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How to spark serious social change, using art Public ideas needed at art projects These 3 artists from Udupi spread social messages through art Science and art come together at the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery Appreciating art at Art Basel is not easy. Here’s why you should do it Virgil Abloh Tap in for more!

ICYMI 📌Walk This Way: Steven Tyler Opens Home for Abused Girls 📌Footprints in the Sand: 13th Dismembered Foot Found on Beach 📌Chance The ̶R̶a̶p̶p̶e̶r̶ Weather 📌Wildfire Numbers Set Record 📌35 Memes That Got Us Through a Bad Year📌4 Red Flags in GOP Tax Bill 📌Why Religion is So Divisive 📌 I,Tonya Thumbs Up 📌Was This The Year We Turned on Social Media 📌and More!

Dangerous choice looms for Trump North Korea threats raise Olympic security fears US developing weapon that could disable North Korean missiles Alabama Sen. Shelby: ‘I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore’ Clerk says judge made her look at porn Nikki Haley on Jerusalem decision: This will move ball forward for peace Tap in for more!

ICYMI 📌Decisions, Decisions: Mortgage or Son’s Insulin 📌Why Moms Don’t Let Dads Help 📌Apple’s Most Downloaded Apps of 2017 📌Bitcoin Traded at $19K in Korea – Plunges $2,500 in Fours Hours – What You Need To Know About Bitcoin 📌NFL Jerseys Get New Look 📌Gay Man Denied Marriage License By Kim Davis Runs For Her Job 📌Why Prices Have Gone Crazy 📌Slager Gets 20 📌Quincy Jones Launched Netlix Jazz 📌How To Win The Holidays in Style David Cassidy Leaves Daughter Out of Will 📌and More!

Kristen Wiig dealt with an embarrassing astrology tattoo in a very inventive way SYFY launches Snapchat Show ‘GEEKLY’ as Snap strips ephemerality from product John Cena is better at ‘Mad Libs’ than you, and there’s a Christmas play to prove it Neil Patrick Harris wants you to guess if these Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌How Different Tax Bill Will Affect You 📌To Allow Room for Male Pigotry and Political Digs Perhaps? Oscars to Begin 30 Minutes Earlier 📌Obama: ‘We Need to Elect More Women Because Men Are Having “Some Problems” These Days 📌Supermoon Photos 📌Trump Fully Endorsed Roy Moore 📌Heartburn Treatment 101 📌and more!

Yes, Cards Against Humanity actually built a working catapult to take down Trump’s border wall (if they wanted to) Cold weather doesn’t have to stop your love for grilling — this indoor BBQ is $53 off today Farmer spent an intense thunderstorm dancing on his harvester The BBC Christmas ad Tap in for more!

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Revelations about Michael Flynn raise questions about what the vice president knew and when Sessions in ’99: President can obstruct Dems hold up nomination over answer on Flynn and Russia Tapper: Why so many lies about Russia? Analysis: Trump’s Russia defense in disarray GOP senator writes a check to Roy Tap in for more!

Latest: California Wildfires 📌Did You Know Google and Amazon Are Duking it the Hell Out? Punched: You and Me 📌How Meghan Was Me 📌New Weinstein Allegations 📌Trump’s Jerusalem Jolt and Revolt 📌Unreleased Jimi Hendricks Music Releases in March 📌Mistake on Time’s “Silence Breaker’s” Cover Actually a Loud Statement 📌Porn Star Dies at 23 📌Trump Bumpin’ His Gums? 📌Critics: ‘Goop is Damaging’ – The Psychology Behind How and Why Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lifestyle Brand Gets ‘Life’ 📌and More!

This has to be THEE most (literal) insane, diabolically genius, weird piece of crazy I haven’t witnessed in a long time in NEVER. I’m gonna charge this backslide in communication to Mercury having been in Retro: LoL. CHeck this story out: Tampa Police Spokesperson on Fake Sign Language Interpreter: ‘I Tap in for more!


Winds up to 60 mph have fueled the wildfire, destroying dozens of buildings in Southern California The other growing wildfire you need to watch Fast-moving wildfire threatens homes near L.A. Photos: Wildfire spreads in Southern California Explainer: What you need to know about wildfires Opinion: What it’s like to live Tap in for more!


Clever UFC fan fools the system, streams a pay-per-view UFC event by pretending to play it Windows 7 users are officially dropping like flies S’well bottles make reducing your plastic footprint easier (and more stylish) Hold on to your (Santa) hat: ‘Christmas Christmas’ is the 2017 holiday album you need Tap in for more!

📌Country Music OG Randy Travis’ Naked Cowboy Arrest Tape Made Public 📌When Insisting ‘Brand’ is a Verb Rather Than a Noun: How LaVar Ball Officially Killed His Son’s Lakers Dreams 📌Discovery Buys Majority Stake in OWNS📌Jane Fonda Encourages Colin Kaepernick 📌Will Sports Betting Be Mae Legal?📌Body Found of Missing Woman After Snapchatting Date To Meet Woman She Met Online 📌Misty Copeland on Diversity in Dance and ‘The Nutcracker’ 📌and More!

While you were sleeping, this mattress company was watching you, lawsuit claims…Huh? Rapper, 22, travels 1,000 miles to meet 81-year-old woman he befriended playing online word game … too cute. Bizarre New Christmas Trend Sees Women Decorating Their Boobs To Look Like Rudolph…unnecessary Angelina Jolie Wannabe Has Finally Spoken Out Tap in for more!

ICYMI – News on: 📌CVS 📌Amazon 📌Apple 📌Tiger Woods 📌Billy Bush 📌SNL 📌Khloe Kardashian 📌Game of Thrones 📌Madonna 📌Britney Spears 📌and More!

Twitter has spoken: Taylor Swift is not the ‘badder bitch’ Brock Turner’s lawyers want to overturn his sexual assault conviction Tragedy strikes the American Girl Store on ‘SNL,’ but everyone is fixated on this one dude The coming Arctic blast probably won’t make you sick, but winter definitely can 6 Tap in for more!

10 Foods To Never Eat Your Mall’s Food Court 📌Winners and Losers of the Tax Bill 📌Glitches Forces iPhone Repeat Reboot 📌Singer Pink Reveals No Gender Reveal For Her Girl and Boy 📌NYC Woman Found on Rural Road Dead in Jamaica 📌Parking App Helps Thwarts Parking Tickets 📌and More!

WATCH: 12-year-old DJ brings house down with party beats     TECHNOLOGY/ BUSINESS / MONEY How Trolls Locked My Twitter Account For 10 Days, And Welp How Winklevoss twins used $11m Facebook payout to become world’s first Bitcoin billionaires Bitcoin Breakout: Price Spikes $500 in One Hour to Top $11.5k Tap in for more!

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What’s streaming on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu NBA star visits Meek Mill in prison Should we still love the men who behave badly? The morning show ‘family’ after Matt Lauer Simmons steps down after assault allegation Hollywood hit hard by sexual allegations Vice fires 3 amid harassment investigation Tiger Woods Tap in for more!

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The black press is more relevant than ever A taxing dilemma for Senate Republicans Zakaria calls out WH response to Trump tweets Erik Prince details Seychelles meeting with Russian banker This plane has a fully-fitted hospital on board How to talk to kids about sexual harassment A guide to raising Tap in for more!

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Twitter is dragging Trump’s lawyer for his choice of font Should you watch ‘The Room’ before seeing ‘The Disaster Artist’? Donald Trump’s latest tweet proves he really doesn’t understand the right to remain silent Watch a ninja dog attempt to escape an animal shelter by climbing up its cage…. LoL Tap in for more!

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The real danger of religious lies Rescuing Cape Town’s ‘left behind’ children ‘God brought us all together’ Officers who go Beyond the Call of Duty Craigslist founder: Democracy’s immune system is in trouble Trump must lead global fight against HIV/AIDS, not surrender it Women enable men like Matt Lauer A Tap in for more!

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Why these brides say marriage is better the second time around – NBCNews.com Today in Entertainment: Matt Lauer retreats from social media; Geraldo Rivera apologizes to Bette Midler – Los Angeles Times ‘Stranger Things’ Is Officially Coming Back for a Third Season – VICE ‘Stranger Things’ Renewed For Season 3 Tap in for more!

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Adam Driver doesn’t know what ’emo’ means and no one can cope 12 movies to watch if you’re newly single this holiday season The hidden tech behind ‘SpongeBob SquarePants, The Broadway Musical’ Matt Lauer releases first public statement after sexual misconduct allegations What the new Snapchat update gets right about Tap in for more!

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  How to Use the New iMessage Like a Pro You’ll feel like a Power Ranger talking to Zordon with this watch Looking for a new job? No problem. The tech industry has you covered Guillermo del Toro’s ‘The Shape of Water’ is a fairy tale for troubled times This Tap in for more!

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2018 will be the year cinema starts responding to the Trump election Matt Lauer’s interview with Bill O’Reilly over harassment claims looks deeply hypocritical now   I liked Matt Lauer too, but he needed this humbling. Considering this VERY interview-his knowing that he was NO different than O’Reilly-only shows how Tap in for more!

$1 Long Island Iced Teas Back at Applebees 📌People Who Diss Trump Online Are Totally Getting Robocalls to Their Homes 📌How Smiling Can Trick Your Brain into Happiness 📌4 Ways Technology Ruins Relationships 📌Court Day For 24 Year-Old Tampa Shooter 📌Meet The Ex-Twitter Employee That Deleted Trump’s Account Why You Should Never Argue w/Anyone On Facebook 📌and More!

10 places you shouldn’t visit in 2018 #travel Computer glitch leaves some American Airlines flights without pilots during Christmas week #travel Popular travel Instagram shut down over offensive photos #travel New budget carrier Level expands NYC, Boston with $149 flights to Europe #travel ART The 5 Best Hotels to Stay Tap in for more!

📌24 Year-Old McDonald’s Employee Arrested in Random Tampa Shootings 📌Copycat Nevada Shooter Atop Montage Casino, Dead 📌Philandro Castile’s Girlfriend in Talks Re: Settlement 📌Security Camera’s at Border Wall 📌Keith Oberman Retiring from Political Commentary on All Media Outlets 📌and More!

Mom Who Sent Bullied Girl to School With Recorder Is Charged Teacher Charged After Students Record Her Snorting Cocaine In Classroom Active Shooter Firing From Balcony At Reno, Nevada’s Montage Casino Reno shooting suspect in custody, possibly shot by police     The Latest: Gunman who opened fire in Reno, Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Netflix’s December Lineup 📌Surprising Health Benefits of Pumpkin 📌Macys Parade Recap 📌Willow Smith On Growing Up Famous 📌Ex-Tiger Beat Editor Watched Fame Take Its Toll On David Cassidy 📌Tips To Deal with Stress from Those Who Know Best 📌Online Shopping Holiday Scams To Look Out For 📌3-4 Cups of Coffee Per Day Good for You After All 📌Richard Branson Responds To Sexual Misconduct Claims 📌and More!

12 stoner gifts for the cannabis connoisseur in your life Save big on these wireless headphones for Black Friday Cozmo is the robot for the kid that has everything – and it’s on sale Get $50 off the Sphero R2-D2 droid on Amazon today Instead of coal, this power plant Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Americans Spend Over 5 Billion on ‘Black Friday’ 📌How Long Can You Eat Leftovers? 📌Flynn Stops Sharing Info w/Trump’s Lawyers 📌Auburn Defeats Undefeated Alabama 📌Analysis: Inside Trump’s Obsession with ‘Time’ 📌How These Young Founders Define Success 📌IRS Beefs Up Security For Trump’s Tax Returns 📌See Hulu’s December Lineup 📌Red Hair and Freckles-Like: 25 of the Shadiest Wendy’s Tweets Ever 📌New NBA Jersey’s Have Electronic Chips 📌and More!

With little else to rely on, refugees turn to Twitter to detail harsh treatment Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke is here to singlehandedly revive the DCEU You can still by the SNES Classic if you missed Black Friday Trump’s ‘Time’ tweet got better with every internet spoof 11 times brands were the Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Britain Is Not Buying Into Black Friday, 📌 ̶5̶0̶ 300 Killed in Mosque, 📌Demi Lovato, Idina Menzel and Disney Sued 📌Uma Thurma Promises More to Come 📌and More!

The PS4 Slim Console is $100 off at Walmart so you should probably get on that The Instant Pot everyone went crazy over on Amazon Prime Day is on sale again for Black Friday   Elegant Turtleneck Shimmer Long Sleeved Top on sale    Britain is not buying into Black Tap in for more!


Walmart has an enormous, curved TV on sale for $300 off right now These are the best deals on Amazon’s home tech devices for Black Friday The absolute best Black Friday deals on laptops, TVs and electronics The Sonos One is already on sale for you because Black Friday treats Tap in for more!


Get $80 off the PetCube bundle because your pets deserve treats on Black Friday, too Get $150 off Oculus Rift, plus 6 free VR games at Best Buy on Nov. 23-25 Funny or Die and their famous friends want to ‘Reclaim Black Friday’ for something that matters This pen will Tap in for more!


Amazon’s Black Friday sale is on — here’s what to shop Amazon TV deals you can’t miss China is cracking down on human rights lawyers as reports of torture and forced confessions emerge Chinese human rights lawyer sentenced Opinion: China’s media enables tyranny and corruption Opinion: US should hold China Tap in for more!


Black Friday 2017 BEGINS! When does it start and which retailers have the best deals and offers? This real-time Black Friday tracker shows just how much we shop online Gift-worthy kitchen tech items for the Chopped enthusiasts in your life Black Friday deals on headphones: Bose, Philips, Beats, Sony, Samsung, Tap in for more!


The Origins of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Thanksgiving travel weather forecast How to lower Thanksgiving stress 11 things you’ll fight over (besides politics) How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey 9 Thanksgiving facts we bet you don’t know Top 10 Best Movies To Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend – Forbes Watch Tap in for more!

David Cassidy Will Not Have a Funeral 📌Men Run Prostitution Ring Out of Old Folks Home 📌Did Brad Pitt Admit Jennifer Aniston Was The “Love of His Life?” 📌Car Found 20 Years After Man Forgets Where He Parked It 📌Why Americans Should Be Cautious Traveling To Europe During the Holidays 📌LeVar Burton and LaVar Ball Are Two Different People, People 📌Professor Explains How Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat–Sugar Does 📌Something Horrifying Is About to Happen to The Internet and You Need to Pay Attention 📌and More!

This Genius Foldable House Takes Only 6 Hours To Build And Costs Only $33K $100 to Paris: How to navigate airlines’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales #travel Black Friday and Cyber Monday are deal days for travelers #travel Black Friday holiday deals 2017: The best money saving travel offers Tap in for more!


RIP net neutrality: Here’s what comes next (and it ain’t pretty) ‘The Last Jedi’ box office will fall well below ‘The Force Awakens,’ and that’s OK Get 30% off literally everything at ASOS for an Insta-worthy Black Friday 5 reasons why you need these Star Wars robot vacuums Fans of Tap in for more!


Target’s Black Friday Deals are here and they’re offering massive savings Journalists had to say what they were thankful for at White House briefing before asking questions Hate holiday shopping? Amazon Echo is a gift everyone (yes, everyone) can enjoy Two Pikachus have a delightful conversation thanks to smart home Tap in for more!


Gwyneth Paltrow Is Engaged to Producer Brad Falchuk: Reports – PEOPLE.com Celebrate Fixer Upper’s Final Season with Chip and Joanna’s Cutest Moments – TV Guide Jennifer Lawrence Says Her Nude Photo Hack Was ‘Unbelievably Violating’ – Us Weekly Greta Gerwig Sent Justin Timberlake an Impassioned Letter to Use “Cry Me Tap in for more!


Barack Obama just wished Joe Biden a happy birthday with an original Obama-Biden meme Mercedes-Benz shows off its new electric vans 5 technologies evolving the way we game This is what it’s really like to be an esports commentator How to manage your stress this holiday season Sad chow chow Tap in for more!

Why Della Reese Will Be So Missed By This Generation 📌Why Justice League Flopped 📌Stillborn Study Says Pregnant Women Sleeping On Side Is Best 📌Thanks? Is The Government Hiding Destroying Net Neutrality w/Thanksgiving 📌Apple Served w/Warrant Over Texas Shooters iPhone 📌Trump Accuses North Korea of Funding Terrorism 📌North Korea’s Kim Jong Says Trump’s an “Old Lunatic” 📌Fatal Crash Leads to US Troops Banned From Drinking in Japan 📌Former Bull Ben Gordon Arrested For Forged License Plates 📌and More!

Della Reese, star of TV’s ‘Touched By An Angel,’ dies at 86 ‘Touched By an Angel’ star Della Reese dead at 84 Della Reese, Music Legend and Actress Dies At 86 Della Reese’s passing is so, so sad. And while at the same time, it is with great admiration and Tap in for more!


This girl’s scream is just like Homer Simpson’s and it’s amazing These buses in London will be powered by coffee People are appalled that Morrissey blames Kevin Spacey’s and Harvey Weinstein’s victims Trump’s latest tweets lashing out at UCLA players are his most unpresidential yet Notorious killer and cult leader Tap in for more!

5 Things To Know Before Tomorrow’s AMAs 📌 “Lana” the Cougar of Three’s Company Dead at 83 📌Eminem on SNL Tonight: What We’re All Expected 📌Shemar Moore Takes on S.W.A.T 📌Fashion Designer Azzedine Alaia Dead At 77 📌Ray J Inks $31 Million Dollar Deal 📌Actor David Cassidy Hospitalized with Organ Failure 📌Inside The Private World of Bruno Mars 📌 Incredibles 2 Official Trailer Released 📌and More!

Fashion Designer Azzedine Alaia, The ‘King Of Cling,’ Dead At 77 David Cassidy hospitalized in critical condition with organ failure, reports say ICYMI: Malcolm Young, AC/DC co-founder, dead at 64 “Three’s Company” fans are mourning the loss one of the show’s stars who is no longer with us   5 Tap in for more!


Get $100 off an iRobot Roomba from Target Tesla unveils their latest roadster and it’s beautiful 5 ways you’re being condescending at work (without realizing it) How OnePlus built its latest phone, the OnePlus 5T, so quickly Nordstrom is having a massive Fall sale right before Black Friday Why does Tap in for more!

When Your Friends Don’t Consider ‘No’ As a Full Sentence 📌Move Over ‘Ribbon in the Sky’ Navy Seals Got a ‘Penis in the Sky’ for you to Love 📌AC/DC Member Dead At 64 📌Ungrateful? Roy Moore’s Wife Wants Trump To Thank Them For Their Scandal Deflecting the Russia Investigation–Yet Didn’t Thank Trump for Staying Mum on Moore📌Home Help for Correcting Your Bunions 📌NFL’s Jameis Winston Investigated for Groping Uber Driver 📌What To Do w/Men Like Bill O’Neill Who Love To Brag About Their Sexual Exploits 📌Massive Fires: PA Senior Living Community & Manhattan Apartment 📌Why Trump’s Big Gaming Decision is Morally Wrong 📌Inside Serena Williams’ Nuptials 📌and More!

5 Essential Holiday Party Hacks 76+ Times People Realised Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them 7 destinations that have gotten too popular for their own good #travel (search hashtag #travel for more travel articles here at ToriSpilling.com) Outback Steakhouse responds to occultism claims The Disgusting Thing That Happens When You Tap in for more!


Children’s book illustrator accuses John Lewis of ripping off ‘Mr Underbed’ for Christmas ad The trailer for John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ is out and it is seriously spooky Kevin Spacey mural in Manchester to be removed after allegations of sexual harassment Bear Grylls shows you how to make fire Tap in for more!


  Samsung, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and more in Newegg’s killer Black Friday deals Is this the world’s best travel jacket? Its Kickstarter fans seem to think so. Bride pranks groom with a fake first look and his reaction is priceless Polaroid’s new gadget turns your phone into an instant camera Tap in for more!


Watch TV in the shower with this handy phone holder Gifts ideas for every kind of Star Wars geek You can now reach peak-millennial with some overpriced avocado toast holiday ornaments This is where your old technology goes to die The logo on this phone case is what powers its Tap in for more!

Fiji Proves to be Too Mountainous For Trump’s “Big Hands” 📌Real-Life Hamburglar Squeezes Through Drive-Through Window 📌Breast Cancer Cured? 📌UCLA Ballers Apologize and Thank Trump 📌Is Big Pharma Behind Rolling List of Holistic Health Doctors Dropping Like Flies? 📌Microchips in Your Medicine? 📌Anita Hill Must Be Rolling Over in Her Life Over Capital Hill Sexual Harassment Claims Finally Unraveling 📌and More!

27 Examples of Awesome Photos to Make Everyone Green With Envy SCIENCE/ NATURE In a Major First, Scientists Edit DNA Within the Human Body Scientists Try In-Body Gene Editing For The First Time Gene editing, in a patient’s body, attempted for 1st time Biohackers are using CRISPR on their DNA and we can’t Tap in for more!

There’s a Place Where Lives Are Auctioned For $400.00 📌Go for Launch: Dems Push Impeachment Push Tomorrow 📌Nestlé CEO Says Water’s Not a Human Right 📌Meek Mill’s Lawyers Asks Judge to Step Down 📌Before Trump Stakes Claim, Lil Yachty Wants Trump To Know Money Saved LiAngelo Ball- Not Him 📌About Thyme: Vegan Fast Food 📌{Spiel} Why Apple is The Apple in My Eye + What They Have in Store for 2019: 3-D Sensor and Augmented Reality Headset 📌and More!

Rose McGowan arrested for drug possession HQ to publish Rose McGowan memoir in UK That’s Reprllent! Harvey Weinstein Sicced Ex-Mossad Squad Black Cube on John Podhoretz Harvey Weinstein allegedly received information from a reporter who claimed to have dirt on actress Rose McGowan  Meek Mill’s lawyers ask judge to step Tap in for more!

Thriller in Manila: Trump Entangled in Awkward Elementary Chain-Gang Like Handshake w/Allies on Last Day of Successful Asian Tour 📌Hannity’s Advertisers Haul Ass Sans Roy Moore Coverage 📌Advice for Millennials on How To Get Rich 📌12 Year-Old Sues Sessions Over Marijuana Policy 📌Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death 📌Walmart Increasing Online to Get You Back In Line? 📌Smoking Back Pack at Orlando Airport Sends Commuters Scrambling for Safety 📌and More!

TECHNOLOGY / BUSINESS / MONEY How Apple Is Ripping Off America An app where teenagers lip synch reportedly got bought for $1 billion Seeking Arrangement sugar daddies pay for college students’ tuition Wal-Mart Lifts Web Prices to Aid Stores — WSJ Don’t Let YouTube Babysit Your Children I watched 1,000 Tap in for more!

📌Be Polite To Your Budtender—Or Your Weed May Weigh More 📌Robbery Suspects Hand Out Donuts During Robbery 📌Week 10 Game Picks in Under 3 Minutes 📌The ‘Tinder’ For Marijuana Lovers Is Here 📌Remote-Controlled Vibrator Secretly Records User’s Intimate Moment 📌Prosecutors To Meet w/Kevin Spacey’s Alleged Victim 📌Darius Rucker Helps Builds Homes in SC 📌The Dark Side of Gymnastics 📌Here’s How to Start Investing in Cannabis📌and More!

La Hoja is L.A.’s newest cannabis dinner series, and it kicks off this weekend All the Reasons I Smoke Weed Every Single Day — but Never Drink Cannabis dealer caught with PS6,000 cash Be Polite to Your Budtender: Your Weed Might Weigh More ‘Weed Beer’ could soon become reality Smuggling Tap in for more!

The 1 Biggest Secret to Happiness and Success is Found 📌Toronto Restaurant Hires HIV Positive Chefs Only 📌Facebook Founder Blows The Lid on How Facebook Fucks w/You +[Spiel] How and Why You Needed to Know This From the Inventor of It (And How Social Media Is Really Fucking w/Your Mind) 📌22 Week Born Baby Is Thriving +[Spiel] My Preemie Baby Teen Mom Story 📌Why Men Masturbate To Harass Women + [Spiel] Why I Think Male Masturbation is Disgusting 📌iPhone Blues News + [Spiel] Why I’m Sorta “Anti-iPhone” and Things Like Such 📌and More!

Pictures Emerge of Man Who Got Penis Stuck In Gym Weights Play This Online Trivia Game, Wipe Out Your College Debt? Givling’s Odds Are Better Than The Lottery Restaurant in Toronto where everyone has HIV and they only employ HIV+ Chefs in the kitchen  (I’m going to give my spiel Tap in for more!


Apple has finally released a patch for that annoying iOS keyboard bug The Freakiest iPhone Pranks YouTuber spends $90 in ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ and proves that it’s still basically pay-to-win     If ‘learn to code’ is your New Year’s resolution, get a jump start here Twitter must fix Tap in for more!


This device tells you if you forgot to turn the stove off so you can stop obsessing ESPN goes ‘plus’ with new sports streaming service Ford launches a new company to make electric cars in China La Niña is officially here to shape U.S. winter weather, along with global climate Tap in for more!

̶B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶L̶i̶v̶e̶s̶ ̶M̶a̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ Black Friday Matters? 📌3 Year-Old Dies After Eating Grilled Cheese Sandwich at School 📌A List of Every Transgender Elected to Office is Compiled 📌The Best American Music Awards No. 7 📌CIA Tried To Kill Fidel Castro w/Poison Pen on JFK Birthday 📌Chicago Bears Joe Fortunato Dies at 87 📌 A Mayor Named “Keisha” 📌and More!

Star Wars: Disney announces new trilogy from The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson Sandra Bullock to Star as Filibustering Senator Wendy Davis in ‘Let Her Speak’ Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood mock President Trump at CMAs Country Star Faith Hill: NRA Needs to ‘Tell the Truth’ on Guns CMA Awards start Tap in for more!


These Twitter accounts are killing it in Trump’s America What Trump’s tweets after a disaster tell us about his leadership If you’ve Instagrammed the Mona Lisa, you might be in this short film Devastated teens lose their streaks after Snapchat goes down ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ isn’t just for the ‘Stranger Tap in for more!

📌Terry Crews Takes His Sexual Assault Complaint to the Precinct 📌Approx. 300 Soldiers Drug-Tested After 3 Arrests for Ketamine Dealing 📌Girl Caught Stealing Uber Drivers Tip Jar Money Deletes Instagram 📌”Tigerblood” Charlie Sheen Denies Raping Actor Corey Haims When He Was Just a Cub 📌Weed is The Answer To Your Anxiety? 📌CMA’s Winners and Best Moments, Why Popstar Pink Was There 📌and More!

Terry Crews meets with Los Angeles police after making groping allegation on Twitter Terry Crews reportedly files a police report over sexual assault Terry Crews files police sexual assault report after claiming a Hollywood executive ‘fondled his genitals’ at a party And well…TMZ’s always there Ed Westwick rape allegation ‘being Tap in for more!

Man Discovers Dog’s Ear Cyst Looks Like Image of Trump 📌Glasses Maker Recommend These For Your iPhone 📌DMX and Bobby Brown Head to BET 📌Why Did I Get Married’s Jill Scott Divorced After 18 Months of Marrying 📌Netflix’ers Chill: Scam is Targeting You 📌TMZ Dings: Boosie Badazz Concert Shooting Leaks Online 📌Argument Over Parking at Truck Stop – Man Shoots At Woman Then Kills Self 📌Ex-MLB Player Dies in Small Plane Crash📌and More!

That’s What Happens When You Pick Your Best Friend As Maid Of Honor For Your Wedding Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Literally Anyone Inside The $1.7 Million Motorhome That Comes With Its Own Supercar Garage And All The Mod Cons Hunter gored to death by cornered deer in Tap in for more!