IRS doesn’t tell 1 million taxpayers that illegal immigrants stole their Social Security numbers A letter to my breadwinner husband Father to EpiPen CEO: “My Daughters Will Be Nothing Like You” Chargers to Greet Colin Kaepernick with a ‘Salute to the Military’ on Thursday Night John Legend Calls National Anthem Racist On Twitter 100-Year-Old Grandpa Clutches Dying Wife’s Hand During Final Moments Together (this got over 78k shares all across social media) First U.S. commercial flight in 5 decades lands in Cuba Passenger Jet Service From U.S. to Cuba Starts Wednesday Pakistani Pilot Sisters Make History By Co-Flying Boeing 777 I’m saddened: This is the first bad Madame Tussaud I’ve ever seen: Selena Quintanilla ya tiene su estatua en el museo de cera Madame Tussauds Halle’s has it, still. Halle Berry — The Abs Have It … Yes, STILL! (PHOTOS) PLOT TWIST: Chris Brown Accuser Is A Wanted Suspect In Connection With Tap in for more!

“GOLDEN GIRL’s” BEA ARTHUR Breaks Ground On NYC New Homeless Shelter For Misplaced LGBT Youth

As far back as 2005 The Golden Girl’s Bea Arthur has authored re-written new chapters into the lives many in need. Here of here of late, Arthur is looking quite like a true-to-life golden girl indeed. Having always championed and supported the homeless and LGBT youth, Arthur remained in support of what she took notice of as a hugely growing problem and decided to do something about it. As a result of being thrown out by their parents not in support of their choice in lifestyle, many teens were misplaced and forced to live on the streets. In 2005 Bea began offering shelter to the LGBT youth and dedicated herself to the Ali Forney Center. Fast forward, the former 80s popular television show actress is certainly making life imitate art right now. Via, not only the theme song for her, then, hit show..   …she has become quite the

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  Damon Dash’s Fashion Streaming Network to Include Shoppable App The 5th Column PR is seeking PR Interns In New York, NY Blue Ivy Carter in Mischka Aoki Dress at the 2016 VMA Awards Ashley Graham VMA’s Look with Stylist Jeff K. Kim Drake’s of London Opens New York City Pop-Up Here’s How to Make Highlighting (or Strobing) Much Easier When You’re Traveling Skingraft marks a decade with a hometown runway show and shift to see-now/buy now format Inside the MTV VMAs 2016 With Rita Ora Maybelline New York Baby Lips Just Got a Magical Upgrade What You Can Only Notice About JWoww’s Elaborate Disney Sleeve Tattoo From Up Close Gigi Hadid Dressing Like Carrie Bradshaw 7 Women Wore Juicy Couture Tracksuits to Work and Everything Got Better Amanda Seyfried Has Short Dark Brown Hair Now Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio Slams Paparazzi for Taking Topless Photos of Her 7 Tap in for more!

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FASHION/BEAUTY Mom says school ’embarrassed, harassed’ 11-year-old daughter for wearing leggings Alicia Keys VMAs 2016: The Singer Responds to Critics Blasting Her Wearing for No Makeup Blue Ivy Wore an $11,000 Mischka Aoki Dress to the VMAs 2016 23 Products Everyone In Their Late Twenties Should Try On Their Skin Blue Ivy Carter Wears $11,000 Mischka Aoki Dress to MTV VMAs – Blue Ivy 2016 VMA Outfit Details   FOOD/HEALTH There’s A Cheaper Alternative To The EpiPen – But Your Pharmacist Can Only Give It To You If You Do This 17-Year-Old Dies After Hickey From Girlfriend Causes Stroke There’s A Type Of Nerve Cell That Does Nothing Except Give You Nipple Erections ‘It’s so isolating’: Shame plagues those with ulcerative colitis Transgender Missouri inmate latest to push for hormone treatment How did Lucy, our early human ancestor, die? The Strange, Twisted Story Behind Seattle’s Blackberries Why Parents Aren’t Vaccinating Tap in for more!


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FASHION/BEAUTY 42 Flawless Outfits from Afropunk Festival Guaranteed to Give You Life   FOOD/HEALTH Pete Evans on dairy: My Kitchen Rules chef angers osteoporosis experts New tax needed to fund NHS and care, says ex-minister 41 cases of locally-transmitted Zika confirmed in Aljunied Crescent cluster, 34 fully recovered Amoeba Parasites Cause Rare But Deadly Brain Infections You Talkin’ to Me? English No Longer a Must for NYC Cabbies Soil Restoration Techniques 41 cases of locally-transmitted Zika confirmed in Aljunied Crescent cluster, 34 fully recovered   CELEBRITY/ENTERTAINMENT If You Burned Your Kaepernick Jersey, You Should Burn Your Ali Poster Too Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Coordinate On The 2016 VMA Red Carpet Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Say Goodbye to Their College-Bound Son Barbra Streisand returns to her Broadway dressing room Hold Up: Britney Spears Wants to Collaborate With Justin Timberlake Mexican Superstar Juan Gabriel Dies at 66 Marc Anthony, Juanes on Tap in for more!

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1.     Young Thug is the closest music style icon we have to Bowie  2.     Nursery nurse, 17, told her stomach cramps were period pains actually had cervical cancer and can now never have children 3.     Mylan CEO Heather Bresch Defends EpiPen Pricing as ‘Running a Business’  4.     These GIFs Show You What It’s Like To Be Color Blind 5.     Wind Instrument Players Warned Over Hygiene After Man Is Killed By His Bagpipes 6.     Ramen Noodles Are Now The Prison Currency Of Choice 7.     Arkansas Schools College Students In Avoiding Pregnancy  8.     FDA Says All Blood Donations Should Be Tested For Zika 9.     Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke’s Lingerie Ad Is a Welcome Dose of Reality 10. Future iPhones might capture a thief’s photo and fingerprint when stolen 11. iPhone: Why you need to update iOS immediately 12. Why you should update your iPhone. Right. Now   13. Linux Took Over Tap in for more!

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Worrying about what’s in fashion falls out of life’s priorities Dating and Sex: Now the Thinking Gal’s Subject The #1 Trending Going-Out Look in France, Japan, and More Meet the Designer Behind Young Thug’s Gender-Fluid Mixtape Cover Look Can You Tell If These Things Are Sex Toys or Beauty Products? The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Beauty Products How to Look (and Feel) Better Naked These Are the Best Sex Positions for When You’re on Your Period Why breast milk really IS best: A mother’s milk contains sugars which protect babies from deadly meningitis, blood poisoning and pneumonia How to Make Dairy-Free Boozy Rum-Raisin “Ice Cream” These Are the Exact Steps I Took to Lose 30 Pounds in One Year Coffee intake depends on gene variation, study suggests               13. Universities Need to Start Teaching Online Reputation Management 14. Mylan CEO “frustrated” by own Tap in for more!

Former Record Exec and Music Impresario HERB ALPERT Blows in Largest Community College Donation In Southern California History

Whether you like jazz or not (and I don’t, but am oddly and thoroughly over taken by it live-or the exception: George Benson on wax), the sounds of Herb Alpert will possess you. Regardless, if you like jazz or not, two jazz musicians you’ll love at first listen and know you’ve heard before by only hearing them once, is Kenny G and non other than the incomparable Herb Alpert. The former A&M records executive is known throughout the music industry and best known for his unmistakable trumpet playing behind the possessive, timeless, and fluidly sensual song sang by pop contemporary artist Lisa Keith and backed up by Janet Jackson: Making Love in the Rain-a song that I never could shake. It’s that bad (22, 35) I’ve always loved that song. Fast forward. Moving on. The musical impresario is paying it forward and bringing a lot of unexpected sunshine in the lives of Tap in for more!

Two Reasons Taylor Swift Will Not Be Attending The 2016 VH1 MTV Video Awards: KANYE & KANYE

There’s a Taylor tale of two reasons why Taylor Swift will not be attending the VH1 MTV Video Music Awards this weekend:   Kanye West and Kanye West Just a couple of days ago when Time.com ran the story on the ‘Taylor’ gang before the “you can or can’t sit with me” games were to begin [for who would be sitting with Taylor Swift], MTV announced that for this weekend’s VH1 Music Awards they would be handing the stage + four minutes over to Kanye to do with it as he pleased. Obviously that thwarted all plans for the pop promiscuous promiscu-iss’ anticipated attendance at this year’s music awards festivities. Coming fresh from the mess just one month back where Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian leaked audio footage of Taylor sort of agreeing to something she later did realize she actually agreed to: The permission to be rapped about in Kanye’s Tap in for more!

📌Apple Beefs Up Security 📌DeLaSoul Releases Crowd Funded Album 📌Barbara Streisand Used Steve Jobs As An I.T. Desk 📌and More!

  1.     One battery to rule them all: new tech lets your mobile devices share battery power 2.     FBI-Controlled Megaupload Domain Now Features Soft Porn – TorrentFreak 3.     I have perfect vision, and yet I wear these computer glasses every day — here’s why 4.     De La Soul releases crowdfunded ‘and the Anonymous Nobody’ album 5.     UK lawmakers say Facebook, Google, and Twitter are ‘consciously failing’ to fight ISIS online 6.     Take a Tour of the Most Tricked-Out Science Ship in America  7.     NYC Subway Commuters Stuck For 30 Minutes Of Bug Hell 8.     Canon 5D Mark IV shoots 4K video, 30.4-megapixel stills, has built-in Wi-Fi and GPS  9.     Do we even need game consoles? Chat with us live at 3:30 p.m. ET (8.26.16) 10. My schizophrenic iPhone storage numbers 11. Productivity tip: Check email less often, answer in batches 12. Barbra Streisand used Steve Jobs as an IT help Tap in for more!

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  1.     Scientists have finally figured out how cancer spreads through the bloodstream 2.     Teen Snaps Step-By-Step Photos Of Caterpillar’s Beautiful Transformation 3.     Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool                 more on this 4.     Israeli Cyber Weapon Dealers Figured Out How to Hack Every iPhone 5.     Sarah Jessica Parker Ends Relationship with EpiPen Maker After Price Hike 6.     EpiPen CEO: Blame the ‘broken’ system, not me 7.     CEO who gouged EpiPen price is daughter of Democratic senator 8.     Want to Reduce the Price of EpiPens? Approve Some Competition! 9.     Ex-pharma CEO Martin Shkreli defends EpiPen price increase 10. Cher defiant after harsh takedown of Donald Trump    (more) 11. Uber Loses at Least $1.2 Billion in First Half of 2016 12. Donald Trump Spoils Ann Coulter’s ‘In Trump We Trust’ Book Launch 13. What you should know about the historic Native Tap in for more!

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Praying For Aretha Franklin… Crowd Goes Silent When 85-Year-Old Walks The Catwalk Better Than Every Young Supermodel   Leslie Jones Luridness: (more on Leslie Jones from our sister site) Hackers Publish Nude Pictures on Leslie Jones’s Website Leslie Jones’ website hacked, exposing nude photos, personal info Leslie Jones’ Website Taken Down After Horrific Nude Photo Hack Katy Perry just exposed the attack on Leslie Jones for what it really is: Misogynoir   Do not give your eyeballs to this racist, hate-filled, misogynoir crime. I #StandWithLeslie ❤️ — KATY PERRY (@katyperry) August 24, 2016   DIY Adolescent. Impressive. 14-Year-Old Beautifully Transforms 1974 Camper With Her Own Bare Hands   Noble and righteous acts of kindness. Orlando Health, Florida Hospital won’t bill Pulse victims Homework is an early form of discipline necessary later in life and useful for life ‘study’ and quiet time other than homework. You: be the teacher and let Tap in for more!

📌Neighbors Intervene on Police Chasing Down 10 Year Old 📌 ‘Mermaid Thighs’ The New Body Positive Trend? 📌 David Becker Makes ‘Mistake’ of Sexually Assaulting 2 Women—and Get 2 Years Probation 📌 and More!

Why scientists are losing the fight to communicate science to the public This 17-Year-Old Shared A Perfect Example Of How Hard It Is To Be A Woman On The Internet Lakers Sign Brandon Ingram | Los Angeles Lakers Kicks fix: Derrick Rose’s next chapter (more on Derrick Rose from our sister site) Tesla Unveils the World’s Fastest Production Car: 0 to 60 in 2.5 Seconds There’s An 11-Year-Old In This Girl’s College Class And The Internet Loves Him Why scientists are losing the fight to communicate science to the public Mylan CEO saw 600% pay increase during EpiPen price raise OPI Nail Polish Mogul Gets $15 Mil for Mansion ‘Narcos’ Season 2 Trailer Promises Total War Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It Trump Quintupled Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Donors Started Paying for It Hillary Clinton Has Incredible Stamina—That’s Why the GOP Tap in for more!

📌Katie Couric Secretly Takes Pay Cut To Spare Colleagues 📌 Pokemon Loses Popularity 📌 Pope Says This Is Not a Good Time To Bother God 📌 Bella Thorne Bisexual 📌 Homeless Woman Gets 100k She’d Been Fighting For 📌And More!

I knew this would be one of those Internet bandwagon deals that no one talks about in a week. Newsflash: I don’t care how innovative your digital invention is, you gotta beat folk’s social media addiction FIRST or find some kind of way to incorporate social media-because that’s where people sit, obsess (and chase) not funny looking anime animals that can offer them nothing about people of the world, news, family and friends and other stuff we’re incessantly interested in and on information overload about. That’s that on that, now here’s this: 📌Pokémon Go loses its luster, sheds more than 10 million users 📌A homeless woman who insisted she was owed $100,000 has been proven right after 16 years Awesome. Good for her! (see our sis on a story like this where a homeless man claimed to have once been in a band with Carlos Santana—and a reporter when after it Tap in for more!


Wow. I arrived at my friend’s party. A few hours later she died, exactly as planned   This next one deserves my Chloe Grace Moretz confused face: Man Spotted Using Tiny Tug Boat To Effortlessly Cruise Down The River Newly Discovered Species Of Bird In The Galápagos Islands Is Already Extinct   I get this. I have a friend that stocks up on ‘milk and bread’ every storm or threat. We laugh. It’s crazy and I often pick with her about it. Everytime we talk about anything serious I be like “girllll better go get that milk and bread.” Germans told to stockpile food and water for civil defence   As a terrestrial, I’m obsessed with the celestials. This is ‘heavenly’ to me. This Week’s Night Sky: The Bull’s-Eye Winks Out and Worlds Align   Surely there’s a ‘David’ on the team: Denver Nuggets’ Wilson Chandler reels in 350-pound goliath Tap in for more!

📌Hundreds Wash Up On The Canada Shores Out Of Nowhere, For What? 📌 Melania Trump To Sure Media 📌DMX Welcomes Baby #15📌 Speedo Drops Ryan Lochte Fast 📌and More!

Conozca cómo la clorofila puede ayudarlo a combatir el cáncer        I’m gon’ try and translate this: All I see is Chlorophyll (which is good because I take the pills) and ‘Combatir’ + cancer looks like a winner. Perhaps Chlorophyll has bee found to have some cancer-fighting agent in it. Either way, the story got over 2k shares so, there’s that on that. *slap-wipes hands twice*   Virginia Restores Right to Vote to Thousands of Ex-Felons Explain please: These Louisiana politicians are demanding flood aid, but voted against Sandy relief   Where there’s the will a whipping there’s a way: Stricter Parents Are Turning Their Children Into Effective Liars The dog DMX Welcomes Baby Cub #15 *blank stare* Why Do We Judge Parents For Putting Kids At Perceived — But Unreal  Little Women Atlanta: Emily Fernandez Remembers Her Late 3-Month Old Son Pregnant Mom Works 2 Jobs To Tap in for more!

📌TLC On Tour 📌 Torrent Sites Will Get You 3 Yrs Jailed 📌 10 Year-Old Rapes 6 Year-Old 📌Falls Festival Lineup 📌 Obama Furiously Still Dealing With Malia📌12 Year-Old ISIS Suicide Bomber De-Belted 📌and More!

Goodbye Rio, Hello Tokyo: What to expect at the 2020 Olympics Aint Too Proud to Beg Leg: TLC announce NZ leg of tour Trump threatens to ‘tell the real story’ about Morning Joe ‘clowns’ Lonely at the bottom-Kirstie Alley stirs publicity: Rips Obama For golfing during Louisiana floods—as if she really cares. Take a peep into Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ Pop-Up Shop in Berlin Millennialvelli: Fugitive Arrested After Four Months On The Run Wearing Old Man Mask WWE News: What happened after SummerSlam went off the air? WWE Network: Nikki Bella makes her surprise return to SummerSlam 2016 Usain Bolt pictured with Rio student in intimate photos after his 30th birthday bash Usain Bolt ‘caught in bed with Brazilian student’ in Rio after he was to rumoured be marrying his girlfriend Kasi Bennett Putting word in, in advance: Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ Teaser Featuring Super Mario Bros Totally Steals Tap in for more!

📌Football Coach Dies Saving 12 Year-Old From Collapsing Building 📌Sadness v. Depression 📌 Louisiana Man Calls Out Black Lives Matter 📌 49 Incorrect Health ‘Facts’ 📌and More!

25 stunning photos depict ‘epic’ battle between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz “Flood? What flood? Clintons crash Obamas’ party place; live it up with celebs on Martha’s Vineyard.” Apparently there are 49 health ‘facts’ we’ve been told all our lives that are totally wrong “Sheriff Clarke floats controversial theory on why Obama stayed away from flood” Watch as Louisiana man calls out Black Lives Matter for not helping flood victims Show behind the show: See the green-screened Olympics Woman purchases a trunk from Salvation Army and discovered its worth this much: Martin O’Malley to Corey Lewandowski say the US isn’t an ‘only-for-white Americans sort of country’ Politics is personal: Differences divide Facebook users 17 Completely Unexpected Truths That People Have About Their Grandmas Vapor pen in hand, UFC 202’s Nate Diaz explains the benefits of cannabidiol oil Samsung Galaxy Note 7 International Giveaway! Final Rio medal count: USA nearly doubles Tap in for more!