“Hidden Sugars” To Be Displayed on New Food Labels

It means something altogether different when we refer to other persons as “sweet.” As ‘sweet’ as it should be, the “sweetness” of sugar is anything but! Why sugar is bad for you More Americans are taking pride and extra steps to be more conscious about what we consume and are demanding that truth in labeling be as necessary and essential as truth in lending. 25 Reasons to reduce sugar intake Well truth in labeling is finally here! By July 2018, new labels will be required on most packaged foods pending this new Food and Drug Administration rule. As many of us know or heard, like salt, there are soooo many hidden sugars in foods. Additionally (before this new, upcoming labeling system) “added sugers” were not listed-just the grams per serving. Now, transparency is near-to       A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet Tap in for more!

CRUZIN For A Brusin’ : HEIDI CRUZ Likens Husband TED CRUZ’s Campaign Fight To The 25 Years It Took To End Slavery

Reparations is an order, surely now. They say when people show you their true colors-believe them and it’s obvious that almost-First-Lady of the United States of America, Heidi Cruz, knows zilch about the red, white, and blue. Given her now infamous, campaign swan song of a sad statement [for] comparing a mere four-year Ted Cruz campaign fight and end to slavery AND the “25 years” it took to end [slavery] Aside from the absurd comparison, Heidi thinks "it took 25 years to defeat slavery"So, US slavery lasted 25 years? https://t.co/Oo7PbRJ2sS — Ben Carrington (@BenHCarrington) May 10, 2016 “I don’t want you to feel like any of this was in vain. I believe in the power of prayer. This doesn’t always happen on the timing of man, and God does not work in four-year segments. Be full of faith and so full of joy that this team was chosen to fight Tap in for more!

New Study Suggest That Unless You Are Apart of Your Friend’s Grind and Social Climb, They Probably Don’t Consider You To Be A “Friend”

  It’s one thing to be a good judge of character and (too-by contrast) a good judge of caricature. But are you a good judge of friend? No, I don’t necessarily mean a good judge of selecting who you call friends versus—being good judge of who those same people you call friends view you (as a “friend”) or not. Without belaboring the obvious, we’ve all been in a friendship situation (hopefully not as adults) where someone (last we checked) we were friends with was someone we found out wasn’t our friend and didn’t consider us to be their ‘friend’ only after we found out they stabbed us so deeply in the back-so much so that the only way out was to bail out on there ever being a “real” friendship between us. You remember those types don’t you? Now as an adult, sans the immature scenario, how do you really Tap in for more!

Riding High On Marijuana Closely Linked To Drunk Driving? As Per Washington State Fatalities – Studies Say Yes

  Go on and press play ↑ and let the music play…. Trust me. Given the fact that marijuana has been made legal in some states, I would be totally skeptical about this report. But because I watched a special many years ago about the seconds stalling/delay/reaction time of marijuana smokers (high) versus non-impaired drivers, I will lend some credit and a bit of a co sign to this next report.   https://youtu.be/VIqbo2phXdo In addition to showing how certain levels of THC amount legal limits equal to that of alcohol legal limits, it goes on to demonstrate the differences between non impaired drivers versus drivers high on marijuana.   As reported by our friends at