Just when I thought I gave a perfect explanation/reason why Donald Trump was unfit to be president…in walks USA Today, so yesterday…dropping the mic. ….Stay tuned.   More from our sister site on Donald Trump


  POLITICS USA Today: Mike Pence: Donald Trump is ready to lead … USA TODAY’s Editorial Board: Trump is ‘unfit for the presidency’ USA Today Takes A Side In The Presidential Race For The First Time USA Today urges voters to oppose Trump ‘Don’t vote for Trump,’ says USA Today in first presidential endorsement in its history Conservative newspapers breaking tradition to abandon Trump Newspapers rejecting Donald Trump   New Yorker gives Trump pageant treatment How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba  Donald Trump’s Cuba problem comes with big risks  Report of Trump spending in Cuba could hurt his chances in pivotal Florida Ryan: ‘I’m tired of divided government. It doesn’t work very well’ Clinton Endorsement Triggers Death Threats   See Obama at bottom and what I said here, just yesterday…This is the shit that happens when we reject worthy and necessary things (and people) for Tap in for more!


  SPORTS Can’t-Miss Play: A.J. Green leaps for 51-yard catch over defender Kevin Garnett Offered Spot on Cavaliers Coaching Staff Browns wideout Josh Gordon entering rehab facility Boston Red Sox honor David Ortiz with incredible Fenway Park outfield design Red Sox Pay Homage to David Ortiz with Grass Image of Big Papi in the Outfield David Ortiz given standing ovation in Yankee Stadium finale Red Sox cut massive portrait into center field grass to honor David Ortiz MarJose Fernandez’s Pregnant Girlfriend Attends Memorial Scott Boras breaks down delivering eulogy for Jose Fernandez Marlins Escort Hearse Carrying Pitcher Jose Fernandez  The scout who signed Jose Fernandez praises him in an emotional letter LOOK: Rainbow appears over country club after Arnold Palmer’s ashes are spread NFL Ratings Continue to Plunge in Third Week of Anthem Protests The Cowboy Way: Pro Bull Riders counter-protest Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem stance Can’t-Miss Play: A.J. Green Tap in for more!


  SCIENCE This Old-Ass Commodore 64 Is Still Being Used to Run an Auto Shop in Poland   Why Only Some People Can Do These Ten “Tricks” With Their Body   Wow. I thoroughly believe this next one. I tell my friend this all the time! I tell her that poverty is real but the other part is state of mind. I also have a motto to whomever this article may apply to: “Fake Great it ‘til you make it and with an empire over a poverty state of mind.” Quality of life is essential. Whatever you can’t pay for, you can choose: That goes for the people in your life and what you choose to spend your time on, around and doing. Long Periods Of Poverty Linked To Loss Of Brain Function Farm subsidies: Payment to billionaire prince sparks anger  Scientists find evidence life on Earth didn’t just originate Tap in for more!

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  HEALTH Politically Correct Language Control and the Rise of the Third Reich: Stunning new documentary reveals why we must stop the rise of safe spaces, social justice warriors and progressive fanaticism FDA Approves First ‘Artificial Pancreas’ for Diabetes Let’s Call Mental Health Stigma What It Really Is: Discrimination Chill Out: Stress Can Override Benefits Of Healthful Eating Most of the world breathes polluted air, WHO says 10-Minute Yoga Flow for Butt, Back, and Thighs Teens with spots tend to stay looking younger for longer, new research suggests Non-coding portions of genome are found to play role in cancer Charcot-Marie-Tooth: Painful progressive neurological disease affects thousands of Britons Nurses seek reduced unpaid hours in line with Garda deal New study looks at better ways to treat obesity in rural areas 4 Ways To Stop Overthinking Your Mistakes | World of Psychology This morning on Good Morning American, I totally saw Tap in for more!

So Apparently, As Per The Alfred Olango Shooting, My Decision To Not Call For ‘Help’ Saved Myself and My Son’s Life?

As a mom of a special son with an epileptic condition, this story of about Alfred Olango pains me deeply-and at this point: I take it personal. As a young teen mother whose child basically grew up with me, thankfully I had a mother who was very instrumental in helping me raise my child as, the two of us (basically) grew up together while my mother was the overseer of both of us.                 Just like this black and white photo, my boy was a tiny little preemie. He was born at 5 months at 1lb 13oz and an eventual seizure disorder adjoining him like a twin. His seizures however, took place while in the incubator. As he grew into his toddler years, he grew out of his seizures. A few years later however, something I have never seen before, happened: The grand-mal Tap in for more!

📌Gigi Hadid Pens Op-Ed – Finds Power In Defending Herself 📌Max Walker Dies At 68 📌30 Teams In 30 Days 📌Milan and Paris Fashion Week 📌Kaepernick: “Trump Never Been Great For People Of Color” 📌Serena Won’t Be Silent 📌Marlins To Plan Public Memorial For Jose Fernandez📌Wear A Cardigan (Without Looking Like Your Grand Dad)📌Cleansing Balms For All Skin Types 📌Does Your Brows Fit Your Face 📌Pimp Your Desk 📌Has Shopping Lost Its Magic? 📌Anti-Aging Ingredients (and Exercise) 📌Kylie 📌Anwar 📌and More!

FASHION slide show  SPORTS slide show                   GameTime: Cavs vs. Warriors Part 3? Nebraska regent wants players who knelt for anthem off team LeBron: ‘Personal goal’ to surpass Jordan as NBA’s best NBA Tiers of Contention: Teams in the Playoff Hunt in 2016-17 Stephen Curry Comments on 2017 Free Agency, Future with Warriors Kawhi Leonard: Training Camp 9/27 Serena Williams speaks out against police killings: ‘I won’t be silent’ NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: New England Patriots back on top 30 Teams in 30 Days: Armed with new deal, can DeRozan help Raptors take next step Colin Kaepernick: ‘Embarrassing’ that Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton are candidates Colin Kaepernick to Trump: ‘America has never been great for people of color’ Exclusive: Victor Oladipo on His Jordan Extra.Fly Sneaker Premier League & Championship managers ‘open to bribes’ Sam Allardyce: England manager leaves after one Tap in for more!

📌So Willow Smith Was Right About ‘Time’ Afterall 📌Has Tesla’s Elon Musk’s New Quest For Colonizing Mars Gone Too Far? 📌How To Register To Vote On Social Media 📌Iron Nanoparticles Make Immune Cells Attack Cancer 📌Don’t Let That ‘Secret Mic’ Hoax Make You Drill Into Your iPhone 📌and more!

  Amazon’s Newest Ambition: Competing Directly With UPS and FedEx Aye. Gotta point the finger at somebody. Working for the government, its expected all systems on lock. LoL. Border Patrol Agent Caught Watching Porn at Work, Blames Internet Filter For Not Stopping Him Moving on.  This is the point where you get: too rich too bored and have had too much “been there” “done that” –and need: a good, humble companion, voice of reason, and good humbling in your life: 3. Elon Musk Unveils His Plan For Colonizing Mars The celestial / heavens are their own thing and we terrestrials down here (on earth) are ours. No matter how rich I get, my ego would not allow me to entertain the thought of something like this, much less, tell the world. When you start feeling you power this much, just take a breather and go feed the people—the people on earth. Mars Tap in for more!

📌Menage et Tot: Viola! The First 3-Person Baby? 📌10 Healthiest Places To Live In America 📌Modern Family Casts First Transgender Child Actor 📌Where ‘Personal Responsibility’& Obesity Are Concerned-Check Your ‘Privilege’ At The Door 📌MLK III Says His Dad Would Have Challenged Trump & Hillary Both 📌Honey, This May Fight UTI 📌Trumps Sniffling Called To The Carpet 📌and more!

  ENTERTAINMENT ‘Fences’ Trailer: Denzel Washington & Viola Davis Enter Oscar Race 2. Rob Kardashian Leaks Kylie’s Digits Over Baby Shower Gone Way Wrong 3. Rob Kardasian Tweets Kylie Jenner’s Real Cell Phone Number  4. Rob Kardashian Lashes Out at Kylie Jenner by Posting Her Phone Number on Twitter 5. Selena Gomez First to Reach 100 Million Instagram Followers 6. Watch Brand New Will & Grace 2016 Election Scene 7. Lin-Manuel Miranda: ‘Hamilton’ Star Is Ready for His Next Project 8. Katy Perry Tried Voting Naked And It Didn’t Go So Well 9. Watch Brand New Will & Grace 2016 Election Scene 10. ‘Modern Family’ Casts Transgender Child Actor 11. ‘Modern Family’ Will Feature First Transgender Child Actor 12. 19 WTF Moments From the First Presidential Debate 14. Presidential Debate — Best Coverage Award … ‘Thanks a Lot Bitch’ Reporter 15.Bob Dylan Plots Massive 36-Disc Set of 1966 Live Recordings 16. Martin Luther King III — Dad Would Have Challenged Donald AND Hillary Tap in for more!

DEBATES 2016: 📌What Notable Names Sat In The Audience? 📌Which Is Worse – A Kneel To A Flag Or A Prospective U.S President Claiming “Smart” For Never Paying Federal Taxes? 📌Howard Dean Says Trump’s A Coke Sniffer 📌Who ‘Won’ (Why and How) 📌Lester Holt Halted? 📌and more!

    Transcript: The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated Quips: Best Lines of the First Presidential Debate Cliffnotes: Takeaways from the first presidential debate Metrics: Trump and Clinton debate, by the numbers Trump: ‘I’m smart’ for not paying taxes  Trump says he’s ‘smart’ for avoiding paying federal income taxes …Sooooooo which is worse: a Football player neglecting to kneel to an American flag or:  an American New York businessman running for President of the United States with no respect for the country such that he is anti-taxes All Kaepernick haters x Trump supporters…may we hear from you? Are you gonna boycott Donald Trump and harass him across Twitter? Where’s your (tax-paying) outrage for the disrespect of the financial ebb and flow necessities of the country? A kneel to a flag (that you aren’t forced to pay taxes for) holds more value than jipping and fleecing the country out of Tap in for more!

📌Bloomberg To On-Screen Fact Check At Tonight Debates? 📌Derrick Rose Case Investigated By LAPD 📌School Detention Replaced With Meditation 📌10 Steps To A Better Night’s Sleep 📌Million Climb Out Of Poverty 📌4 Types of Email Addresses That Affect Delivery 📌Student Suspended After Taking Pics of Schools Dirty Water 📌Is Gaming Up Next? 📌and More!

  1. Funniest headline of the day There are five living U.S. presidents. None of them support Donald Trump. 2. Second funniest headline of the day Rahm Emanuel Concerned Gun Violence New York Dem Andrew Stein Endorses Trump ..who’s he, again? 3. ‘Literal’ headline of the day: Crowd turns its back on Hillary Clinton for group selfie 4. Ok Third funniest headline of the day:   Could Spread To Parts Of City He Gives Shit About 5. Bloomberg to fact check debate on-screen 6. John Oliver Tears into Donald Trump’s Scandals: “Ethically Compromised to an Almost Unprecedented Degree.” 7. Donald Trump’s brazen dishonesty starts to catch up with him 8. DEATH under Clinton, LIFE under Trump… which do you choose? 9. The Sun Called Emma Watson’s Speech On Equality “Whining Crap” 10. The Senseless Cruelty of Donald J. Trump 11. Michelle and George: The Embrace Seen Around the World 12. Student suspended after she takes photo of school’s dirty Tap in for more!

📌BREAKING THIS AFTERNOON: Active Shooter Shoots At Random Cars Driving By At Houston Strip Mall

‘Active Shooter Situation’ Sends Cops to Houston Strip Mall Shooting allegedly involved a lawyer havign problems with his law firm Six people reportedly taken to hospital Six people turned to 9 people  (more here) EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Shots fired as Houston Police confront suspect firing randomly near Weslayan, injuring nine. https://t.co/f9Vl1ZIgE6 pic.twitter.com/Y0xYj4esIt — ABC13 Houston (@abc13houston) September 26, 2016

📌Outdated Information May Be To Blame For Weight Gain 📌Know Yourself Better By Your Primary Element 📌Body Fat Linked To Bacteria in Feces 📌Ways To Avoid High Cortisol Level That Increase Stress📌Ginseng and Herbs Remedy For Dementia 📌The Future of Food 📌Meatless Meatballs 📌Ways To Improve Fertility 📌and more!

Soooooooo… screaming “Oh God” during our ‘intimate’ moments has gained some traction: Having sex increases spirituality and ‘makes people more likely to believe in God’ I Was Technically Dead For Minutes. This Is What I Saw In The Afterlife How Understanding Your Primary Element Allows You To Know Yourself Better Why Outdated Information Is To Blame For Weight Gain Dairy industry murdered 500,000 dairy cows just to keep milk prices high Warnings issued after people get sick from drinking raw milk  ICYMI: Pharma-hacker reveals how to make your own ‘EpiPen’ for just $30  Doctors Dig for More Data About Patients Carfentanil Overdoses Put Strain On Cincinnati  Could another person’s feces help you lose weight? Definition of Hand, foot, and mouth disease Combined Insurance urges consumers to understand importance of life insurance Wellness News You Need To Know Cleveland area has at least seven fatal drug overdoses in one day Heart Tap in for more!

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1.      Soooooo Amazon’s out in these e-commerce streets punking businesses out, eh? The “I can’t compete with Amazon” fallacy from ecommerce business owners needs to stop 2.      The Most Important Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook 3.      Struggling With Your First Sale? Follow These 3 Tips 4.      I Have 100,000 Unopened Emails and 10 Things I’ve Learned About Email 5.      5 Email Writing Skills to Improve Response Rates (see more on this from our sis) 6.      The Lesson of The 4G Mobile Revolution? Keep an Eye Out for Change, Disruption and Regulation 7.      50 Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs 8.      #ImWithHer: Inside the Clinton campaign’s social strategy 9.      Stop Focusing On The Things You’re Bad At 10. How To Overcome Organizational ‘Working Memory’ And Liberate Your Creativity 11. Making The Leap (see our sis for a new story similar to this) 12. 3 Tips to More Accurately Measure Your Content Effort Tap in for more!

📌Mavericks’ Mark Cuban To Sit Front & Center of Monday’s Debates To Troll Trump 📌Why We May Never See Dashcam Footage of Charlotte Police Shooting Keith Lamont Scott 📌Ted Cruz Capes For Trump 📌Kevin Garnett Retires After 21 Years 📌Political Nostradamus Predicts Trump Will Win 📌Omarosa Still Insists All Will Still Bow Down To Trump 📌and more!

  A mom apparently overdoses next to her child — and why police want you to watch In exchange for that heroin lifesaving shot, it’s looking like the real exchange is a scarlet letter on the addict: The world getting a ‘don’t do drugs’ lesson multiplied by the chance to get to see these people as the zombies of our world: walking dead—and brought back to life. I’m kinda divided on this issue. Georgia woman rushes out of bed and opens fire on three armed burglars Man crawls to safety 3 days after crash that killed girlfriend South Korea’s plan to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Hustler’s gon’ hust and neighbors gon’ huff—and puff. Underground strip club operates out of Bushwick apartment  At least 162 bodies recovered after boat carrying hundreds of refugees sinks Mansfield High Students Mourning Loss of Classmate Ecuadorian transgender man Fernando Machado gives birth Tap in for more!

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