Run To The Border. Eat Free At TACO BELL Today

Yes. It’s true! In spirit of the “stolen” NBAFinals, Taco Bell is inviting us taco lovers over to the border for a steal, too: A free Taco! No. Not just the the traditional Taco but the awesomely seasoned, cheesy Doritos Loco Taco! Did you get in on the Doritos Loco Taco we told yous about earlier this year? Have you tasted it? Like me, don’t want meat in it but instead, chicken? Are you pressed for time and won’t be able to park or stand in the long lines, today? Head over to our sister site’s food channel for all the deets on it all!  

BERNIE SANDERS’ Refusal To Concede Costs Taxpayers Dearly, Daily

Bernie Sanders’ refusal to bow out the presidential run burns tax payers’ wallet every single day (and earned Bern an entry into OSF’s Petty File). Somewhere in this thing, former democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders didn’t get the memo. He forgot that he could take his message to the world via the worldwideweb and social media—and save us taxpayers all 38k a day while doing so. Although it’s evident and clear that Hillary Clinton is the official, prospective democratic president of the United States running against prospective; and the republican presidential candidate is officially Donald Trump, Sanders doesn’t hold that truth to be self-evident…at all. Reportedly, Sanders’ refusal to bow out gracefully (and instead-hit the campaign trail), costs