📌Launched: Docu-Series On The Truth About Vaccines 📌Depression: Worldwide, No 1 Cause of Illness & Disability 📌Why Deep Breathing Is The Fastest Way To Calm You Down 📌Weird Things People Have Left In Ubers 📌Large Doses of Vitamin C Proven To Fight Cancer 📌and More!

NHS operations: Waiting times to rise in ‘trade-off’, boss says It’s A Wonder People Survive More Than Three Nights In A Hospital Baby boxes are all the buzz, but are they bunk? ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Chandra Wilson opens up about her daughter’s mysterious illness Medical Mystery: Why Did The Number Of New Microcephaly Cases In Brazil Drop In 2016? Why Deep Breathing Is the Fastest Way to Calm You Down Sepsis Treatment Still Lacks Rigorous Proof, Skeptics Say EPA won’t ban pesticide chlorpyrifos; is it safe? A staggering increase in U.S. heroin use has hit young, white men the hardest Groundbreaking docu-series launched: The Truth About Vaccines will be final nail in the coffin of vaccine industry LIES Are your eggs safe to eat? ‘Artificial eggs’ made out of ‘plastic’ sold in Kolkata market  The cup of coffee that could cause heart palpitations High doses of vitamin C can help Tap in for more!


THIS👇Excited for https://t.co/V0hszgP4Wp {https://t.co/Gv60sGgflj}We'll want to know: What ur wearing?Listening to?Thinking?Do tell! #OSFMag https://t.co/YVzXHIkv8Q — OSFMag's ToriSpilling📌 (@ToriSpilling) March 25, 2017 SelfieStyleStories.com  #OSFMag

📌Shots Fired At U.S. Capital-Suspect In Custody 📌2-Minute Touch: TSA Accused of Excessive Pat-Down of 13 Year-Old Boy 📌GOP Congressman Wants ‘Rogue’ IRS Agency GONE 📌Stormchasers in Head-On Crash Killed 📌Hillary’s First Post-Election Tweet – She Comes Out Swinging 📌and More!

How Trump’s energy order affects jobs, fuel prices President Trump has successfully created an alternate reality Today: Trump Won’t Fight Climate Change? California, Here We Come Trump’s Spokesman Says the Case Is Closed on Russia. It’s Not After defeat on Obamacare, Trump advisers want him to delay another campaign pledge GOP health care bill battle continues behind the scenes Clinton jabs Trump in first major post-election speech Clinton defends April Ryan, Rep. Maxine Waters in speech When Is It OK For Democrats To Work With Trump? A Handy Guide GOP congressman who feels victimized by IRS wants to kill the ‘rogue agency’ as we know it …Yeah guys, I’m gonna go on and drop these tshirts and mugs, seriously https://twitter.com/AngFrank_/status/823383224655245314 WORLD NEWS Suspect in custody after shots fired at U.S Capital Two black women hit Fox News with lawsuit claiming ‘top-down racial harassment’ Christie associates to be sentenced for New Tap in for more!

📌Why Brexit Is Such A Bad Idea 📌Brexit Is Happening – So Channel Your Rge into Progressive Action 📌Brexit: Timeline of Events, Read Letter in Full, Keypoints, Analysis, Reaction 📌and More!

Timeline of events leading up to Brexit BREXIT! PM Signs Official Letter to Brussels Beginning Britain’s Departure from the European Union In historic break, Britain gives formal notice it is leaving the European Union What does triggering article 50 mean for young people? | Poppy Noor, Paul Mokuolu, Vonny Moyes and Harrison Jones  Article 50: May signs letter that will trigger Brexit – BBC News Article 50: UK begins formal Brexit process Article 50: Theresa May to call on UK to unite after letter triggers Brexit I have no idea what I have just done UK triggers historic Brexit negotiations as official letter is handed to the EU Article 50 Brexit letter: Read it in full  Britain’s Article 50 letter: The full text UK set to file for EU divorce, triggering 2 years to Brexit Article 50 triggered: Theresa May formally begins Brexit negotiations to leave EU Brexit: Theresa May Tap in for more!

📌Female Auburn Player Shoves Male Florida Coach-Here’s Why 📌Freeze! Enter: Amazon The Grocer 📌Oprah Admits To Knowing She Wouldn’t Have Been A Good Mom 📌Apple Did This And I Bet #UOENO📌Did Rihanna’s Harvard Award Inspire Her To Go To Art School? 📌Yoo-Hoo NCAA – Forgetting Something? 📌and More!

  https://youtu.be/Q4vqlMAJGo8 Florida coach, Auburn player push each other after game Florida coach, Auburn player in heated softball shoving match Things got heated in the postgame handshake line after Auburn's win over Florida pic.twitter.com/pASh5nV5Io — Sports Illustrated (@SInow) March 28, 2017 There’s a great women’s hoops tournament going on. Has anyone told the NCAA’s website? Five things to know in U.S. women’s hockey team showdown with USA Hockey Raiders move to Las Vegas approved 31-1 Cavs’ Terrible Defense Costs Them Top Spot in East NFL to adopt proposal for player ejections, suspensions on illegal hits without a vote The Cleveland Cavaliers look worn out, and it could be an ominous sign LeBron James comforted Kyrie Irving after the Cavaliers’ 29-point loss to the Spurs The Cleveland Cavaliers look worn out, and it could be an ominous sign Lionel Messi handed four-match ban for insulting assistant referee just hours before Argentina Tap in for more!

📌White House On Lockdown This Morning 📌Former Atty Gnrl Sally Yates Warned Not To Testify 📌Delta Trolls United After Its Leggings Ban 📌O’Reilly Delivers Savage Disrespect To Dem. Maxine Waters 📌ICYM Ted Koppel Check Sean Hannity… 📌Trump Throws Clinton Under Bus: Wants Russia Investigation Pointed At Her 📌Trump Directing His Anger At The Wrong People? 📌and More!

Delta Throws Shade at United Over Leggings Ban 📌(backstory on this at our sister site) Flying Delta means comfort. (That means you can wear your leggings. 😉) — Delta (@Delta) March 27, 2017 White House on Lockdown: Man Approached Secret Service with Suspicious Package Could the Government Shut Down? President Trump is directing his anger at the wrong people Trump wants a Russia investigation … directed at Clinton Two agencies that Trump wants to dump help the rural poor Congress Is Voting to Repeal Major Internet Privacy Rules. Here’s What You Should Know Here’s how Trump’s new executive order will dismantle Obama’s efforts to reverse climate change The White House Sought to Stop Sally Yates From Testifying Before Congress on Russia Former acting AG Yates warned not to testify Trump’s first ballot tests loom in House elections O’Reilly mocks Dem Maxine Waters for wearing ‘James Brown wig’ .📌..soooooooooooo unnecessarily disrespectful. When a Tap in for more!

📌Spring Break Exposed: What’s REALLY Goin’ On? 📌North Korea Tests Closer To U.S. 📌Cuba Gooding Jr. Sparks Outrage For Peeking Under Sarah Paulson’s Dress 📌Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock Stand-Up Together 📌ANTM Contest Shot, In Critical Condition 📌 “Cash Me Outside”Girl Cashed Out: Signs Reality Show Deal 📌and More!

Eckhaus Latta’s Daring Campaign Stars Queer Couples Having Real Sex Czech firm sees surge in sales of turntables amid vinyl boom ENTERTAINMENT Drake just broke his most impressive record yet Now this is the story of how the ‘Fresh Prince’ cast reunited on Instagram See a creepy/cool photo of the new Pennywise in Stephen King’s ‘It’ remake ‘America Next Top Model’ Contestant Shot in Houston, 2 Others Killed (ref: Brandy Rusher) https://youtu.be/Q1kIvWfK_zk 📌P.S. PUBLIC SERVICE (announcement)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::↑↑↑ Real talk. More chicks need to be like Tiffany (by the way) because, “all a yall b\tches evil.”  ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Signs Reality TV Deal George Lucas gives another $10M to USC for student diversity Ed Sheeran pays for safe home for raped Liberian boys  English Woman Loves Ed Sheeran Song So Much That It Landed Her in Jail Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Shared a Standup Stage in NOLA Witnessed comedic history Tap in for more!

📌Kushner-Gate: His Penis-Shaped Property + a Past 7-Day Article Cap 📌Trump Keeps Demanding Credit For Obama’s Successes 📌Sir Richard Branson: Trump Is An Embarrassment For The World” 📌Elon Musk Launches Company To Merge Your Brain With A Computer 📌Jeff Sessions Threatens To Hold Funds On “Sanctuary Cities” 📌and More!

People Are Photoshopping Mr. Bean Into Things, And It’s Absolutely Hilarious Donald Trump is ‘an embarrassment for the world’, says Sir Richard Branson  POLITICS Gallup: Trump’s approval rating hits another low Trump giving broad new powers to his inexperienced son-in-law With Trump, the buck always stops anywhere but with him Fact Check: Trump Says Obamacare Is ‘Exploding.’ That’s Not Quite True Trump’s morally repugnant budget must be defeated: Sen. Bernie Sanders Dems should oppose Trump, GOP — but also give better ideas Sanders to push single-payer heatlh care option Trump’s Attorney General Just Got Hit With A Criminal Complaint GOP Makes Good On 2009 Promise To Block President’s Healthcare Bill Jeff Sessions says he’ll punish sanctuaries, cities could lose billions of dollars Attorney General Jeff Sessions Orders Crackdown On ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ Threatens Holding Funds   Trump keeps demanding credit for Obama’s successes KUSHNER -GATE OVER THE PAST 7 DAYS : Tap in for more!

📌Have You Ever Figured Out What Missy Elliott Is Saying In “Work It?” 📌How To Avoid Pesky Airline Fees 📌Adele Fans In Uproar Over What She Announced 📌Man Gives Up Heroin, Becomes Millionaire 📌and More!

32 architectural masterpieces to see before you die  #travel How much it costs to rent a 1-bedroom in 30 cities around the world  #travel World’s biggest dinosaur footprints found in north-western Australia   Are you a good driver? The man who quit heroin and became a fruit juice millionaire  10 great summer holidays for solo travellers (with no single supplements in sight)  #travel America’s worst spring break destinations  #travel Those Pesky Airline Fees and How to Avoid Them  #travel ‘For travel shots, use a camera – don’t rely on a phone’  #travel ENTERTAINMENT Scott Pelley is pulling no punches on the nightly news — and people are taking notice (ToriSpilling is the original Don-dada’s that took notice you guys.📌Check this out) 6 movies on Netflix that everyone should watch in their 20s People Are Losing It Over What Missy Elliott Is Saying In ‘Work It’ (after…”flip it and reverse it), GO: Adele tells crowd at show ‘I don’t Tap in for more!

📌New Device To Depict Car Breakdown Before It Happens 📌7 Failures That Helped Richard Branson Become A Multi-Billionaire 📌Time Mgmt Strategies For Freelancers 📌How To Launch A Startup Without Investors 📌New App To Know What’s In Your Mailbox Ahead of Time 📌A Full List of Apple’s Most Expensive Products 📌and More!

Time Management Strategies For Freelancers To Stay Focused During Working Hours 3 Ridiculously Easy Hacks to Get People to Sign Up to Your Email List Want More Consulting Clients? Use These 6 Simple Strategies Richard Branson Just Sent an Extraordinary Farewell Letter to Virgin America Hedge Funds Are Training Their Computers to Think Like You Most expensive Apple products: (full list and phots) 📌I feel like a check should be cut for me for this. As a writer, and publisher and since college; I have used a PO Box since late 90s and have been bugging the people at the counter about having access to where the mail is coming from (because it saves time from my having to drive the distance to get my mail because sometimes I am ONLY looking out for something specific). So when they fixed it where you get email alerts that mail is in Tap in for more!

📌Brands You’ve Never Heard Of Selling on Amazon Are Putting Macys & Retailers Out Of Business 📌Mindfulness Not A Practice, It’s Who You Are 📌Sixth Grader Fined For Trespassing–While Going To Her Bus Stop 📌How Positive Thinking Can Help Improve Your Life 📌and More!

More school across the country switching to 4-day weeks. Good or bad idea?   Eight school children feared dead in Japanese avalanche Top disability services provider Lifestyle Solutions investigated over series of deaths Massachusetts sixth-grader going to bus stop cited for trespassing London terror attacker used WhatsApp, the encrypted messaging app, before rampage CCD Woman Employee Slaps Customer After He Points Out Cockroaches Crawling In Their Fridge Jail, fine for Singapore couple who starved Filipina maid Elevation Church’s annual report shows more growth, but leaves out key details United Airlines caught up in leggings row Bible and rocks thrown through doors of Colorado mosque Call white supremacy what it is: Terrorism SCIENCE Pete Evans: Why some people can’t accept science An Unexpected Hero in the Fight for Science Study Re-Emphasizes If You Want To Advance Science, Try Explaining It More Simply ICYMI: Uber halts self-driving car tests after Arizona crash Tap in for more!

📌5 Most Common Ignored Mens Health Conditions 📌Exactly How Obamacare Affects Everyone 📌Specific Exercise Slow Aging, Not Just All Kinds 📌Chicken Recall For Fear Of Metal Contamination 📌2/3 Of Cancer Mutations Reduced To Just Having ‘Bad Luck’ 📌and More!

Study shows no long-term cognitive benefit to breastfeeding Daily aspirin found to increase risk of heart attack by 190% Endometriosis treatment ‘unacceptable’ and women aren’t diagnosed quickly enough GPs ‘dismissing womb illness as period pain’, report says 5 most common yet ignored men’s health conditions Two-Thirds Of Cancer Mutations Down To Random Bad Luck, Claims Study Understanding and Treating Chronic Fatigue Night-time loo trips ‘linked to salt in diet’ Could an anti-gravity treadmill save your damaged knees? Best way to slow aging? Exercise, but not just any kind Get your medical insurance in four days or face fines Mass-produced artificial blood is now a real possibility Childhood obesity: Cut unhealthy food multi-buy offers Coca-Cola diverts ‘blame for obesity from sugar’ Nearly 100,000 Pounds of Chicken Recalled Amid Fears of Metal Contamination How to cook perfect rice You’ve Been Cutting Watermelon All Wrong  📌try this trick show at our sister site! Tap in for more!

📌What Exactly Is A “Connection?” 📌Jon Gosselin Strips Now 📌Without Belaboring The Obvious, Does Having A Child Change Life Forever? 📌Beauty and the Beast Beasts Box Office 📌and More!

‘I gave my dying son cannabis to ease his cancer symptoms and he made a miracle recovery’ reveals mum (📌cannabis can heal though) Boris Johnson calls Google ‘disgusting’ for profiting from extremist content CELEBS / ENTERTAINMENT How Long The Walking Dead Should Run, According To Scott Gimple ‘Beauty and the Beast’ waltzes away with another $88.3M at the box office ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Nears $700 Million Worldwide, ‘Kong’ Strong Overseas Aaron Sorkin is just now discovering there’s a diversity problem in Hollywood Elton John Celebrates 70th Birthday in L.A. With Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, More Celebs Jon Gosselin confirms he’s performing as a stripper in New Jersey, calls it ‘a blessing’ Antonio Banderas suffered heart attack in January, but ‘it wasn’t serious’  Orange Is the New Black Star Samira Wiley Marries Lauren Morelli Madonna’s Daughters Are So Excited for Their First Barbies ‘Awesome!’: Madonna enthuses about taking her twins for Tap in for more!

📌March Madness -Sunday’s Elite 8 Games 📌 Tomi Lahren Banned By Blaze 📌East Carolina’s Zay Jones Says He “Never Needed Hype” 📌Trump Tracked At Visiting Properties Once Every Three Days 📌Hong Kong Shoppers Injured On Escalator 📌Bernie Sanders To Introduce Medicare For All 📌and More

Glenn Beck permanently ‘bans’ Tomi Lahren from The Blaze: report Fox News fires veteran comptroller, cites ‘abhorrent behavior’ Morning Joe Hosts Say ‘Everyone Should Ban’ Kellyanne Conway SPORTS Zay Jones on love from Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock: ‘Never needed hype’ Zay Jones has delivered a lot of epic quotes over the years, but this one from today's Pro Day may be the best. pic.twitter.com/YK1E9HczZM — Stephen Igoe (@StephenIgoe) March 23, 2017 2017 March Madness schedule: Sunday’s Elite 8 times, TV guide No. 7 South Carolina edges No. 4 Florida for trip to the Final Four No. 10 Oregon joins top women’s college basketball teams in Elite Eight Phil’s Joakim Noah love blinded him from the guide Knicks need Sprint car driver David Steele dies after crash at Florida track Here’s a simple solution to the NBA’s resting-stars-in-big-games problem GAMING Blizzard to launch ‘StarCraft: Remastered’ this summer Blizzard reveals StarCraft: Remastered, Tap in for more!

📌Why It Was A Good Decision For Uber To Suspend Its Self-Driving Cars 📌30 Things Your Gastroenterologist Won’t Tell You 📌Your Apple Account May Have Been Hacked-You Just Didn’t Know It 📌Florida’s Chris Chiozza Says He Heard From Everybody He Ever Met, After The Shot 📌J. Cole Docs At HBO in April 📌

‘Justice League’ trailer unites Zack Snyder’s supergroup Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher give one final, joyous ‘show’ at memorial ‘SNL’ star doesn’t back away from Boston racism comment Sen. Cory Booker asks Mindy Kaling out for dinner on Twitter; she says ‘yes’ HBO announces second J. Cole documentary coming in April FOOD / HEALTH 18 Classic Japanese Dishes You Can Make At Home 10 reasons why you SHOULD eat chocolate Rachel Allen: Scandi meatballs with cream sauce 30 Secrets Gastroenterologists Will Never Tell You TECHNOLOGY / BUSINESS Uber suspends self-driving cars after Arizona crash 📌…I mean…with the way Uber’s 35 year-old CEO has been in the news cutting up like a high school teenager, wild, college frat boy (and frat-boy like accusations at the headquarters) + colleagues stepping down and whatnot; a “self-driving” car under an Uber brand is far too much out its league. Duh. “Boys” and cars were always a bad combo, right?  First, Tap in for more!

📌Fatality and Injuries at Cincinnati Nightclub 📌Trump v. Congress – Now What? 📌North Carolina Father Stabs Toddler 📌Cross-Bred Animal Sparks Animal Hunt in Australia 📌and 4 Month Old and More!

Egyptian airline’s first all-female flight crews take to skies This Subscription Service Will Ensure You ALWAYS Have Workout Leggings Inside the exclusive New York gym where Hugh Jackman, Victoria’s Secret models and Wall Streeters work out DEA OKs synthetic marijuana for pharma company that spent $500,000 to keep pot illegal Medic units lining up to take victims from inside the club, at least one DOA on scene pic.twitter.com/IddEHPHKah — Cincinnati News (@CinciNews) March 26, 2017 15 people shot, 1 killed at Cincinnati nightclub Cincinnati Police Say 15 Shot, 1 Killed In Nightclub Cincinnati nightclub shooting: One dead, 14 injured, police say Cincinnati nightclub shooting: One killed, 14 injured 1 dead, 14 injured in shooting incident at Cincinnati nightclub 15 People Shot, One Dead at ‘Horrific’ Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting: Police Cincinnati nightclub shooting: Gunman opens fire on crowds at city’s Cameo Club One person killed & over a dozen injured in Tap in for more!

📌Melania Solo At Mar-A-Logo 📌Police Standoff Las Vegas Strip-1 Dead 1 Injured 📌DeBlasio Blames Trump For Rampant Viral Hatred In U.S. 📌and More!

Violence erupts at pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach ‘You truly are an evil man’: Rep. Ted Lieu scorches Trump for hoping Obamacare ‘explodes’ Michael Moore After GOP Healthcare Bill Fails: Time ‘for the Resistance to Step Forward’ Republicans wonder whether Trump was invested in success of health law GOP feels betrayed by White House: Trump’s ‘heart was not in the healthcare battle’  📌…it wasn’t: His focal point was because of one person and his focus was to scattered. That one person in mind was “Obama.” And “Obama”symbolized everything that had to do with democracy and/or advantageous for majority liberal, minorities (and/or) disadvantaged so Trump to sought to take that away. Like knowledge is power, health is wealth (too). #NeverForget Remember all the times candidate Trump said repealing Obamacare was gonna be quick and easy? pic.twitter.com/labEJlEpav — NowThis (@nowthisnews) March 24, 2017 Melania Trump appears solo at GOP fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago Tap in for more!

📌Xavier’s Entertaining 2 Points 📌Shoes, Shirts and Other Things College Ball Players Get For Free 📌 Bengals Release Linebacker Rey Maualuga📌LaVar Ball Feels Good About Steve Alford Staying At UCLA 📌Gaming News, Deals 📌and More!

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Posters Revealed 7 Things We Love and Hate About Zelda: Breath of the Wild Black Sails Clip Shows John Silver Hot on the Trail of Captain Flint  Daily Deals: 20% off MLB The Show 17, Planet Earth 2, Kingdom Hearts Tuesday Releases Legion: How the Shadow King/Professor Xavier Rivalry Compares to the X-Men Comics Life Director Daniel Espinosa on Finding the Reality in the Sci-Fi Horror Film  Rocking a Stone Talus With a Split Joy-Con – Linked Together Episode 4 Dragons – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wiki Guide Game Scoop! 429: A Leak Points to The Evil Within 2’s Release Date NBA Jam’s mythical Michael Jordan version may yet survive One story of revenge in Eve Online spans four long years GameStop took a beating in holiday sales, and will close 150 stores in 2017 Rumor: Call of Duty returning to World War Tap in for more!

📌#BringBackOurGirls,Too: Dozens of Black & Latinas Mysteriously Missing in D.C.—Since February

You may (or may not know), but with the Washington D.C. being the home of political shenanigans screaming and commandeering the world’s attention, the Washington D.C’s local police department is trying to make its presence known-by speaking out on another issue (not making its way to the news media forefront): Dozens of black and Latina teens and mysteriously coming up missing without a trace. Through the day, the department frequently tweets updates on the missing and ask that you contact the D.C. Metro Police at 202-727-9099. We need to @DCPoliceDept and @FBI to find the #MissingDCGirls #DCMissingGirls @ServedFreshLive @dopequeenpheebs @DCmissingGirls pic.twitter.com/OjDpaLvt7m — Amanda Draper (@la_monstruita) March 24, 2017   Read more on this story here  

📌#KillTheBill Will Trump’s, Ultimatum and “Rookie’s Error” and Ultimately ‘Tatooed to Heads of the GOP?’

Like a Tarrantino movie, the world awaits with baiting breath and a twitter hashtag: #KillTheBill. While Donald Trump never met the deadline to show and prove his Obama wiretap claims, a week later, he gave a deadline of today (close of business), for the GOP to vote to repeal Obamacare or it stays. Generally, creatively, professionally or personally speaking, my take is-you’re not Noah. Neither am I. In this land, you don’t build your ark while people step back, watch your blood, sweat and tears and then want to get on when you’re done. People like that will only bring out their hammers and drills and poke holes that will eventually sink you. If it’s not ‘yes’ right now-or it’s “maybe.” I don’t hurry up, or ‘wait.’ I move like you completely said ‘no.’ Then, you have to catch up with me. Surprise us both why don’t you. That said, as Tap in for more!