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Take this $29 course on social media and… Here’s what animals say when they get an… Osiris is coming to ‘Destiny 2,’ and he … Step up your GoPro game with this 51-pie… Weather ‘bomb’ slams New England, knocki… The iPhone X beefs up security by automa… A new way Tap in for more!

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People who value virtue show wiser reasoning Spiritual Maturity – Part 1 Narcissism and Self-Esteem Are Very Different The science of Sad: understanding the causes of ‘winter depression’ Never get Ahead of Yourself in Relationships ..or your thoughts, or wishes, or fantasies or anything other than what is concretely known Tap in for more!


Uber now lets you add multiple stops to your ride Why I’m speaking up about Mark Halperin and why I stayed silent so long Fake news: What to do about it Don Lemon’s open letter to Trump: ‘Please stop!’ Trump wants all Clinton emails released Tapper: WH is trying to Tap in for more!

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Airline workers share 14 insider facts about flying most passengers don’t know #travel 10 Stunning Private Islands You Can Rent From $307 a Night, Ranked By Price #travel Celebrating 10 Pop Culture Felines for National Cat Day WORLD NEWS Couple that survived Las Vegas shooting die in auto crash “Shots Tap in for more!


‘This Is Us’ Star Justin Hartley Marries Chrishell Stause – Entertainment Tonight Emma among three WWE releases – FanSided Happy Gilmore’s Christopher McDonald Arrested for DWI – SNL goes all in on David S. Pumpkins for Halloween – Washington Post Adam Sandler blasted after repeatedly touching Claire Foy’s knee Tap in for more!


‘Stranger Things’ star Charlie Heaton denied entry into US after cocaine found in baggage – Fox News DC’s ‘Shazam!’ to Star Zachary Levi (Exclusive) – Hollywood Reporter Did Stranger Things Finally Get Justice for Barb? – Vulture Stranger Things’ Star Charlie Heaton Detained at LAX for Cocaine Possession – Hollywood Tap in for more!


Madonna tweeted a picture of herself in … Stranger Things Season Premiere Recap: The Return of Will Byers – Vulture As Harvey Weinstein scandal spreads, talent agencies and guilds face tough questions – Los Angeles Times Mark Halperin, a Top Political Journalist, Faces Multiple Claims of Harassment – New York Tap in for more!

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When is the best time to book your vacation? #travel Here’s what you should know before planning a trip to the Caribbean this winter #travel New screenings to start for all US-bound airline passengers #travel HEALTH / FOOD This cult Christmas food is back . . . and here’s how Tap in for more!

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House narrowly passes budget resolution, with 20 Republicans joining Democrats in opposition Actual details of tax plan expected next week Millions in the middle class will feel it if GOP kills this tax break Will Trump’s tax plan really give you a $4,000 pay raise? White House on why corporate Tap in for more!

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Harvey Weinstein Sues Weinstein Co. to Obtain His Personnel File – Hollywood Reporter Bill O’Reilly’s literary agent has dropped him after news of his $32 million settlement – Business Insider Coroner: Son Of Former Fox News Host Died Of Mix Of Drugs – CBS Local   HBO Drops Trump Election Tap in for more!

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Bulldog tries so so hard to save Leonard… George H.W. Bush may be elderly. That do… Will robots steal your job? No, but you … Alicia Silverstone served us that ’90s n… We asked an expert about epidemic outbre… Ted Cruz has heard your JFK jokes, guys,… Dude on Tinder Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Cafe Busted For Serving Popeye’s Chicken 📌Disney Channel Introduces LGBT Storyline 📌The President Wants You To Know He’s Not A Derelict – He Went To and Ivy League School 📌McDonald’s Puzzles Chinese Customers w/a Name Change 📌5 Women Accuse Journalist of Sexual Assault 📌FBI Docs Reveal Sandy Hook Shooter’s Interest in Pedophilia 📌and More!

What a shot! 32 amazing sports photos Now there’s a credit card for the Uber generation. With my husband deployed, news hits home The president went to an Ivy League school –and other random thoughts from his impromptu Q&A with media   FBI informant allowed to testify on Russian uranium Tap in for more!

[Spiel] For You, From: MeToo (18+)

Las week, a major meteor made manifest-many a Hollywood suppositions that turned out to be true after all. Often times, that “coveted role” required a rolling number of women (and even men) to play ‘impromptu’ roles they didn’t audition for: being inappropriately propositioned in order to secure starring in positions Tap in for more!


  Let’s face it, anything from the side aint usually good: side-eyes side-chicks side-winders sidelines (sitting’ on them or playa-hating from ’em). But making sure you don’t miss what on the side lines of is always good for you 🙂 While’s news doesn’t descend into oblivion, some of Tap in for more!


Let’s face it, anything from the side aint usually good: side-eyes side-chicks side-winders sidelines (sitting’ on them or playa-hating from ’em) But making sure you don’t miss what on the side lines of is always good for you 🙂 While’s news doesn’t descend into oblivion, some of our Tap in for more!

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📌Baboon Study Shows Sexual Bullying Is In Our DNA 📌All Eyes On Putin and Trump Today 📌Oral Sex Superbug Resistant To Meds📌LoL: Trump Couldn’t Get a Hotel in Hamburg But You Can Own a Piece of His Taj Mahal 📌and More!

WORLD NEWS Russians Are Said to Be Suspects in Nuclear Site Hackings Passenger disturbance forces Beijing-bound Delta Air Lines flight to return to Seattle  📌you can read #AngFrankPodcast’s spiel on this on our brand Instagram OSFMag_ NJ millionaires-on-welfare sting: 12 additional individuals charged A city scraps its HOV lanes. Disaster ensues Tap in for more!

📌Ringling Bros Prepares To Say GoodBye

  Ringling Bros Circus Closing — And PETA Takes Credit Animal activists finally have something to applaud at Ringling Bros. circus: Its closure The final days of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus What happens between now and Ringling’s closure in May? “The Greatest Show on Earth” to Tap in for more!

📌Phil Jackson Still Wants Carmelo Anthony Gone 📌Shaq Pays For Boys Funeral 📌and More!

Father of 5-star recruit Kevin Knox says they turned down $1.4 million to play in China Chris Long and Devin McCourty elaborate on their decision to skip White House visit Jacob Jarvis, teen with muscular dystrophy, scores in Ohio St. spring game Giannis Antetokounmpo Was Out Of His Mind In Tap in for more!

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A Marine Cop to Start 3 Year Prison Term for ‘Mistakenly’ Bringing Gun to New Jersey Not to be outdone by her distant cousin “April“ Pregnant Horse Gives Birth To Twin Miracle Foals He Lost Both Legs in Afghanistan. You Need to Hear What He Has to Say About Trump Dropping Tap in for more!

📌Is The Media Capable of Being Objective? The Answer is YES and NO. Here’s Why+My Personal Example Of When and Why (and When and Why Not)?

IS the media capable of being objective? YES, the media IS “CAPABLE” of being objective. But the world is on stage right now so, they we are only going to be as objective as being able to get the story out and told COMBINED WITH being as provocative as much Tap in for more!

📌It’s Britney B|tch: The Best & Worst Moments From Her Lifetime Biopic + Her Feud With Katy Perry For Shading Her Hair Shaving Meltdown 📌and More Britney News

Despite NOT giving her green light and good graces to the making of the Lifetime biopic, the show must go just went on, and here’s what some are writing and saying: Britney Ever After Gif Recap: All the Best and Worst Moments from the Lifetime Movie Britney Spears & Justin Tap in for more!


Video news: YouTube adds mobile video streaming for top talent HitsMeUp, New Video Platform Founded by Nashville Music Vets, Announces March Launch Hundreds of millions of Facebook Messenger users are making voice and video calls VIRAL VIDEO George Lopez Heckler Reacts To ‘Don’t Marry Somebody Black’ Latino Rules [Video] Baby Tap in for more!


Elon Musk Has Started Digging a Giant Underground Tunnel in LA Merriam-Webster throws “shade” into the dictionary Ghosting, shade, microaggression hit Merriam-Webster website Merriam-Webster dictionary gets first update since 2014, ghosting, FLOTUS make the cut Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Twitter Account Pokes Fun at President Trump (Tr.) Slippery customer! Shock as couple Tap in for more!


Male Contraceptive Gel Proves 100% Successful In Monkey Trials Wife leaves husband of 22 years because he voted for Donald Trump San Francisco announces free community college for all residents A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album  FOOD What is flax? Is flaxseed good for you? Tap in for more!


That time a vice president almost cast a historic tiebreaking vote but was derailed by a nap Harambe-Shaped Cheeto Sells For $100,000 on eBay 📌(more on Harambe at our sister site) VIDEO Multiple Tornadoes Touch Down In New Orleans, Alabama BUSINESS Amazon employees implore company to stop advertising on Breitbart Tap in for more!

📌Vizio Cops To Spying On Owners – What To Do About It? 📌Woman Jailed For Courthouse Copulating & Putting It On Social Media For Attention 📌Uber’s Flying Car Almost Touching Down 📌and More!

Proof that our “former” president’s not thinking about our a$$es, Trump and a travel ban—📌or this clown he pardoned that landed (himself) right back in jail. Watch former President Obama in a kitesurfing competition with Richard Branson Evanger’s recalls dog food after drug used to euthanize pets found in Hunk Tap in for more!

Gag Me with a Coon: Stacey Dash Silenced By Fox News & #BlackTwitter Is Having A ‘Field’ Day With It

The ongoing trend on our Facebook friend’s feed is lasting longer than her career and running a close second to the list of many a spoons taken from Miss Dash’s mouth throughout her career.    “Gag Me with a Spoon Coon” is surely what #BlackTwitter is yelling right now as Stacey Tap in for more!

📌{Trending on Twitter} #WomensMarch 📌Who Started It? 📌Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Marches Don’t Matter 📌Madonna & Ashley Judd + Other High Profile Celebs Turnout & Support 📌Over 1 Million NY Women To Have Free Access To Contraception & Abortion📌and More!

Although (in this blog post) Tori Spilling provided highlights and listed over 100 articles written about the goings on at the Women’s March, we still made it possible for you to watch 6+ hours of the March! To be connected to it, just tap here. At any rate.   Text: Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter} Ring Around The Rosey…All Falls Down: 📌Ringling Bros Wraps After 146 Years – May Marks The Spot

Alongside of being a daddy’s girl and brat, if it’s two childhood memories my dad gave me, the circus was one of them Star War movies a close runner up. The proverbial “Ringling Brothers and Barnam Bailey Circus” was something I looked forward to with my dad-through to my tween Tap in for more!

{Trending on Twitter}: Bishop Of New Birth Baptist Megachurch 📌Eddie Long Dies At 63 + The Controversy, Scandals Via Comprehensive Article Timelines

 📌Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Releasing Tell-All Book   📌It’s Complicated: The Bishop and Eddie Long  📌Atlanta’s New Birth Church Says Bishop Eddie Long Died of ‘Aggressive Form of Cancer’  📌After Eddie Long’s Death, Daughter Says He Was ‘Perfect,’ Others Point to His Cloud of Secrets  From Nigeria: 📌American Megachurch Pastor Eddie Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter} 📌Los Angeles 📌San Diego to Los Angeles 📌Chargers 📌ChicagoPD

📌CHARGERS Everything you need to know about the Chargers and Raiders relocation saga The Chargers are reportedly moving to Los Angeles   📌SAN DIEGO TO LOS ANGELES Rams coach candidate Sean McVay lists Wade Phillips as top pick for DC Report: Jon Gruden has spoken to Los Angeles Rams, as Tap in for more!

{Trending On Twitter}: 📌Black-ish 📌STAR

Click the Twitter bird to find out what people are saying on Twitter!  📌’black-ish” ‘Black-ish’ takes on the election of Donald Trump ‘Black-ish’ Is Shocked by Trump’s Victory Scoop: BLACK-ISH on ABC – Today, January 11, 2017 Tonight on TV Wednesday, Jan. 11: ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ ‘black-ish’ Tap in for more!

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📌ANDERSON COOPER ‘You Guys Are Feeling the Heat!’: Anderson Cooper, Kellyanne Conway Battle Over CNN Intel Report More on Anderson lately: Watch Anderson Cooper ridicule Trump for tweeting Meryl Streep is ‘overrated’ Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin ring in the New Year with puppets Click the Twitter bird to find out Tap in for more!