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OUR subscribers know that feeling and have already gotten EIGHT sets of ’round the clock headlines/article drops that began at 5 a.m. this morning!

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Instant. No hassle. Unsubscribe at the touch of a button. No refunds.

To unsubscribe, do it timely-before “next month” bills you, which will be the same day of the month you subscribed so you MUST unsubscribe the day before PayPal bills you e.g. If you subscribed on the 1st day of the month, on the last day of the previous month, be sure to go to your PayPal account under your payments/subscriptions and simply cancel there. To reiterate: Remember, you control your own payment details via PayPal. PayPay just pays us on your behalf. If you want to change payment options/cards or anything, you do all that via PayPal. Remember, we know none of your card, or name details etc-just your email address you provided).

Although that’s serious, in all (further) seriousness, though. It’s a little like this week’s buzz on “Reclaiming My Time.”

…If you accepted U.S Representative Auntie Maxi’s reasoning for reclaiming her time, then please, I beg your pardon (too). I had to reclaim my time, too.

I had to post this because it answers a few emails and form submits all in one. We figure, with well over 400k site visitors per week-since 4 people literally inquired, that means 400 or even 4000 are most probably thinking and/or talking about it, so we will answer some things here:

About “time.” Let’s talk about it and keep it real.

Just like your job owes you a consistent paycheck (because you worked for it), for that check, your job predicts that you will be in at a certain time and leave at a certain time…your job pays for your time. For the “entrepreneur” who wrote in, we have to say: Be respectful of our time and stop expecting consistency & predictability that you do not pay for. If you fancy yourself an “entrepreneur,” and you have a problem with that, then question why you are calling yourself an entrepreneur and exactly what you are going into ‘business’ for? You can hang online all day but not even your internet service is free. You may have a lot of free time on your hands but anywhere you hang online all day costs-not just here. Anywhere.

Think like an entrepreneur – not an intern.


Consider this.

Since January 2016, ToriSpilling.com has been giving away free news leads and making blogger’s jobs easier, news stations, hoodbooger Instagrams and countless sites that report news of all kinds. All they have to do is hang back, skim our categories to find out what they missed and want to report to THEIR site visitor and they are gone. Although that practice is the name of the game and how it’s often times done, still, do you think (for the load we help lift from their research TIME)-do you think they contribute to ToriSpilling-1 silver dime? Hell No.

Let’s talk about OUR research time and how this thing works.

Our process is not as as simple as sliding by and picking what we want to add to our blogs, news segment or IG.  

Do you REALIZE that 2 of our 5 sources and resources-WE even have to pay a monthly subscription for! (And it’s WELL over $9.95/m).

To pull simple links for you to easily read and decide if for you or no, our selection process is grueling. Our articles come in consistently rolling thread chunks that we have to intuitively sort through to determine what readers want by social media climate, world news, trends and a host of other things we use a personal algorithm for (in an effort to make sure we are not ‘promoting’ too much over what we SHOULD be getting paid to promote as, the top and bottom line is, we ARE here for business. It LOOKS like entertainment and help to help you pass time. It LOOKS plain and easy from YOUR view but it is not. It’s strategy and thought-every link and blog post. Like a Craig’s List, at ToriSpilling, just like Google branded and patented a blank page and a single search bar, ToriSpilling.com did by listing and searching FOR YOU-by making it so that YOU don’t have to THINK to search what’s going in your world (like you have to at Google via what you heard on the television news). At ToriSpilling.com, we give you article choices in lists on one page (like you don’t get a Yahoo, Bing etc).

Choosing what to give our readers in an effort to KEEP our readers and “BEAT” our search engine and news site ‘competitors’ is NOT an easy task–(or as easy as coming by, and lifting stories off a site). I WISH we had it that easy. But we don’t. We’re middle grounders.

We don’t actually think of the hoodbooger IG’s, news programs and other blogs as our ‘competitors’ as, we even offer them services on our site.

Why do you think more people are on and visit sites than have them? Because it’s WORK. and it is a JOB. When it grows in traffic, it’s no longer a hobby-despite it being ‘fun’ and something you love to do. And if you’re good and got what the people want, your traffic can grow bigger than your pockets can afford. You then have some executive decisions to make. So we made some. 

So, Dear “entrepreneur.”

Having said all that, how do you think we are supposed to stay in business? Keep our siteS up? We have several (which we give away free news and info): SelfieStyleStories.com , OSFMag.com and OtherSideoftheFame.com doesn’t cost you 1 red cent. Especially considering what we just mentioned in the seven paragraphs above this, no, we can’t be apologetic about moving to subscription. Because even if you are not a member, as a courtesy, we STILL offer free news peeps here (again: for free!)-it just won’t always be consistently predictable and on the free news peep first thing in the morning EST every morning. We appreciate your stopping by no less than being a subscriber. But now that we’ve got them on board, we HAVE to honor “’round the clock drops” as promised. That is certainly going to pull time and effort away from the freebies.

That being the case, eventually, the Free News Peeps are going to get smaller and smaller. And if $9.95 per month is too large for you, you should see our hosting, developer expenses, server bills and utility bills…like us-it would kill you.

Whether you are a person with sense or fancy yourself an entrepreneur, either way, I’m sure you are sensible enough to respect (rather than be upset) at that.

Running a website is NOT a game or a dream. You gotta  be ‘woke.’ Your content has got to be able to compete and hang with the OSFMag.com brand, IG hoodboogers sites and just the handful of the blogs moving and shaking online right now. Additionally, the MORE your traffic picks up and people are visiting your site, your coins have to be ‘jingaling baby’ -you’ve gotta be financially prepared to pay for that all all that comes with that (in order to KEEP that), too.

Think about it, we have four (and working on a non-media/world news 5th one).


“Join ToriSpilling.com” to subscribe, and read any other deets you may need to know. 

Thank you!