors 📌and More!

WORLD NEWS Police stop 12-year-old boy from driving across Australia New Orleans takes down 1st of 4 Confederate statues North Korea ‘ready to sink’ US aircraft carrier Vinson American Airlines Suspends Flight Attendant After Altercation Over Stroller TECHNOLOGY / BUSINESS / MONEY Stores are closing at an epic pace What’s Tap in for more!

📌Re: Government Shutdown: White House To Make Dems Offer They Can’t Refuse? 📌Healthy Breakfast Recipes 📌Obama Re-Emerges (and Speaks) 📌The Correlation Between Poor Sleep and Anxiety & Depression 📌and More!

WTF? Guaranteed income won’t help women: Opinion Could more female police lead to safer communities? 📌No. Men wouldn’t respect it and the crime rate would rise. The male scepfies is not feminist enough for this to happen Parents are flipping car seats too soon, TurnAfter2 wants to change that Woman claims Tap in for more!

📌Dave Chappelle Pays Tribute To Charlie Murphy At John Mayer Concert 📌Janet Possibly $200M Richer Once Divorce Final 📌State Fertility Provision For Low Income Women 📌and More

French rappers cancel Coachella show over ‘immigration issues’ Star Wars: Mark Hamill Wished Luke Had One More Scene With Han What Happened That Time Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher Watched The Original Star Wars Trailer ‘The Last Jedi’ to reveal more about Rey’s parents Reminders: #staytuned #TheLastJedi / Luke Skywalker Tap in for more!

📌iTunes Going Bye-Bye 📌Judge Rules On High School Girl-Fight That Killed Amy-Joyner Francis 📌Paramount Hires Original ‘Coming To America’ Writers To Pen Sequel 📌Vain or Nah? Victoria Beckham Patents Daughter Name 📌Google Says Burger King C’aint Be Sneak-Advertising Off Their Technology 📌

WORLD NEWS SHT The Hood ‘Been-Knew’: Law enforcement officers may be illegally selling guns, ATF says Delaware bathroom fight: Judge rules in school brawl that left teen dead Scorpion stings man on United flight to Calgary Jaywalking suspect speaks out after violent arrest caught on video (📌see more on this) Tap in for more!

📌ACMs Spoof Oscar Fail 📌Little Big Lies Was A “Soap Opera” 📌ACM Winners List Red Carpet Moments & Best Dressed 📌Drake Spends 2nd Week At No.1 📌and More!

Nicole Kidman Was The Taylor Swift Of The ACM Awards, But In A Really Good Way ACM Awards: The Winners List We Dare You Not to Fall in Love With Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s 2017 ACM Awards Performance The 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards: These are the best Tap in for more!

📌{Watch}Soon You’ll Be Able To Take A Flying Jet To Work 📌Jerks (And The Startups They Ruin) 📌Why Mediation Makes You Happier 📌A Complete Walmart Frozen Food Items List 📌18 Fast Food Hacks Worth Knowing 📌 and More!

A Genius OB/GYN’s Pregnancy FAQ Every Parent-to-Be Needs to Read   How to get driving licence in easy way HEALTH / FOOD Most Canadians not protected against carbon monoxide: fire chiefs 18 Simple Fast Food Hacks Worth Knowing 82% of households are now purchasing organic items For Centuries, These Asian Recipes Have Helped Tap in for more!


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📌Jay Z x Harvey Weinstein Company To Make Trayvon Martin Film 📌How Snooki’s 32k Reuters Payday Sparked New, New Jersey Bill 📌Tamron Hall Says She Will Not Be Defined By Her Job: ‘Today’ 📌Here’s The List Of The Highest Paid TV Casts Of All Time 📌Will Nicki Minaj Respond To Remy & Mariah’s Diss? 📌Shia LeBouf Takes His Fight Overseas 📌and More!

Trump Defends Claims in Time Interview: “I’m President and You’re Not” ENTERTAINMENT Highest-Paid TV Casts of All Time, by the Numbers Emmy-winning producer gets 13 years in prison for trying to kill Studio City tenant over Oscars joke Here’s Why Suge Knight Is Temporarily Out of Jail  (📌more on “Suge Tap in for more!

📌A&E Sets John Singleton L.A Riots Doc: “25 Years Later” 📌7 Ways To Help Your Preschooler Discover The Joys of the Arts 📌’The Matrix’ Making A Comeback? 📌Toby Willis, Former TLC Star, Arraigned On Rape Charges 📌Day 2 Deets Of NCAA Tournament 📌and More!

How I Became Addicted to Online Word Games How George Clooney and 2 friends accidentally created a tequila you can drink all day without getting a hangover New playing pieces in the latest version of Monopoly Something else to worry about: Your headphones could explode mid-flight FILM  /  ART SXSW Tap in for more!

📌Rubio Pissed At Snoop Dogg 📌Before Driving In Snow, 13 Things You Need To Know 📌What’s Behind Berkshire’s Sudden Interest In Apple? 📌Twitter & Facebook To Be Fined? 📌Re: Samuel Jackson’s Criticism -‘Get Out’ Star Resents Having To Prove He’s Black 📌Google’s New Smart Captcha’s So Smart – You Won’t Even Know It’s There 📌and More!

13 things every driver needs to know before driving in the snow SPORTS AP Source: Peppers returns to Panthers; Adams added too Mike Mayock: No ‘official’ talk with Redskins on GM job I don’t make these things up: Woman arrested at Mets stadium says she’s in relationship with Tim Tebow Tap in for more!

📌Time Warner To Launch Subscription Service For $5 Monthly 📌Serena Withdraws From BNP Paribas Open Due To Knee Injury 📌12 Minute Video Shows Problem People Are Having With Nintendo Switch 📌and More!

Ford Mustang found in Mexican junkyard is from ‘Bullitt,’ expert confirms Female traffic light signals to go up at pedestrian crossing as Committee for Melbourne tackles ‘unconscious bias’ HEALTH / FOOD Unscrambling The Nutrition Science On Eggs Cardio vs. weights: Which is actually better for weight loss? ‘Extraordinary’ new cancer Tap in for more!

📌George Michael’s Death Ruled ‘Natural Causes’ 📌Director Exits Will Smith & Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boy 3 📌Fox Claims Obama Said Slaves Were Immigrants, Too 📌App Helps Track Women How Often They Are ‘Manterrupted’ 📌Heavy Social Media Use Linked To Isolation 📌and More!

POLITICS Trump moves to assure conservatives on Obamacare replacement plan White House corrects Trump’s erroneous Gitmo tweet Republican Party, Central Intelligence Agency: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing Conservative media outlets are turning against the Republican Obamacare replacement plan Conservatives push back on ObamaCare repeal bill, vow to introduce their own Trump’s Tap in for more!

📌The Do’s (and Don’ts) Of A Successful Business Lunch 📌Bill Paxton, 61, Dies From Complications Due To Surgery 📌BlackBerry Makes a Comeback? 📌Meryl Streep Accues Lagerfeld of Spoiler Her Oscar 📌Politics, Wellness, Food, Health, Fashion, Relationship 📌 and More!

This bride was completely upstaged in her wedding day photo… and social media can’t get enough of it 5 unusual airline perks you might not know about  #travel See your dream home at a 360 [?] perspective FILM Emmy-winning actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 The filming locations of this Tap in for more!

📌Oscar Breaks Jimmy Kimmel’s Cherry

Airing tomorrow (February 26, 2017 at 5:30 PST) live from Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California; this year’s Academy Awards/ 89th Oscar Awards Ceremonies will be hosted by non other than late night funny man 📌 Jimmy Kimmel-his first time ever hosting!  That said, the Oscars is sure to be laced with Tap in for more!

📌Black History Month Out – White Privilege Campaign In 📌Magician Found Hanged at Hollywood’s Magic Castle 📌Nicki Minaj Get’s Ivanka Trump’d By K-Mart & #ShETHER’d By Remy Ma 📌Trump Send Correspondence: No White House Correspondent’s Dinner For Me – Thanks’ 📌and More!

Celebrities launch pot brands as California legalizes drug Lana Del Rey, Cauldron Of ‘Witches’ To Hex Donald Trump Daily Mail: Witches gather at midnight to cast spell on Donald Trump A Global Alliance Of Witches Plans To Cast A ‘Binding Spell’ On Michigan witches claim to have cast spell on Tap in for more!


Top fashion illustrator will sketch your wedding, but only if you marry at this Kauai resort Am I doing it right? Hilarious photos of people around the world getting ENTIRELY the wrong end of the stick A Burger King Worker Got Fired for Stealing Food. She Won $46,000 Did This Tap in for more!

📌Is The Media Capable of Being Objective? The Answer is YES and NO. Here’s Why+My Personal Example Of When and Why (and When and Why Not)?

IS the media capable of being objective? YES, the media IS “CAPABLE” of being objective. But the world is on stage right now so, they we are only going to be as objective as being able to get the story out and told COMBINED WITH being as provocative as much Tap in for more!

📌Celebrities Call For Strike Until Trump Resigns 📌Baylor: Proof Of “Show ‘Em A Good Time” Culture? 📌Filmmakers Heated Debate With Salma Hayek, Shirley MacClaine and…📌Malala Writes Trump: I Am Heartbroken 📌and More!

What’s on TV Saturday: Ruth Negga in ‘Loving,’ and the new ‘Ghostbusters’ Hollywood Reacts With Outrage and Disgust Over Trump’s Muslim Ban Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns Bill Maher Hilariously Picks Apart Donald Trump’s Chaotic First Week In Power Academy Blasts Trump’s Travel Ban That Could Tap in for more!

📌Tit for Tat: Trump’s Divorce Records Sought, Hillary’s Health Records Sought 📌Cavs and LeBron 📌and More!

 Tit for Tat Central & Petty: Tit: Media companies ask for Trump divorce records Tat: Poll: Majority of Voters Want to See Hillary’s Health Records (more republican petty) President Obama and Malia Just Went for a Walk — We Know What That Was All About (At our sister site, here’s what a Tap in for more!