Let’s face it, anything from the side aint usually good: side-eyes side-chicks side-winders sidelines (sitting’ on them or playa-hating from ’em). But making sure you don’t miss what on the side lines of is always good for you 🙂 While’s news doesn’t descend into oblivion, some of Tap in for more!

📌North Korea Did It–Again 📌 Does Facebook’s Mark’s Zuckerberg’s Deleting ‘Napalm Girl’ Post Prove He Doesn’t Know History 📌Beware of the USB That Completely Destroys Your Computer 📌Social Pressures Lead To Decline In Breastfeeding 📌Is Exercise The New Hangover Cure? 📌 “Cheater’s 2016: Dude Snapchats Cheating Girlfriend 📌Kanye’s NYFW A “Hot Mess?” 📌and more!

  North Korea claims successful test of nuclear warhead  Apple Events – Keynote September 2016 Mark Zuckerberg accused of abusing power after Facebook deletes ‘napalm girl’ post Facebook slammed for deleting iconic Vietnam War photo Demi Lovato now co-owns rehab center where she received treatment Baby born on flight gets Tap in for more!

📌Live Animals As Keychains? 📌POTUS Learns He’s a Son of a B|tch (Or Whore) You Decide📌Diaper & Pampers Your Way To Big Butt 📌LAFITNESS Body Shaming Victim Dani Mathers Shamed Is Located-Charges Possible📌Diddy Disses The Pres📌and more!

This 1 piece of crucial English speaking advice is sending the internet wild Bill and Bey for her BD: Beyonce — My Birthday’s Worthy of Presidential Mention!!! (PHOTO/VIDEO) U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections Live Animal Keychains Exist And People Are Furious …live what? This Guy Tap in for more!


Colin Kaepernick ‘very happy’ to have players join national anthem protest Kaepernick discovered he too, can grow a Jackson 5 fro and dun’ lost his mind. I mean..he is going all the WAY. Go Kaep. Kaep’s for you, boo.  “Very Right Wing” People Are Happiest With Their Sex Lives …that’s ‘cause Tap in for more!


IRS doesn’t tell 1 million taxpayers that illegal immigrants stole their Social Security numbers A letter to my breadwinner husband Father to EpiPen CEO: “My Daughters Will Be Nothing Like You” Chargers to Greet Colin Kaepernick with a ‘Salute to the Military’ on Thursday Night John Legend Calls National Anthem Tap in for more!