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PROTESTS TikTok shows ‘Karen’ calling police on a one-man protest Michelle Obama Addresses Nationwide Protests and Pandemic in Graduation Commencement Speech DC mayor says federal response to protests led to larger groups participating peacefully Obama: COVID-19, police protests a ‘wake-up call’ for 2020 graduates Trump orders troops to leave D.C. as former military leaders sound warning Trump says he’s ordering National Guard to begin process of withdrawing from Washington, DC De Blasio tells staffers more cops will be disciplined over handling of protests Former NATO commander: Protests aren’t ‘a battlespace to be dominated’ Hundreds attend BLM protests in League City, Friendswood A force trained to safeguard peaceful protests turns on them The protests are growing larger, calmer, and more community-oriented Denver protests live: Updates from June 5 demonstrations following the death of George Floyd Historic Wins for Women of Color as Nation Protests Systemic Racism   POLITICS The Obamas deliver Tap in for more!

📌Protest Progress Updates 📌Can’t Sit with Us If You Can’t Sit in: Facebookers Break Up with Silent FBF 📌7 Steps to Secure Your Data Before Attending Protest 📌Online Smiling, Offline Fuming: The Plight of Professionals in Corporate America Right Now 📌What Black Lives Matter Protests Are Really About 📌and More!

PROTESTS This is why we march Federal Judge Limits Police Use Of Force Against Protesters Holding: “Property Damage Is A Small Price To Pay For Constitutional Rights” George Floyd protest updates: Cop arrested after video shows him use stun gun on downed man California protester dies days after being run down with car during rally Around The World: Black Lives Matter Anti-racism Protesters Fill Streets Of Washington, Other US Cities Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters Expected To Descend On Washington DC For Largest BLM Protest Yet ‘Time For A Change’: Anti-racism Protesters March Across US Protesters balance push for racial justice, virus’ spread Trump campaign aide retweets video of hate-spewing Texas shopkeeper threatening protesters with chainsaw Minneapolis Mayor Frey Kicked Out of Protest, Wouldn’t Commit to Defunding Police Minneapolis mayor booed by protesters after refusing to defund and abolish police Protesters have been marching for nearly two weeks and crowds Tap in for more!

📌13 Self-Care Tips For Black People Who Are Feeling Overwhelmed Right Now 📌What CEOs and Managers Should Be Doing for Black Employees 📌Here Are Black Female-Owned Businesses You Need To Know 📌NYC Corrections Officer Suspended Over Sick George Floyd Parody Photo 📌Cops Gather in Dallas for ‘Blue for Black Lives Matter’ March in Support of Police Reform 📌Leonardo DiCaprio Vows to Help End ‘Disenfranchisement of Black America’ 📌and More!

PROSE Don’t be a Karen. Be a Joan. As a black man, I felt lucky to turn 40 — and sad that so many have not Why One Black Man Decided To March Column: Something’s happening here. And it gives us reason to hope.

Risk of COVID-19 Linked To Certain Blood Types? Coronavirus: What Happens After You Recover? 📌The Government Might Want Your Phone Location Data To Fight Coronavirus. Here’s Why 📌Clinical Trial Raises Hopes That Malaria Drug Could Be Coronavirus Cure 📌 What I Want You To Know About Coronavirus, From A Seattle Woman Who Recovered From COVID-19 and More!

Health / Staying Sane During Quarantine Young People Want You To Talk About Mental Health During This Pandemic The Healthiest Way to Sweat Out a Pandemic Love in the Time of Corona Replacing Minyans With Meditation in Times of Corona Grateful in the Time of Corona Nine Things You Can Do To Keep Your Cool In The Corona Crisis Community and connection are essential for coping in the time of corona As Coronavirus Spreads, Artists Are Coping With Waifus and Fursona Art “We can support one another through this”: Psychologist shares tips on managing coronavirus anxiety COVID-19 poses an unequal risk of isolation and loneliness   Popular Culture / Entertainment Corona News   Cardi B wants to get paid for the remix of her coronavirus rant     Cardi B Will Donate ‘Her Coins’ From Viral Coronavirus Rant Remix To Charity Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon & More Celebs Exercising To Tap in for more!

📌Resources for Restaurants and Workers Affected by the Coronavirus Crisis 📌COVID-19 Resources and Guidance for Businesses Companies Providing Financial Relief During COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 📌SBA to Provide Disaster Assistance Loans for Small Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) 📌Utilities That Have (and Have Not) Suspended Disconnects Amid COVID-19 Coping with the Corona Virus with Mindfulness and Compassion 📌and More!

GLOBAL CORONA NEWS Watch As Coronavirus Spreads Across The United States (Animated Visuals) He gave his wife CPR as she died after contracting coronavirus. Officials won’t test him Here are 10 facts people get wrong about the ‘greatest pandemic in history’ in 1918 Corona Diaries 1: Socially Isolating in Jerusalem The coronavirus has caused a full breakdown in Iran, with an unknown death toll, infected leaders, and massive burial pits visible from space Millions in San Francisco area cope with virus restrictions A new study pins down the source of the ‘rapid spread’ of the coronavirus in China — people with little or no symptoms Donald Trump Defends Calling Coronavirus The ‘Chinese Virus’ Amid China Accusations Trump is trying to change course and hoodwink us all — and the media shouldn’t let him get away with it Italy sees wartime-era stress at hospitals Italy struggles to make room for onslaught Tap in for more!

📌How Long COVID19 Stays Live On Surface 📌23 Methods to Calm Corona-Related Anxiety 📌Corona Drugs? 📌6 Successful Work for Home Tips During Lockdown 📌6 Sources Support for Small Businesses During COVID19 📌Smart Tax Policies Better Than Stimulus 📌This 2011 Foresaw Coronavirus Pandemic 📌Building a Startup During Age of Corona 📌Preventing Corona Predestinations 📌and More!

HEALTH / STAYING SANE DURING QUARANTINE Coronavirus Creating Stress? Why You May Need Mental Distancing As Much As Social Distancing And 8 Ways To Get It Digital Solutions To Make Sure Social Distancing Doesn’t Lead To Social Isolation During COVID-19 Sky Announces Coronavirus Measures To Make Self-Isolating Easier 23 Methods to Calm Corona-Related Anxiety Pass the Corona slowdown time at home with these fun online activities! Appreciate the silver-linings of semi-isolation during coronavirus pandemic How To Explain Corona-Virus to Children with Autism Choices in a Time of COVID-19 Corona Virus Disease Corona virus – inspiration and introspection 45 year old who recovered from Corona says there’s nothing to fear!   POLITICAL CORONA NEWS Smart Tax Policies Better than Coronavirus “Stimulus” Steve Bannon says he warned Trump of coronavirus in January Trump Should Triangulate Corona Virus, Say Yes! Welcome to VICE’s Corona Film Club ‘Particularly affected by the Chinese Virus’: US, Tap in for more!

Remembering Nancy Wilson 📌Celebs Mourn Death of Nancy Wilson, Dead at 81 📌From Jail, Bill Cosby Pays Tribute to Jazz Vocalist Nancy Wilson 📌and More!

Remembering Nancy Wilson: The Best Of ‘Jazz Profiles’ Jazz legend Nancy Wilson dead at 81 Nancy Wilson excelled singing jazz, pop, soul Grammy-winning singer Nancy Wilson dies at 81 Former T+L editor brings cultural travel expertise to Valerie Wilson MIL-OSI USA: Rep. Waters Statement on the Death of Nancy Wilson Legendary Vocalist Nancy Wilson Dies After Lengthy Illness Jazz Singer Nancy Wilson Mourned by John Legend, Janelle Monae, Chaka Khan & More   Nancy Wilson’s sublime artistry rippled well beyond jazz and torch songs From prison, Bill Cosby pays tribute to jazz vocalist Nancy Wilson   https://youtu.be/L9iEmRcTwL8   Celebrities Mourn the Loss of Jazz Singer Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson, acclaimed ‘song stylist’ who defied musical boundaries, dies at 81 Grammy-winning singer Nancy Wilson dies at 81  

📌The Passing of the Old Republican Party 📌Bushes Depart on First Presidential Funeral Train Since 1969 📌Reba McEntire, Oak Ridge Boys sing at Bush’s Texas Funeral 📌and More…

George H.W. Bush Is Laid to Rest in Private Graveside Service Following Public Farewell Thousands salute Bush funeral train 4141 on final Texas ride Atlanta woman carrying on George H.W. Bush’s legacy as a “point of light” Naval Station Great Lakes honors George H.W. Bush with 21-gun salute HW Bush to be laid to rest in Texas after 4-day tribute Bushes depart on first presidential funeral train since 1969 Bush AG William Barr, a Law-and-Order Conservative, Favorite to Succeed Sessions ‘Christian’ Donald Trump condemned for not reciting prayer at George HW Bush’s funeral Trump praises ‘beautiful tribute’ for Bush Trump could be the first president since Carter to face a recession while running for re-election Reba McEntire, Oak Ridge Boys sing at Bush’s Texas funeral Reba McEntire’s Touching Performance at George H.W. Bush’s Funeral Brings His Grieving Son to Tears Kimmel: Michelle Obama’s Reaction To Trumps At Bush’s Funeral So Tap in for more!

📌What’s Open and Closed for National Day of Mourning for President George H.W. Bush 📌6 Little Words That Helped Make George Bush a One-Term President 📌Lawmakers and More Pay Respects 📌and More…

Honoring George H.W. Bush’s extraordinary life of service George H.W. Bush: A small moment in Minneapolis told me so much about this good man George HW Bush’s compromise on raising taxes defied conservatives – and altered American politics Texans say goodbye to Bush and his ‘dear place’ in their hearts Disabled veteran recalls his 2015 visit to Bush family home What’s open and closed for National Day of Mourning for late President George H.W. Bush Visitors to George H.W. Bush’s casket include relatives, lawmakers, sports legends Fox News’ Brit Hume Defends George H.W. Bush’s Willie Horton Attacks I Just Can’t Forget Willie Horton! Bush made Willie Horton an issue, and for African-Americans, the scars are still fresh Another View: How George H.W. Bush exploited racism to win the Oval Office NYTimes Uses Willie Horton To Paint H. W. As A Racist, Concedes He Might Not Be A Racist In 19th Tap in for more!

RIP 41: GEORGE H.W. BUSH 📌Bush’s Service Dog Pays Tribute to His Late Owner 📌How the Bush Family Became a Dynasty 📌and More…

George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog Captivates the Internet’s Collective Heart at Casket Viewing Texans say goodbye to Bush and his ‘dear place’ in their hearts Inside George H.W. Bush’s unlikely friendship with Dana Carvey Aggies athletics to honor Bush with patches, decals Bob Dole, federal workers and CIA directors join crowds paying their respects to Bush Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole stands to salute George H. W. Bush at capitol memorial Good boy: Sully the service dog visits Bush’s casket George HW Bush’s compromise on raising taxes defied conservatives – and altered American politics How George H.W. Bush survived a harrowing brush with death in World War II The Bushes, Kennedys gave up their lives of privilege for lives of public service Seeing Trump through Bush’s modest lens George H.W. Bush once shaved his head for a Secret Service agent’s son with leukemia Visitors to George H.W. Bush’s casket include Tap in for more!

FEMA Wants To Hear From You If You Didn’t Get That “Presidential Alert” 📌New York Trio Sues Over Presidential Alert 📌”The View” Hosts Feel Trump May Lie About Terrorist Attack 📌New Yorkers Sue Trump & FEMA 📌 How the Alert Went Over On Social Media 📌and More!

New Yorkers Sue Trump and FEMA To Stop Presidential Alert (cnet.com) 274 Did You Receive Your Presidential Alert Test Today? If Not, FEMA Want To Hear From You Didn’t Get That Presidential Alert? Here is Why   Community College Professor Compares Presidential Alert Message to Rape Why didn’t I get an emergency presidential alert text when everyone else did? Our Dining Out section is on racks, “Presidential Alert” disrupts networks and other headlines Late-Night Hosts Mock Trump’s Presidential Alert: “There’s Just No Escape” The Best of the Presidential Alert Notification Memes ‘Presidential Alert’: 3 reasons to be concerned Didn’t get the nationwide presidential alert? This might be why, and here’s how to fix it Who didn’t get the alert? FEMA wants to know No Presidential Alert? This is why, according to FEMA Federal government tests first ever Presidential Alert Not everyone in East Texas received the nationwide alert Presidential Alert Tap in for more!

TORISPILLING SPILLS: 📌Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: The Ripple Effect of LeBron as a Laker 📌Paul George Made Worst Choice Possible? 📌Twitter Reacts 📌LeBron James’ Friends and Family Huddled in Caribbean “Decision Cave” During His Deciding 📌and More!

L.A. rolls out red carpet for LeBron and son From teen poverty to NBA stardom, LeBron lives Hollywood tale Cavs owner praises LeBron, promises to retire his jersey Statistically Speaking: LeBron changes Lakers’ outlook Statement from Cavaliers Chairman Dan Gilbert LeBron James’ greatest antagonist will now be on his side No regrets, best wishes, farewell to the King LeBron James just made the NBA more lopsided than ever, and people are already talking about playoff LeBron James is gone, but 1,001 times with him means Cleveland didn’t get cheated: Doug Lesmerises The Lakers just made LeBron James their first move in what could portend a seismic shift in the NBA — Lakers legends understand the stars are about to align with LeBron now part of the family 2018 NBA free agency rankings: LeBron headed to Lakers; DeMarcus Cousins leads still-available top 50 LeBron James putting his stamp on league for Tap in for more!

📌ToriSpillingSpills: Jackson Family Patriarch Joseph Jackson Dead at 89 📌Joe Jackson Was a ‘Strong Man Who Acknowledged His Own Imperfections,’ Estate Says 📌A Joseph Jackson Rewind 📌and More!

  Joe Jackson, patriarch of America’s most famous musical clan, father of Michael Jackson, dead at 89 AP Source: Jackson family patriarch dies at 89   Live From E! – Joe Jackson Passes Away at 89 Years Old and More | E! News https://youtu.be/lMfjICnu8R8   Joe Jackson’s Children: How Many Kids Does He Have? Paris & Janet Jackson At War Over Joe’s Funeral: Model Thinks ‘Grandpa Is A Legend’ Joe Jackson Dies From Cancer at Age 89 | Daily Pop | E! News https://youtu.be/FVVsrm1bAEM   Joe Jackson’s abusive parenting that turned children into global stars: whippings with strap, intense Joe Jackson dead at 89 Joe Jackson 10 Facts you must know   Who is Joe Jackson’s wife Katherine, how old is she and what is her net worth? Joe Jackson Terminally Ill With Cancer The complicated legacy of music patriarch Joseph Jackson Did Joe Jackson die? Reports say Jackson passed Tap in for more!

TORISPILLING SPILLS: 📌Rachel Maddow: Donald Trump Cruel To Migrant Kids To Drive Immigration Political Wedge 📌Corey Lewandowski (former Trump Aide) Mocks Immigrant Child w/Down Syndrome 📌Document rShow Trump Administration Planned Separating Migrant Families Soon After Inauguration 📌Wikipedia Adds ‘Separation of Immigrant Children’ To Concentrattion Camp Page 📌and More!

  DHS chief Nielsen lied about visiting the child detention facilities House GOP changes immigration bill to prevent DHS from separating families Nelson barred from detention center, accused Trump officials of ‘cover up’ U.S. Announces Its Withdrawal From U.N.’s Human Rights Council Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen heckled at Mexican restaurant over immigration Russia criticizes US pullout from UN Human Rights Council Governors won’t send Guard units to border if family separation continues The Latest: Florida asking Trump to stop separating families Trump awkwardly hugs a flag after defending immigration policies Where are the undocumented girls in shelters? Officials said they’re working on getting that information to Document reveals Trump administration planned on separating migrant families soon after inauguration California couple raises more than $4 million on Facebook to reunite immigrant families separated at the border Maddow breaks down reading AP story on ‘tender age’ shelters Donald Trump Cruel To Tap in for more!

TORISPILLING SPILLS📌 #Juneteenth2018 : 📌What You Should Know About #Juneteenth 📌10 Books to Celebrate Juneteenth No Matter Your Age 📌Why Juneteenth is Important and Why You Should Be Celebrating 📌and More!

Priscilla Renea: “I Will Celebrate Juneteenth Instead Of July 4th” [Op-Ed] What you should know about Juneteenth   New Hampshire governor recognizes Juneteenth day What Is Juneteenth? Unofficial Holiday Marking Slavery’s End How Red Food and Drink Joined the Juneteenth Feast 10 Books to Celebrate Juneteenth No Matter Your Age Who knows about Juneteenth? Surprisingly, not many people Kenya Barris, Pharrell Williams Collaborating on Juneteenth Musical College of Charleston African American Studies Professor Explains History of Juneteenth Juneteenth protest will call for bail reform Yes, Juneteenth Is a Real Holiday 6 Things You Need to Know About Juneteenth Black lawmaker marks Juneteenth by demanding Trump stop family separation C.W. DAWSON: This Juneteenth we turn our attention to the southern border Juneteenth: 5 Things To Know About The Day Slavery Finally Ended In The U.S. Trump commemorates Juneteenth with tone-deaf statement Freedom vs. Emancipation: The Celebration of Juneteenth How Black Television Tap in for more!

ToriSpilling Spills: #KeepFamiliesTogether 📌Ted Cruz Announces Bill to End Immigrant Families Separation 📌Session Says Wall Stops Children From Being “Snatched” and Caged in What [Laura Ingraham refers to as] Summer Camps 📌Amid Outrage, Trump to Discuss Border 📌Left & Right Must Meet in the Middle to Help Immigrant Children 📌Listen to the Cries of the Children 📌ICE Says Parent’s Using Children as Pawns 📌and More!

Lawyer reveals details about audio of crying children purportedly detained at border ‘Papa! Papa!’ Audio of children stokes rage over separation EU Migration Agency Warns of Tens of Thousands of New Migrants To help migrant children, Republicans and Democrats must join forces How the law does – and doesn’t – apply WHAT’S HAPPENING: Trump to discuss border amid outrage Kansas and Missouri Republicans stand up to Trump: Stop separating migrant families Mass. GOP governor suspends National Guard deployment to border over family separations DHS head Nielsen says immigration crisis ‘is not new,’ product of legislative loopholes Lemon on immigration: Is this who we are?   Tucker: The Left does not care about family separation       Mrs. Bush Rails Against ‘Cruel’ Border Separation Policy Jeff Sessions says he does not ‘want’ to snatch kids: ‘If we build the wall we won’t face these terrible choices’ Cages, Fences and Foil Tap in for more!

ToriSpilling Spills: 📌The Death of Rapper XXXTentacion 📌Stars Kanye West, Diplo and More React 📌How He Predicted His Own Death in Eerie Livestream Before He Was Shot 📌More News and Info From the Past Hour Through Last 90 Days

No motive, arrests in fatal shooting of rapper XXXTentacion US rappers XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo die in separate shootings Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead outside South Florida motorcycle shop   Emergency Dispatch Audio of XXXTentacion Shooting | TMZ   XXXTENTACION Reportedly In A Coma After Being Shot & Unresponsive In Miami   XXXTentacion Shot in Miami and Witnesses Say No Pulse | TMZ 5 Things To Know About Rapper XXXTentacion  XXXTentacion: Rapper’s volatile life made compelling music The Latest: Information wanted in XXXTentacion’s death Kanye West, Diplo, and more stars react to rapper XXXTentacion’s sudden death 5 things to know about deceased rapper XXXtentacion XXXTentacion Predicted His Own Death In Eerie Livestream Before He Was Shot, Left Fans With Uplifting XXXTentacion has died after Florida shooting   Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in South Florida, according to report XXXTentacion Drops Defamation Suit Against Woman Who Now Says They Were ‘Joking Around’ in Tap in for more!

ToriSpilling Spills📌 All and Everything Re: #NorthKoreaSummit 📌 Dennis Rodman: The Denominator 📌How the #TrumpKimSummit Came Together 📌How Trump Made Diplomacy Great Again 📌Singapore Sings Happy Birthday to Trump 📌Kim Orders His Own Toilet So His Poo Wouldn’t Be Collected 📌Body Language Experts Weigh In 📌Kim Jong Un Offers Peace Talks Between U.S. and Canada 📌A Look Back On Previous Nuclear War Talks: What Happened (and What Didn’t) 📌and More!

Tearful Rodman claims vindication for Kim ties Dennis Rodman crying on CNN while Trump meets with Kim Jong-un is quintessential 2018 When I Knew Dennis Rodman, He Barely Said a Word   Leaders’ handshake opens historic meeting Summit’s outcome rests on substance, not symbolism Lessons for the Trump-Kim Summit Asian shares mostly higher with all eyes on Trump-Kim summit Here’s what body language experts are saying about the Trump-Kim meeting Ex-CIA official: Seeing the U.S. flag used as backdrop for Kim is ‘disgusting’ Trump shakes Kim’s hand as historic summit begins   LIVE: Trump and Kim Jong Un meet for the first time in historic Singapore summit Summit day in Singapore: Excitement high, expectations lower Trump summit with Kim Jong Un: Advisor has heart attack, CNN turns to Dennis Rodman Kim Jong Un could give up ICBMs but keep some nuclear forces Trump: Economic adviser Larry Kudlow suffers heart attack Tap in for more!

ToriSpilling Spills📌 #TonyAwards / #Tonys2018: 📌Honored: Bruce Springsteen 📌17 All-Time Great Tony Awards Performances 📌Most Says Tony Awards Don’t Affect Their Decision to See A Play 📌Who Won The Most? 📌The Snubs 📌See The Final Eligibility Rulings 📌Condola Rashad Says Goodbye Then Hello 📌Students of Parkland Performs 📌The Unofficial Tony’s After-Party 📌and More!

Tony Snubs: ‘SpongeBob,’ ‘My Fair Lady’ Shut Out in Major Categories Angels, wizards and SpongeBob vie for Tony award honors Robert De Niro bleeped at Tony Awards for Trump F-bomb Robert De Niro says ‘F— Trump’ onstage at Tonys, gets standing ovation At this year’s Tonys, winners included angels and Stephen Sondheim. Losers included baby goats. Welcome to the Unofficial Tonys After-Party After-Party ‘Once on This Island’ wins Tony Award, a third for Portland producer Corey Brunish Annecy: ‘Seder-Masochism’ Director Nina Paley: ‘I Have No Idea How This Movie Will Go Into The World’ The best and worst moments of the Tony Awards Vineberg: Talking Tonys with double nominee Christopher Gattelli Ari’el Stachel wins Tony with tears over ‘The Band’s Visit’ Who won the most Tony Awards? A show-by-show count Rachel Bloom Claps Back To Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter After Tony Diss Tony Snubs: ‘SpongeBob,’ ‘My Fair Lady’ Shut Tap in for more!