Same Properties in Cheese As Hard Drugs? Studies Find Cheese As Addictive As Hard Drugs Even on a “clean” diet with the eventual desire to go completely vegan, two things that totally disrupt the flow of that (for me) is jerk chicken and too: cheese. I love cheese and often sample cheese in search for a cheese that I do not like. That hasn’t happened yet. If you, like me, love cheese; this next piece of information may be for you.   Although cheese doesn’t compare to addiction to hard drugs, according to a University of Michigan study, cheese shares  

PGA Snobs? Pro Golfer THOMAS PIETERS Says PGA Photo Shopped His Curly Hair For Site Profile

Of all sports, it’s an unspoken thought (for many) that golf is considered and seen as some ‘elite’ club and sport by “invitation” of sorts. Although (like most all other sweaty, physical sports), golf, tennis, and ice skating aren’t the typical sports that we see out there being recruited from college; the fact of the matter is: they’re all “pro” sports nonetheless. Each sport seems to have a usual ‘type’ (e.g. basketball= tall and slim, football=stocky) and with golf, we don’t think of anything physical but rather: ‘mature.’ Of all sports, ice skating, tennis and golf seems more like a “club.” Golfing tends to be seen as that ‘mature’ exercise that test our patience, swing, and eye-hand coordination. All that explained, who knew that golf (pro golf, the PGA) were such snobs? Just ask  

Pregnant Moms & New Moms To Be Screened For Depression + Considering Surge in Plastic Surgery, Are Doctors Screening? Should They?

Don’t get it twisted, butt shots are all the millennial wave. “Butt” despite the fact the barbaric method (and materials) can be taught to anyone without a medical degree to enhance countless female backsides, the fact of the matter is, it’s still “surgery.” Anytime the body is cut open and anything is taken out of it (or put in to it), surgery has begun. Unfortunately, no counseling comes with hotel room butt lifts, fills and enhancements and thank goodness instant surgeons auto-humbly know their limits and stick with gluts (and leave the breasts and rest alone and up to the pros). One other thing (by default) they leave alone as a part of the new “back yard” package deal is the possible need for counseling (for what and why the underlying reason-not medically necessary-surgery was

Almond Milk Linked To Scurvy

For vegans the world over (even over soy) and next to pretty, bright, white coconut milk; have long held almond milk in high regard. Tasty almond milk has shown itself worthy to be served its praise and all its poured out to be but according to recent reports, the nutritious dairy alternative is under the radar of leading health researchers who are now warning parents against giving it to their little coconuts. It’s being reported that almond milk was the cause of an 11 month-old to suffer from a rare condition caused by vitamin C deficiency called Scurvy. Although “Scurvy” instantaneously sounds like some form of fashion or a dance, it’s hardly anything but. Its first symptom is pretty severe: a fractured   

Planned Parenthood ‘Posers’ Behind Undercover Sting Indicted By Grand Jury

You remember the videos floating around social media last summer where a Planned Parenthood exec was (“allegedly”) caught out there at lunch having wine and spirits and talking about the ones lefts behind from many unsuspecting women i.e: talking [about] the sell of baby parts…”human tissue” of aborted fetuses. Obviously, according to the video, this stuff is big business and is all kinds of ways disgusting and disheartening. Given the nature (and controversy) behind the decision for a woman to terminate pregnancy is often times hard enough. For many, the emotional, mental effects after having done never go away. Apparently (after having seen the video) some part/s of them really do live on-who knew!? The thought that unknowing women’s DNA left behind along with (many women)’s guilt and shame; it’s disheartening and unfortunate to think that someone would be ducked off collecting a jar of hearts to sell on the Tap in for more!

DARTH VADER Delivers Digits and Prosthetic Arm for Boy

  May the phalanges be with you. Superstars are so yesterday I guess. Move over. Entre vous: Star Wars—Darth Vader to be exact. One star through the galaxies and generations that hasn’t lost his shine, light and saber is non other than The Dark Side’s Darth Vader who’s going to have a second grader being the talk and star his school. With C3PO and Storm Troopers in tow, via a charity group called :      

Is This Flint Water Crisis A Modern Day ERIN BROCKOVICH Movie? – PRES. OBAMA Increases Aid From $5 to $80 Mill, Head of MICHIGA EPA Resigns

  Great, wonderful, effective, sad (and even strange) things are happening in this Flint Water Crisis. Great in that people are taking notice. Even a few people Michigan natives from our previous write up (rap artists Big Sean and Meek Mill) have contributed to the crisis. Wonderful in that the town 99k residents of which 57% is black and 40% are getting clean water by the droves. Effective in that 66% of the nation are online. But collectively, radio and television media along with online news media bloggers and online mags like ours, are shaking and waking some things up as, no longer is world news media filtered through the thin funnels of just television and radio like long ago. Online media outlets like ours are getting things moving out here as, each and every day this whole Flint water crisis is slowing looking like a part in an Erin Brochovich movie Tap in for more!

The Future of Boarding Pass Implant Chips Is Now – Is It Worth Bypassing The Airport Security Hassle To You?

Let’s face it. No matter how necessary it is, security measures performed and taken at the airport can be the most annoying part of our love of traveling. It’s only human to find joy in annoyances like such when something major happens and that annoying act turned out to benefit us. That’s when we find ‘value’ in such things. Sorta like the money we ‘throw away’ paying car insurance every month and there’s no guarantee we’re going to have an accident (and many of us never have!). While we can predict insurance being necessary for life, we all cringe at knowing we’re handing over free money to car insurance agencies yearly (or monthly) but hey, it’s a part of this life we’re living. For many, traveling from state to state and country to country is just as much a necessity as traveling road to road. That being the case, if Tap in for more!

MARTIN LUTHER KING Said CHICAGO Was A New Level Hatred He’d Never Experienced – Who Knew?!

  “Let freedom heathens ring.” Is the beautiful city of Chicago cursed—and always has been even in MLK’s day?…1966! Even as late as 2014, we can’t ignore the fact that yes, Chicago has been on the map of the United States for being known for countless inner city shootings run rampant like a contagion. But even with that having lessened a bit, into 2015 (and none reported these 18 days into January as yet-knock on wood); Chicago’s police seemed to have taken over with recent shootings of countless young black men. Although many of us weren’t born in slain Civil Rights leader Martin Luther Kings day, all that we do know about his struggle, triumphs and demise-we can collectively recollect much of his hurt, pain (and slain) having been placed in      

Flint Michigan Fluid: President OBAMA Declares State of Emergency for Flint, Michigan

    As bad a pickup line as “I’ll drink your bathwater” has always been, it’s quite the overstatement these days for anyone living in Flint Michigan whose, water conditions have become so dangerous that the President of the United States has declared a state of emergency. Things we take advantage of like, bathing and showering or just pouring a cup of tap water (and drinking it) has become life or death moves for residents in Flint Michigan as, their water supply is so filled with leads and toxins that    

16 Things You Should Absolutely, Negatively Never-Ever Pay For (Say Money Experts)

As I scoured the list I can pretty much agree because a lot of what we spend money for is fees for ‘convenience.’ And (after scanning it) I would have to agree that if we researched our options and/or were willing to enjoy the perks of many of the physical and artistic recreational forms of entertainment (and life’s necessities and amenities), we would save ourselves a ton of money—with our willingness to take slightly more time to research our options and give up the need for instant gratification for things we can get the same benefit(s) for. Here is the list:  

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