1) Get it in. The world’s suppose to end today. Story here 2) Hillary Clinton Makes U.S History as first female presidential nominee. Story here 3) 18 year-old Malia Obama caught—teening: Skipped the DNC for some Lollapalooza f.u.n. Story here https://twitter.com/alexanderlao/status/758837093959213057 5) Hillary’s full DNC text speech here 6) Former president (the late) Ronald Reagan’s former speechwriter endorses Hillary (and advises all other republicans to as well)-says Trump is “unbalanced.”   Transcript here  7) Gone too far: Mangerie for…yes, for men. Story here 8) Back to the acronym: MTV’s taking it back: Launching ‘Classic” music channel strictly dedicated to 90s through early 2000s. Story here  9) Officers in Freddie Gray case to sue Marilyn Mosby. Story here 10) (North Korea’s so jealous of us) Declares war—again. Story here   11) No fair: Without a cure, we may not survive cancer but it can. See what a 1.7 million-year old bone Tap in for more!


1) Lenny Kravitz said it best: “Honey, it aint over ‘til it’s over.” Stay tuned to the DNC’s live stream interviews, debates, commentary and other political shenanigans up through the very last night of the DNC, here 2) About Last Night: Watch Bill Clinton’s DNC Day 2 speech, here 3) President Barack Obama’s personal ‘stay woke’ warning: “Stay Scared.” “It is the nature of democracy that until those votes are cast and the American people have their say, we don’t know.” / “I think anybody who goes into campaigns not running scared can end up losing.” / “So, my advice to Democrats — and I don’t have to give this advice to Hillary Clinton, because she already knows it — is you stay worried until all those those votes are cast and counted because you know, one of the dangers in an election like this is that people don’t take the Tap in for more!

The Swing State of OHIO May Swing Many Unsuspecting Voters Out of November’s Election

Just in time when Trump gets a “modest boost” in Ohio after the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, something funky happens. If you exercise your right to vote, or even know just a little bit about politics, then you know that Ohio is a very necessary solution-it’s a “swing” state. Related reading: Union support for Rob Portman ignite Ohio Democrat fears The “problem” with that is, if you don’t regularly exercise your right to vote…let’s say…you haven’t in the past 3 elections (but you just so happen to want to-this upcoming election in November) then it’s necessary you know that your name and voter registration information may have swung out of the election systems (period). Given the technical name “purged,” the federal appeals court panel is hearing the case of the lawsuit filed by the ACLU, brought forth in an effort to get that ridiculousness purged. Just because someone hasn’t Tap in for more!


1) After 46 people in 21 states become ill, flour recalled (again) by General Mills. Story here 2) Michael Jordan steps up to speak up for Black lives—and police officers. Story here 3) Things probably making rapper Noreaga smile right now: Carmelo Anthony says ‘it’s about time’ Michael Jordan stepped up. Story here 4) Donna Karan’s brand just sold for $650M…Story here     4a) ….guess whose manufacturer bought it? Ivanka Trump’s (U.S Apparel). Story here 5) Target transgender inclusive restroom policy has shirts and clothes to match: Retailer debuts gender-neutral kids clothes. Story here 6) PokemonGo lands 2 teen across the U.S.-Canda border. Story here 7) Concert goer caught playing PokemonGo at Beyonce concert. Fan freaks out at the savage disrespect: https://www.instagram.com/p/BILT0F_BEtl/?taken-by=ananddb   8) People believe their pets can actually see Pokemon. Story here 9) Speaking of seeing, Rihanna’s Dior shades got something for your eyes: #RIHANNADIOR sunglasses in stores Tap in for more!


  1) So who’s buying? Male escorts make a killin’ at the RNC. Story here 2) Better than Flint? THC found in Colorado resident’s water. Residents warned not to bathe in it or drink it. Story here     2a)  What is THC and where else can/has it be found? 3) Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham does not so conservative gesture at RNC: Story here  4) Cincinnati Police Officer’s Facebook post asserting that police officers are looking for a reason to kill Afro American’s removed and is “under investigation.” Story here 5) Art of the Deal ghostwriter who gave up the ghost about Donald Trump sans novel, is threatened by Trump. Story here        5a) (more on this story) 6) Less, not fact checking his wife Melania’s out-the gate first impression and public RNC speech, did Donald Trump’s New York Times Interview reveal a ‘dangerously lazy mind?’ Story here Tap in for more!

📌Meet Iesha Evans-The Woman From Poignant Baton Rouge Photo 📌Twitter Silences Milo 📌The Story Behind Melania’s Plagarized Speech 📌Tamron Hall Scolds Scott Baio 📌and more!

  1) Due to lead, Consumer Safety Commission recall children’s water bottles specifically sold at LL Bean. Story here 2) Meet Iesha Evans-the woman from the poignant Baton Rouge photo (search ref: Gayle King)     3) Milo silenced by Twitter. Story here 4) Internet Free speech war initiated by Milo’s Twitter ban? Story here        FYI: I explained it in this blog, last year: Your “free speech” on the Internet is permissible wherever you own + pay for the domain.  So repost, and post ’til your heart’s content all up and down Twitter, Facebook and the like. It all descends, disappears and belongs to them. As well, they can kick you straight out of the blogsphere. So cuff your Twitter ego and talk crap at your own risk. More on what Milo did here on Tori story 32. 5) Make America……… Read Again: Librarian hands out books at the RNC. Story Tap in for more!

📌20 Injured in German Axe Attack 📌Found: Wire Hanger – Brain Receptor That Triggers OCD Found 📌Snipers Depress Cleveland 📌Omarosa Appointed Trumps ‘African American Outreach’ Head 📌North Carolina Bans: Sagging Pants + Public View of Police Body Cam 📌LeBron Returns To Cleveland 📌and More!

1) [ictt-tweet-inline]No more wire hangers: The brain receptor that triggers OCD identified[/ictt-tweet-inline]. Story here  (search reference: Faye Dunaway / “Mommie Dearest” ) 2) Cleveland not fancy enough for snipers. Snipers working the RNC increasingly depressed by the city of Cleveland’s sprawling view. Story here 3) North Carolina town successfully bans sagging pants. Story here 4) North Carolina passes law that police body cam AND dashboard cam footage cannot be public information anymore. Story here MORE ON NORTH CAROLINA FROM OUR SISTER SITE + US! 5) Photo of cops posing with #BlackLivesMatter protestors in Cleveland. Story here       5a) Barbeque merges #BlackLivesMatter protesters and police officers. Story here     5b) (more on this story) 6) Who knew that Wisconsin had a beach? Story here 7) Stephen Colbert crashes RNC-is escorted off the stage. Story here 8) Trump’s son, who takes the stage tonight, threatened RNC dissenters: “Your careers are finished.” Story Tap in for more!


    1) The White House received a petition to have social media group #BlackLivesMatter  a “terror” group, this is the reply. Story here 2) According to a new study your personality is controlled by your immune system.  Story here 3) 10 days before his death a manifesto or mission? Baton Rouge officer shooter, Gavin Long, denounced his affiliation with any groups or movements.                 3a)  Gavin Long was decorated former marine Story here 4) Warrick Dunn, former NFL running back, gets emotional following Baton Rouge shootings. Story here 5) United Airlines pilot who called for the hanging of Hillary Clinton gets fired. Story here 6) Parents say social media harms moral development. Story here 7) A man decides to inject his own semen into an egg. Story here 8) Reportedly, Millennials will earn less than Gen X. Story here 9) Sheriff Clarke handles Don Tap in for more!

Rape Suspect, Held Then Freed Hostages – Including 7 Year-Old At BURGER KING, Surrenders To Police & SWAT + 2 Secrets Law Enforcement & Corrections Will Never Tell You

https://youtu.be/PT_Vy-3qYsk   “Have it your way” turned out to be more than a mere Burger King’s slogan after an armed man made the decision to surrender after holding restaurant patrons for almost four hours today. Around 11 o’clock this morning, the unidentified man was spotted as a possible rape suspect that had occurred within 24-48 hours prior to this incident. While the cop tried to summon the driver, the driver took off and eventually crashed into another motorist. That motorist, still unidentified, suffered minor injuries. To add panic and insult to injury, the driver proceeded to walk into a Burger King restaurant on the corner of Monroe and Washington Blvd and hold a 67 year-old man, 17 year-old female employee, 25 year-old manager and a 7 year-old girl hostage. From around that 11 o’clock hour, with Baltimore PD and SWAT now positioned, around 1:45 p.m. the suspect released the 17 Tap in for more!

LIVE Broadcast: Multiple Baton Rouge Police Officers Shot Dead, Others Wounded, 1 Suspect Killed Other’s Detained

Just as officials were dealing with the Baltimore hostage standoff turned surrender, right on its heal was another police situation that took a tragic turn however-on two of its own. A reported 7 police officers were shot while 3 lost their lives in the line of duty. Just 12 days after officers apprehended Alton Sterling who was shot and killed in front of a store in Baton Rouge, the duty and intention to serve and protect somewhere went horribly wrong. While 911 calls are being reviewed, it is unclear as to whether or not officers were lured to the scene where they’d pulled up on 29 year-old Kansas City native with no known relative ties to Baton Rouge, Gavin Long (and alleged accomplices). Somewhere in this, gunshots were


  1) Whatever happened to the days when we connected ourselves to something redeeming? Islamic state claims Nice, France truck attacker was their “soldier” and well…3 in connection to it were just arrested. Story (and video) here              1a) More on that story here 2) Did you know that the late, great, Muhammad Ali once fought an Indian boxer? Karun Singh tells the tales. Story here 3)  PokemonGo claims next victim: Teens get stuck in cave 100ft underground. Story here 4) Remember that long while ago we reported Shaunie had been trying to get her family oriented reality show off the ground, but (via a knock down drag out court battle) Shaq said “No!” Welp, a woman always gets her way. The show’s a go! 5) Jean-Claude Van Damme fans: Geezel peetes. He’s been kickin’ butt since I was in a baby crib it seems! LoL. Well he’s back (kicking’butt) in “Kickboxer: Vengeance.” Tap in for more!

📌Trump Pence Logo Gets Meme’d 📌Ben Affleck Defends Tom Brady 📌Playboy Model Dani Mathers Body Shames & Posts Old Woman At LA Fitness On Social Media 📌Turkish Coup Attempt Updates 📌and more!

  1) Although John Stewart said goodbye to us in April of last year, one fact remains: You can leave your calling but sometimes, your calling calls you back. John Stewart will be reuniting with Stephen Colbert to cover the RNC—Republican National Convention (in case you didn’t recognize the acronym). Story here 2) #28Pages: Congress releases long-secret document indicting Saudi ties to 9/11. Story here 3) Slain man Alton Sterling was laid to rest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today. Story here       3a) Baton Rouge mayor a no-show 4) Slain man Philandro Castile laid to rest in horse drawn carriage. Story here 5) Atlanta Cop who shot unarmend black man is charged with murder. Story here 6) Transgender woman Deeniquia Dodds found shot dead in DC. Story here 7) The Cavs’ trade with Philadelphia 76ers is complete. Story here          7a) (more on Cavs’ Sasha Kaun Tap in for more!

Come To Data: T-Mobile Offers Wendy’s, Lyft & Other Incentives For Pokemon Enthusiasts

Come to data you Pokemon babies. The “uncarrier” T Mobile‘s got something for you. Despite all the cheating busts, cliff deaths, roberry setups, pet propositions, car crashes, quitting jobs to hunt Pokemon and other PokemonGo perils, pounding the pavement must go on. The problem with all that is data. While having access to the world-wide web is a way of life right now, and “unlimited data” has red tape: The days of “unlimited (high-speed) data” for your home PC or hot spot for your mobile devices and laptops have a data threshold. The Pokemon app is an app that revolves around moving about with your phone or mobile device in hand and your data (for your smart phone) may very well be “unlimited”—provided you purchased one of the higher monthly data plans with your phone provider. T- Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced that on their next T-Mobile Tuesday, the ‘T’ mobile Tap in for more!

Fifty-One Year Old Texas Father & His 12 Year Old Son Among 84 Killed in BASTILLE DAY Nice, France Attack

Bastille Day festivities in Nice, France turned out to be anything but “nice.” https://youtu.be/iZxPiYfW3rQ Bastille Day is traditionally a July 14, French national day commemorating the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. As history would have it, two days prior, another event in the French Revolution known as the Fete de la Federation celebrated uniting French people on July 14, 1790. So July 14 every year, the French celebrate with a military parade air shows, communal meals, parties, dancing, and fireworks. This year however, a 31 year-old loner from the city of Nice, but of Tunisian decent did the unthinkable and indecent: ascended into a crowd covering the streets of Nice-celebrating and caught off guard as they turned to a large, heavy duty delivery truck ploughing into men, women and children. What people originally thought was an accident in which the truck unintentionally had ploughed into the crowd Tap in for more!

America’s First Gay Dating Show and Cast Reality Show Coming

American television is getting its stick out the mud and widening the gap of conventional, heterosexual, reality television dating and is now moving on up. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to gay relationships: “hypothalamus” tends to come to mind. The hypothalamus controls 8 major hormones by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is our sexual center.  Considering that, I often wonder about the fidelity struggle in gay relationships because of it. Whether gay or straight, given that men have a 2.2 times larger hypothalamus gland than women, monogamy for any man has to be a conscious effort at every turn.  Additionally, the hypothalamus contains 2 times more cells, so the effort in and of itself to be monogamous has to be a lifestyle-regardless your lifestyle! I’ve always entertained the notion that gay dating is probably less exclusive and monogamous pretty much no different than the struggle for Tap in for more!


If you follow me, you probably heard me say this and now you’ll know why I mean it with iron-clad seriousness: “Eff with me like Nike did Tiger, ’cause…”   Ok so, talk show host and former shock jock Wendy Williams is well known for her more than outspokenness but down to an offensive fault, even. If you’re in media/journalism or blogging and study backgrounds on some of the people you blog about, then you’d know that Wendy’s childhood was colored with being bullied by the more popular kids. She’s even stated would dream and fantasize at getting back at them. So when it comes to that savage and salacious (highly addictive yet, poisonous message board she was behind-adoring her name), plus several interviews where she’s pissed off some A-D list celebrities in many an interview, I always reflect back to remembering that tidbit about Wendy.   LoL at 5:05 Tap in for more!

AEROSMITH’s JOE PERRY Walked The Other Way Before Collapsing In Front Of Coney Island Crowd

I told yous already-like (the first time I had seen it), with Daryl Hall and Fall Out Boy and the goings on at Daryl’s House, I’m loving this mixture of the rock greats with our era banding together and rocking out for crowds cross-country. Given greats like The Grateful Dead encompassing and touring with the likes of our John Mayer, this creative trend in music is proving that music is indeed a universal language and well, if you’re a bad-a$$, you’re just a bad-a$$, nothing cross-genre can stop that (as was proven with rockers Aerosmith and rappers Run DMC in music history as far back as the 80s in Walk This Way). Well fast-forward. Rocking bass bada$$-Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry walked the other way when the faint he was feeling thought it was going to catch him off guard and off key this past Sunday night. Instead, Joe Perry’s Tap in for more!

Twenty-Nine Year Old Matador Killed in Bullfight Remarks 1st in 24 Years

      Welp. Taking heed (and a bow, indeed). *flips hat* One entry on my bucket list has officially kicked the bucket: Running with the Bulls in Spain. I don’t necessarily fancy myself as adventurous as I am [situation-dependent, reasonably cautious] but I can’t lie, I do fantasize about taking the plunge and giving it a whirl with the bulls on the run. Although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to be one of the ones with the scraped up arm from running too closely to the wall (that I know I’d crawl up like Spidey at the thought of seeing a bull actually charging me), still, I want wanted to go. That is—until I got

Dubai Businessman Believed To Be Pledging Allegiance To ISIS Tackled By Avon Ohio PD

Let’s face it, it’s America’s birthday and with ISIS running amok, authorities are on high alert looking for possible threats to our life, property—and limb. While it turns out the 18 year-old guy at New York’s Central Park took that leap and single bound that rendered him footless and landed him on (what turned out to be) a homemade bomb that’s thought to have been planted there in preparation for July 4th’s festivities (rather than an act of terrorism), things went down in Avon, Ohio a little differently. Unfortunately, the fantasies of catching a terrorist in the act and going viral didn’t quite work out for the police department there when an Abu Dubai tourist was ambushed over a (later) clear case of mistaken identity and overhearing what you thought you heard but didn’t.   What some are deeming