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  Thailand’s prime minister used an actual cut-out of himself to escape the media Fisker’s luxury electric car hits Tesla where it hurts Online graphic design startup Canva is now worth $1 billion Sony’s Aibo robot dog might be the cutest gadget of 2018 Climate change turns one of the Tap in for more!

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How the Time’s Up Movement Made Itself Heard at the 2018 Golden Globes – E! Online Golden Globes: Female-Led Films Dominate as ‘Three Billboards’ and ‘Lady Bird’ Win Top Prizes – Hollywood Reporter Tommy Wiseau reveals what he would have said on stage at the Golden Globes – Los Angeles Tap in for more!

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Lana Del Rey Faces Radiohead Lawsuit Over Song’s ‘Creep’ Similarities – RollingStone.com Jumanji dethrones The Last Jedi at the box office; Insidious 4 is No. 2 – EW.com China Box Office: ‘The Last Jedi’ Opens in Distant Second with Soft $28.7M – Hollywood Reporter Women’s Rights Activists to Walk Golden Tap in for more!

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Twitter attempts to explain why it won’t ban Trump This hilarious video is the only good SNL ‘audition tape’     FX says it didn’t know about Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct TV Review: Lena Waithe’s ‘The Chi’ on Showtime – Variety Master of None’s Lena Waithe: ‘If you come from a Tap in for more!

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The Mountain from ‘Game of Thrones’ is a fitness beast of his own kind Snowboarder causes avalanche and races to make it out alive Figure skater Jimmy Ma won us all over by performing to a Lil Jon song Philly cheesesteak-loving dad measured his child with them for a year Tap in for more!

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All it takes to destroy grunge rock is to play ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in a major chord Stephen Colbert’s rant about the new Trump tell-all book is as hilarious as you’d think Why ‘Fire and Fury’ could mark the end of the road for Trump Sorry, millennials: A latte Tap in for more!

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The top keynote speakers at CES are all men. Here’s why that’s a problem These British grandpas made a grime track and it’s actually super catchy Woman gets entire airplane to herself after getting booked onto flight meant for staff 7 tech trends that will rule CES 2018 FCC chairman Tap in for more!

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This bitcoin wallet claims to be hack-proof This NYC store is an environmentalist’s wonderland Here’s why Mitch McConnell’s team tweeted out that very creepy GIF Uber’s biggest rival just got bigger Any interest in calling scrunchies ‘hair clouds’? Former Batman Christian Bale hasn’t seen Ben Affleck’s Batman yet   This reported Tap in for more!

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We should note when the president cites conspiracy theories like today’s reference to the ‘deep state’ President renews war with his own Justice Department Trump claims he can do whatever he wants with DOJ Podcast: The tweet that stands out from Trump’s Twitter flurry Orrin Hatch, GOP’s longest-serving senator, to Tap in for more!

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Mom: Why I had these twins solo Inside Australia’s stunning 99-domed mosque Major internet outage reported after at least 12 people were killed in days of anti-government protests Analysis: A presidential change of course on Iran The economic forces driving protests in Iran Trump’s less-nuanced call for regime change contrasts Tap in for more!

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South Korea seizes ship it claims transferred oil to North Korea Teen hospitalized after arrest. Parents want dashcam video. Mystery surrounds most expensive home Trump tweet suggests climate change could be good Opinion: Trump gets the honor he deserves Trump’s 2017, in 17 tweets Moore spokeswoman pressed on colleague’s anti-Semitic Tap in for more!

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Tokyo may use facial recognition for security at the 2020 Olympics Stop making smart speakers that look like trash cans It’s so cold in the U.S. and Canada that windows are breaking, and there’s no end in sight Jay Z and Bey tease ‘Family Feud’ video, hoping their love makes Tap in for more!

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Korea seizes second ship suspected of smuggling oil to N. Korea Did his meeting in a bar play a role in launch of Russia probe? Scaramucci: Trump’s climate change view might surprise you Scaramucci: People get drunk by powerSix dead in Australia seaplane crash Wind chill may be -10˚ in Tap in for more!

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Beyonce Slays in JAY-Z’s ‘Family Feud’ Music Video Teaser — Watch! – Entertainment Tonight Chrissy Teigen’s Travel Nightmare ‘Happens More Often Than People Think’ – New York Times The Kardashians Will Go to Court to Challenge Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit Against Them – PEOPLE.com Former Miss America Mallory Hagan says board Tap in for more!

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Rihanna’s cousin shot to death in Barbados hours after pair spent Christmas together – New York Daily News    Solange reveals autonomic disorder diagnosis – Page Six  Chrissy Teigen tweet-storms about surviving her 8-hour flight to nowhere, airline apologizes – USA TODAY Chrissy Teigen live-tweets hellish ‘flight to nowhere’ – Page Tap in for more!

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The Winter Olympics, a royal wedding and flights to Antarctica. Here are 18 things to look forward to. Predictions for the next year The year’s most popular GIF perfectly sums up 2017 People we lost this year ‘Sound of Music’ star dies The Philippines’ deadly Christmas weekend Topless protester tries Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌10 Ways To Give The Gift of Gratitude 📌10 Steps Toward a Better Future 📌Crystal Ball: What 2018 Will Bring 📌Tax Moves To Make Before 2018 + What’ll Happen To Your Taxes Next Year 📌Suffocating Victim Eric Garner’s Daughter in Coma After Heart Attack 📌Manuer for Mnuchin (for President): Meet the Guy Who Sent the Sh|t 📌Seahawks Clamp Down of Cowboys’ Playoff Hopes 📌Bus Crash Kills 20 Worshippers 📌Cup Runneth Over: How (and Why) To Drink More Water x Be Mindful About What You’re Eating 📌Is Your Smart Phone Spying on You? 📌North Korea Insults Trump After Sanctions 📌Was Princess Michael’s Blackface Brooch Uncouth Considering Prince Harry’s Meghan Being Half African American? 📌Why Trump’s Haitian Scandal Is Unbelievable 📌and More!

2018 will tell us whether adding stimulus to an already-healthy economy will have unintended consequences Use this calculator and see how the tax bill affects your paycheck Tax moves to make before 2018 What will happen to your taxes next year These Trump voters cheer stock highs So, you got Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌My Big Fat Greek ̶W̶e̶d̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ Wanting: Movie’s Star Arrested For Shoplifting 📌Shoe Guru Jimmy Choo Give Model’s Ad the Boot 📌Remembering George Michael: Family Shares Touching Message for His Fans 📌Trump Signs Bill Before Clock Strikes 2018 📌The New Tax Brackets for 2018 📌Papa John’s Loses it Papa 📌Dictionary.com Disses Pence This Charging Cable For Your iPhone Works Like an Apple MagSafe Power Adapter📌and More!

WOW Air is offering an amazing holiday deal, but you’re going to have to act fast Vice Media reportedly settled 4 sexual harassment, defamation cases against employees This man walked 11,000 miles across America to raise awareness for homelessness  50 actually nice things that happened in 2017 2017 is the Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Help Eating Healthier Foods This Year: Here Are 10 Products and Tools 📌Meeting Things Head On: Helpful Ideas, Products, Classes to Help You Stick to Your New Years Resolutions 📌Uber-Stupid: Pays For Facebook Only To Confuse Puerto Rico with Cuba’s Flag 📌”The Post” Not a Liberal Movie 📌Mariah Carey Gets Another Crack at Rocking Dick Clark 📌21 Products to Help You get Organized This Year 📌Kendrick Spirits: Did Kendrick Lamar Reveal He’s About to be a Dad? 📌Bye Girl: Wave Miss America Goodbye 📌 ̶S̶t̶e̶a̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶C̶a̶n̶d̶y̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶a̶ ̶B̶a̶b̶y̶ Getting Candy for His Baby: Nothing Gets in the Way of LeBron Getting Candy for His Girl 📌and More!

Vote to keep government running will be tight The spending bill funds the government through January. Now the GOP needs votes from Senate Dems Trump supporters react to the tax bill Your tax questions, answered Pence makes surprise trip to combat zone in Afghanistan Senior White House adviser promoted conspiracy Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌House Offer Short-Term Funding for CHIP 📌CNN Pulls Plug on it Daily Snapchat Show 📌A Sampling of the Stuff You Hated Most in 2017 📌R̶i̶g̶h̶t̶f̶u̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶ Ripefully So: First Apple Lawsuits After Reporting Purposeful Phone Slow-Downs 📌Top (R) Say Senate Won’t Touch Your Medicare Next Year 📌Health is Your Wealth: 8.8 Millions Sign Up for Obamacare 📌Sport World Mourns Death of Sportcaster Dick Enberg 📌Tools To Get Your Hustle off the Ground 📌Talk About Sex: ‘Taste’ Over Taboo? 📌Tradition Behind Cornel West v. Ta-Nehisi Coates 📌How the Miss American Pageant CEO Really Talks About The Winners 📌and More!

Make a dragon-shaped cake with this pan because what else are you gonna do until ‘Game of Thrones’ comes back? When you absolutely should not upgrade your iPhone Cleo, the Mystery Pug Mix – What’s Your Mutt? Lupita Nyong’o: Women of ‘Black Panther’ will be a ‘departure’ from comic book Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌10 Best TV Shows of 2017 📌Facebook Signs Major ̶R̶e̶c̶o̶r̶d̶ Music Deal 📌22 Gifts for Your Kid’s Teacher 📌How Apple’s Latest iPhone Slowdown is Betrayal 📌26 Voices on Why Free Press Matters 📌These Companies Promise to Pass Tax Cuts Benefits onto Their Employees 📌Hackers Hit DC’s Surveillance Cameras 📌34 Things To Know About the New Tax Law 📌30 Top Takes of 2017 📌Venus Williams’ Fatal Car Crash Update 📌The MLB Star No One Wants To Sign 📌Study: Opioids Kill More People Than Breast Cancer 📌9 Surprising Facts About Uber 📌Mamma Mia! Meryl Meticulously Missing from Trailer 📌and More!

A lot of households will see a lower tax bill in the next several years. But those changes will expire 34 things you need to know about the incoming tax law These are the new tax brackets for 2018 Why AARP doesn’t like the tax bill Mary Norwood concedes in Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌H̶e̶l̶l̶ Heck-to-the Nah: Schumer Shin-Checks Heckler on Senate Floor 📌Trump’s [Can’t See the] Forest for the Trees Problem 📌Pokemon’s Upgrade’s Hoping It’ll Poke You and You’ll Play Again 📌Ivanka’s Invite Irritated School’s Parent’s 📌Cereal Killer: The ONE Cereal That Revived General Mills 📌Bounce College – Ball with LaVar 📌 ̶F̶r̶a̶n̶k̶i̶n̶c̶e̶n̶s̶e̶Franken-Since: All Franken to Leave Senate on January 2 📌4 Theories as to Why Hillary’s Getting Hated On 📌Is 2018 Dems’ Year? 📌Reportedly, Kimye Divorcing Sans Surrogate 📌Cher’s Mamma Mia Grand Entrance 📌7 Types of People Who Still Use Facebook 📌Exactly What’s In Final Tax Plan 📌and More!

Sweeping tax overhaul sheds the individual mandate, chipping away at the Affordable Care Act ‘It’s always fun when you win,’ Trump says ‘Americans have a lot to regret,’ Schumer says What’s in the GOP’s final tax plan Trump to media: Stay for prayer, you need it 1-vote win is now Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌EU Reduces Uber to a Taxi Service App 📌Rules Uber 📌An Edible iPhone Case-Why? 📌15 Local Charities You Can Donate To This Holiday Season 📌And The Misinformer of the Year Award Goes To: Mark Zuckerberg? 📌Musical Cheers? Impress Your Guests with Wine Glasses that Plays Music 📌Duhhhh: How a Fractured GOP Unified to Pass a Landmark Tax Plan 📌Pro Bowl Selections Announced 📌The Palin’s ‘Ratchet’ Wrangles and Rocky Family History 📌Six Mind-Body Tips For Less Holiday Stress 📌Disgraced Priest at Center of Sex Abuse Scandal, Cardinal Law, Dies 📌and More!

You can do a bunch of cool things in Excel — this course will teach you how Facebook has a giant, Europe-sized legal problem The founder of Litecoin no longer owns any of his own cryptocurrency Europe’s new internet regulations should make most Americans jealous We broke down our 5 Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Don’t Think You Can Make A Difference? This Dem Won By ONE SINGLE Vote📌Test Your Fertility on this Smart Phone App 📌Use This Calculator to See How The Tax Bill Will Affect You 📌Trump’s 5 Biggest Accomplishments of 2017 📌Political and Popular GIF’s of 2017 📌Pokemon Go To Give Getting Your Attention A Go Again–with Augmented Reality 📌Why 2017 Was The Best Year For Video Games Eva Longoria Expecting First Child 📌and More!

Senate is debating the GOP tax bill, which is expected to pass despite dwindling approval Revote needed: Technicality forces House to vote again How it affects you: Use this calculator to find out Paul Ryan: Tax bill is a generation-defining moment Analysis: 7 reasons why GOP may have made bad bet Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Top 10 Tech Stories 📌Gifts for that Hangover-Prone Friend of Yours 📌Facebook Facial Recognition Helps Blind Users Know Exactly Who’s in Photos 📌Silicon Valley Star TJ Miller Accused of Sexual Assault and Punching Woman 📌Study: 1/3 Anti-Depressant Prescribed for Something Else 📌DACA Negotiations Reach Critical Week 📌25 Amazing Sports Photos📌Lakers Open Kobeland + See Kobe’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony 📌China on Trump’s New Security Policy “A Cold War Mentality” 📌WannaCry Cyberattack On U.S. Companies Points to North Korea 📌Though 6 Months Til Opening, Ocean’s 8 Pours Out Its Trailer Today Review: All The Money in the World 📌and More!

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the bill favors the wealthy, a CNN poll finds The day the GOP has been seeking: Voting begins today on plan How much will you pay under GOP tax plan? It depends The current tax brackets vs the GOP tax plan Ivanka Trump trumpets tax Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌China to Google & Facebook: ‘You Can’t Play Baseball with Hockey’s Rules’ 📌Fans Shocked Over Pop Star’s Charcoal Suicide -See Moments Reel of How Much of a Beast He Was 📌5 Things To Know Today 📌How To Experience NYC Like a Local 📌2017 Wonder Women of Entertainment 📌Sushi 101 📌What Does it Really Mean To Be a Man? 📌There’s Something Bad and Good About a Scale That Doesn’t Play Like You Weigh 📌Amazon’s Smart Phone Sale Thru 12/23 📌Pitch Perfect Review 📌Kobe Retires ’24’ 📌and More!

Sarah Palin’s son charged with assaulting his father Senator: Trump’s FBI attacks a sign of fear Trump judicial nominee withdraws after viral hearing video Slain soldier’s mom: Military changed story Johnson: Mueller email dispute may require change to the law Judge: US can’t block undocumented teens from seeking abortions Trump’s Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌21 Self-Care Gifts 📌How Diet Can Affect Sensitive Skin 📌15 Gifts for the Sports Fan in Your Life (and 20 Gifts Travelers Actually Want) 📌The Amtrak Train Conductor’s Radio Call Just Before Crash 📌LIBYA: Africans Enslaved There Do Have Rights 📌Facebook to Demote Posts Fishing for Likes 📌 ̶G̶u̶i̶l̶t̶ Wilt By Association: Twitter Suspends Account Trump Retweeted 📌and More!

Several dead after 13 Amtrak cars derail in track’s first public use. 77 sent to hospitals Amtrak train car dangling over interstate after derailment Trump touts US infrastructure fix after crash See bird’s-eye view of train derailment Analysis: Trump’s first tweet on train crash plays politics Hear the train conductor’s Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Apparently, Wearing Uggs is Ugh at this Airport’s Lounge 📌ICYDK: Chick-Fil-A Saved The Day Yesterday 📌The 12 Best Apps of 2017 📌Starving Polar Bear Video Goes Viral 📌Kim Jong Un’s No.2 Gone Missing 📌What Child Tax Credit Means for Families 📌Bitcoin Gaining Legitimacy 📌So X-Files Was Real? Pentagon Did Classify Study of UFO’s 📌George Zimmerman Threatens Jay Z 📌and More!

Mayor: Fire behind power outage; cause unknown Outage complicates insanely busy holiday travel Inside the airport serving more people than any other on Earth Sen. McCain will miss tax vote as he travels home Republicans prepare for a long-awaited win Trump trims the tree with ‘losers’ on ‘SNL’ Trump: I’m Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌5 Ways to Fly For Less 📌Warning: American Airlines Doesn’t Have Enough Pilots Scheduled for the Holidays 📌British Embassy Employee Found Slain 📌Americas Love/Hate Relationship with Sarah Sanders 📌Coffee While Coasting: This GMA App Lets You Order Starbucks While Driving 📌A Non-Skier’s Guide to Gliding Through Aspen 📌Rose McGowan Grabs at Girl’s Proposed Golden Globe Gowns in ‘Silent’ Protest 📌and More!

Thousands of passengers are stranded after power went out at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport Power outage ‘paralyzed’ Atlanta airport A day in the life of the world’s busiest airport American Airlines doesn’t have enough pilots scheduled for holiday travel Airfare hacks: 5 ways to fly for less Photos of the world’s Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Fanning the Fire: 55MPH Winds Fan California Wildfires 📌What’s in the Final Tax Bill 📌6 Holiday Traditions That Make Life Much Easier 📌Tried & Tested: Trump Hires Judge That Tried Nothing, Failed Every Test 📌This App Let’s You Send Coal To Your Naughtiest 📌Video Shows What Happened in Charlottesville 📌 Drake Jilted by Jolie? 📌Never Get Lost Again in an Airport with this App Map 📌Sunday Night Football Takes Ratings Hit 📌and More!

  The Most Satisfying Twist in ‘The Last Jedi’ – Hollywood Reporter Minnie Driver Slammed Matt Damon For His Comments On Sexual Misconduct – BuzzFeed News Fox-Disney: Now Get Ready for the Power Struggle – Hollywood Reporter Mario Batali Includes Cinnamon Roll Recipe in Sexual Misconduct Apology – E! Online Tap in for more!