“Honey. I’ve Already Said Everything I Had To Say” -To Kill A Mockingbird’s HARPER LEE Dead At 89

  Whether or not you read it in high school or college for required reading (or simply inspired reading), author Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is a book that either you read and know about (or at the very least): heard of, or about. Her death comes as an ironic time to be alive when life as we live (and know it) right now is being magnified right in front of our very eyes while we pray, protest (perpetuate) or peacefully live through race relations and culturally sensitive matters being on display in ways like never before.   The irony of the Pulitzer Prize winning To Kill A Mockingbird being about racism in the deep south and its author having died at a time like now is more eerily ironic than the author having told talk show media mogul Oprah Winfrey: “Honey. I’ve already said everything I had to Tap in for more!

Boycott Apple? Government Gives APPLE ‘Til February 26 To Comply

This Apple v. U.S Government issue is getting more and more rotten by the day. If you didn’t know already, Apple is its own entity, program and operating system separate from Android and the (few) other technology titans. The leading tech company right now has found itself up against the U.S Government by being asked to do what they call in the streets: snitch. Snitching in the world technology (in this case) is: allowing the government to bypass certain encryptions to allow them into the phone having belonged to one of the San Bernadino shooters Syed Rizwan Farook who, along with his wife Tashfeen Malik went on a shooting rampage at Inland Regional Center-the facility by which they were employed. On December 2, 2015, Syed was video taped participating in a holiday party at the special needs vocational center. Syed pardoned himself and about thirty minutes later, came back riddling Tap in for more!

APPLE, GOOGLE, AMAZON & ANDROID Are Your Prospective Cable Providers, Says FCC Chairman

Nothing’s better than having options. I insist on options whether personal or professional because be it business or personal, people or companies don’t know how to play fair when they or it is the only option. No matter how good the intent, it due time, its something in the psychology of knowing that if your company (or you) are the only option with the supply in demand that just won’t let you play right. Nobody’s above that form of abuse of power. Well for those who like options with their entertainment, the FCC is unlocking the box. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler just announced today that you no longer have to get cable through companies like Time Warner ATT UVerse. Soon you will be able to get it through Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and Roku boxes (I believe Amazon is already offering Firestick). Today, there is limited competition in Tap in for more!

Leading Airline DELTA Upgrades Nursing Mom of Triplets #RandomActsOfKindessDay

A girl’s gotta do what the “girls” got due when the baby’s gotta eat! While the debate on whether or not breastfeeding is something that should be done in private or discreetly will always be a constant push and pull, there are times when a nursing mom’s gotta pull (and rather than breastfeed): Pump. Although one would argue that a traveling mom should’ve pumped and prepared for baby before traveling, the issue with pre-pumping breast milk is getting by TSA. And even if TSA wasn’t the problem, a woman has to nourish herself enough such that she can even pump enough to prepare bottles for baby and well…her body may not

Might Men Need Written Permission Along With A Prescription To Obtain VIAGRA?

Sometimes we all need saving from ourselves-especially in areas where our pleasure centers are met with pleasure: e.g., sex, drugs, alcohol, food, money etc. Just like the saying that goes: “A fool and his money shall soon part.” For a man (with a blue pill) he’ll definitely shoot [and] ‘dart.’ Societal pressures of being monetarily stable (“affluently” so) is one issue in and of itself that men face (with regard to gender “role” expectations of women and even the world around him). If a man’s pockets are lined right, there aint too much you can do or say to him that’ll worry him or get him down (until the lights go out and he’s alone and in his bed deep in thought). But when the morning comes, as long as men have that part of his gender role expectation secured; he’s up and back at’em-out there and ready for the Tap in for more!

What You Need To Know About That Nagging WINDOWS Update And Your ADOBE FLASH PLAYER …Right Now

  Getting that annoying popup telling you that in 10 minutes your computer will self-destruct (unless you elect to “postpone”) your personal Armageddon? As well, are you having weird things happening with your Adobe Flash Players and other plug-ins on desktop and mobile devices telling YOU it needs YOUR permission in order to run while pressing buttons and screaming: “You have my permission! You have my permission. Now let me move on!!!” Well scream no more. For starters, read below mentioned information (clean out those 100 open tabs, quit postponing your update, and let the process begin). I know, right. With less than 3 operating systems in the entire Internetworking digisphere to choose from: Apple/Mac, Microsoft/PC (and some  

Happy PresidentsDay : A New National Monument Delegated By President BARACK OBAMA Underway

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”V8tEZREeF1g” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”President Obama To Upgrade National Monument”]   If there was any accurate visual could best suit President Obama’s obvious, heroic quest to get things right as he prepares to peacock and swan song his way out this year, it would be this minute marker 00:20-1:57   When you deliver 71 months of job growth and 5% unemployment and then the GOP debates stop mentioning the economy pic.twitter.com/zhy6BabE2f — sean. (@SeanMcElwee) February 7, 2016 Just to name a few, with his mission accomplished on: making healthcare accessible to all pardoning people in prison who are deserving of pardoning focusing on science and education for the kids improving relations, understanding, cultural diversity and conflict resolution between (and for) Muslims in (and of) the United States (Americans) reinstate the border’s catch and release policy and right up under our noses… asking Congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funds for Tap in for more!

The Walking Dead’s NORMAN REEDUS’ Behind The Scenes Shoot w/ Mens Fitness Magazine – Talks Fans & ” Daryl Dixon “

  [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”4Gc6VFoQVuI” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”Norman Reedus / The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Talks Fans and Daryl’s Future with Mens Fitness Mag”]     You live under a rock if you haven’t heard of The Walking Dead—or at least know somebody who is “getting caught up” on all their Walking Dead epi’s (that they’ll literally spend an entire day watching).     If you ask pretty much any Walking Dead fan who they like or why, they almost always say “Daryl.”     TRUE STORY: (I even had a guy blush while answering that question). Me: “Why. Why do you like him?” Him: “Because he’s just….bad. He’s a badass. He can 

F-Bombs Schmombs, R-Rating’s Schmatings: DEADPOOL Tops Leaving Highest Rated Beforehand Swimming

  [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”ZIM1HydF9UA” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”Deadpool trailer”]   Despite 84 F-Bombs and R-Rating Marvel Comic’s Deadpool Tops Box Office Leaving The Hangover II Swimming. Deadpool is not only killing bad guys, he killed the box office and any Valentine’s Day “Boo” or “Bae” flick that came out and in its way. The R-rated Marvel film opened at $12.7 million-taking over The Hangover Part II’s top spot (which reeled in $10.4million) Behind it was Fifty Shades of Grey-opening at $8.6 million. Enjoy the movie without trying to keep and eye and ear open for just what made the movie rated “R.”     If you wanted a tally of just what words, phrases, made the Marvel comic movie “R” rated, weighing in with a Well say hello to

Man Walks Into Columbus Restaurant Slays…With A Machete

    Imagine after a hard day’s work you and the honey head over to a Mediterranean restaurant called Nazareth for dinner, wine and spirits and in walks a man who at fist, seemed okay while pulled off to the side talking to another man. Imagine that same man walking in some thirty minutes later armed with—a machete just knife wielding.     Well say hello to

In Effect: North Carolina’s Work First Recipient Drug Testing

  Vetoed by Gov. Pat McCory but overrode and originally enacted in 2013, a law requiring that any Work First welfare applicant would be subjected to drug testing was implemented. Although enforcing it lay dormant for about a year since, last August, the state began screening approximately 2% of its 7600 recipients.   Early results of the tests came back yesterday stating that of the several thousand screened, 89 actually took the test and 21 of those 89 failed. Those 21 represent less than 0.3. Applicants and recipients of the short


https://twitter.com/KannoYoungs/status/697433224298020864 Just around the corner from Bill Clinton’s office on 125th Street in Harlem, soul food restaurant: Sylvia’s was home to some fine dining indeed this morning. The popular restaurant graciously provided closed of space at its table for Vermont Senator (slash) Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and social and political activist Al Sharpton. Complete with Sylvia’s (brand) hot sauce stuck out there-leaving it up to either if after sampling the soul food delicacies (like Beyonce)-should Sharpton or Sanders decide they’ve got that “Hot Sauce in my Bag Swag,” as a Sylvia souvenir, it’s on the  

Simple Blood Test To Soon Diagnose Five Cancers At Once

  Let’s keep it real. We already know that if that cure for HIV/AIDS was found out, there’d be no social control. And if that antidote for curing cancer was found out, the powers that be would lose lots of money, but a bird in the hand is worth two five in the bush so hey, we’ll take what we can get.   Reportedly, scientists have identified a single genomic signature in tumour DNA that too, is shared by  

Would You Allow PANASONIC ‘s 16-Finger Robot Hair Washer Wash Your Hair?

      Later for that rude, unlicensed, gum-cracking,  loudmouth broad with the 4-hour gig and bad hair washing skills that shows up at the salon after 5 to avoid state board. Salon owners, nursing homes, hospitals, and other beauty service facilities may be on their way to getting real, live, virtual service indeed.   https://youtu.be/IROoXFz5dj0   That Panasonic 16-finger robotic hair washer that, according to reports, was due out sometime in 2015, is near (hopefully) now that we’re hair here in 2016, waiting patiently. Here’s the other catch which makes this things seem to good to be true: It’s also supposed to  

Did You Get The Code For Your Free CHIPOTLE Burrito Today?

As an apology for wasting your time at lunch (if you were one of the many who routinely make runs to Chipotle for lunch) sorry for your inconvenience-the doors were closed. As you may well know, the burrito giant has gone through a lot over the past few months after a been under fire for E. coli, salmonella and Norovirus outbreaks which the restaurant blamed on its employees not taking time of for being sick.     If you stopped by at lunch today (to any Chipotle in any state), doors were closed until 3 p.m. I couldn’t help it. Although I hadn’t been to Chipotle in about a month or two, I had to

MARSHAWN LYNCH Never Spent A Dime of His 9-Year Football Salary – Retires w/$50 Million

Remarkable and worth being remarked-this next story. Like jail or death is the end to the means of drug dealing, aging out or injury is the ends to the means of sport, typically. Often times though, in sports, when careers end all you can hope is [that] they invested well (for when they age out, get injured, or retire), because the one thing about sports is-while it’s highly revered and celebrated in America, getting injured (which is highly likely in contact sports), could end your career in the next week and hopefully you invested or saved well. I had a boyfriend in college who was so naturally athletic and was a natural at playing football and he loved it. From college, he got drafted to the NFL and did good—but not for long. Rewind. While we were in college, he did his best to be a good boyfriend to me Tap in for more!

The Future For Prevention of Football Concussions Is Here

  Super Bowl 50 is upon us and its time for yet, another year of shin digs and shouting. Super Bowl is an annual tradition where celebrations in homes all over America are practically unofficial holidays every first Sunday if the year in February. Friends and families gather dressed in their favorite teams’ spirit wear in spirit of the game and all the shenanigans that lead the final two best of the best to compete for champion of this day. That’s the fun side of it. The not so fun side is what’s not talked about: Football injuries.   As we all know, football is a very physical contact sport that involves more than just shoving, but too, the tackling and taking down of your opponent’s body (if need be) in order to secure what you came for: The win. Starring Will Smith, with the recent “football movie” (Concussion) having Tap in for more!

Bling! The TWEEXY Is Sure To Make You Ask: “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”

    As serial patent holder and obsessive of inventing and “how to make things work’ that (before the end of my time) I’ll probably be caught up to Einstein’s 1000+ (or at least Joy Mangano’s and Lori Greiner’s)—I’m impressed.   As a former nail designer and nail tech, I’d be pissed. As neither of the two, like you, I’d be sitting back screaming: “Now why did I think of that?” Say hello to the newest way to paint your nails without the spills and trying to figure out where to sit the bottle, and more importantly; the awkwardness of that position: one hand trying to hold the bottle steady and the other meticulously and perfectly trying to paint our nails. Now there’s help: The  

Mosque Visit Subject of American Scorn As President BARACK OBAMA & FLOTUS Seek To Rid All of “Islamphobia”

No… that’s not the president Obama preparing to show’em how it’s done: cutting the rug, dancing the “Dab.” And no, that  isn’t the first lady playing around in the latest fashion trend [of] wearing the hijab. What better way to leave people to worry, waddle, and wear themselves down-submerging themselves in their own suppositions [about who they assume and suppose you are, what you represent, are about, and subscribe to] than immerse yourself right into the biggest supposition of all? Trust me, I say. It’s fun. Oh the their torture. Well that’s precisely what our president and first lady are doing to those people in politics and the public who’ve always accused the president of being Muslim (with a name like “Barack Obama”). It was one thing for the POTUS to go through publicly humiliating efforts to prove his citizenship when providing us all with a nice handy-dandy copy of Tap in for more!