📌Trump Will “Speak From The Heart” Tonight 📌Body Language: What Does Kellyanne Conway’s At The Oval Office REALLY Say? 📌Bush Doesn’t Like Trump’s Racism 📌Trump Says Obama Behind Leaks and Protests 📌Harvard Law Elects Black Woman Pres 📌GSU Student Develops App To Connect & Choose HBCU For You 📌and More

Inside the Apple Museum in Prague – 41 years of Apple products and a tribute to Steve Jobs #travel Look What ToriSpilling.com does for plugging in and putting the spotlight on you:  📌 ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Inundated With Reality TV Offers: Will She Get Her Own Show? Weird but sweet: Family honors grandma’s memory by displaying all of her quilts at her funeral POLITICS Ryan: ‘We need answers’ on alleged ties between Trump associates and Russia Kellyanne Conway puts feet on Oval Office couch; Twitter freaks  📌Often times, body language is something to display or put out there as an expression. In this case-an expression of ‘comfortability,’ familiarity, or privilege-sort of like how you and a friend may visit your grandma’s house. You both sit on the couch. Your friend puts his/her feet up on the table (until gran’ sees it), yet, you-the friend-can’t do it at all. I’m Tap in for more!

📌Rachel Dolezal: Broke & Still Unapologetic – What Our Sis Has Had To Say 📌5 Foods For Flatter Tummy 📌BlackBerry Making A Comeback 📌Cells Phone Out-$7 Million Raised At Elton John Post-Oscars Party 📌and More!

Are they lazy or ingenious? People around the world showcase their hilarious life hacks Boy mistakes leopard cubs for cats, plays with them This eco-friendly coffee brand wants to rid landfills of plastic coffee pods WORLD NEWS Rachel Dolezal Is Flat Broke, But Unapologetic About Identifying as Black  (see what our sis has had to say about  RACHEL DOLEZAL) AP Exclusive: Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse Judge will hear from attorneys on police murder retrial (ref: Cincinnati / Sam Dubose / Ray Tensing) POLITICS We No Longer Have Three Branches of Government Trump’s Alpha Male Foreign Policy Trump toasts nation’s governors ahead of health care talks Leaked Audio Reveals Anti-Trump Forces Manufacturing Hostile Town Hall ENTERTAINMENT With cellphones out, guests at Elton John’s annual Oscars party raise $7 million for charity Judge Joseph Wapner, Calm, Thoughtful Voice Of A Bygone Television Era, Has Died At home with the Saviors: Tap in for more!

📌The Do’s (and Don’ts) Of A Successful Business Lunch 📌Bill Paxton, 61, Dies From Complications Due To Surgery 📌BlackBerry Makes a Comeback? 📌Meryl Streep Accues Lagerfeld of Spoiler Her Oscar 📌Politics, Wellness, Food, Health, Fashion, Relationship 📌 and More!

This bride was completely upstaged in her wedding day photo… and social media can’t get enough of it 5 unusual airline perks you might not know about  #travel See your dream home at a 360 [?] perspective FILM Emmy-winning actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 The filming locations of this year’s Oscar-nominated movies Taraji P. Henson, Kate Beckinsale, Kerry Washington & More Rock Bold Looks at Film Independent Spirit Awards Emma Stone, Mandy Moore, Blake Lively and More Rock ‘La La Land’ Inspired Looks! Meryl Streep Accuses Karl Lagerfeld of Spoiling her Oscars ‘Batman v Superman,’ ‘Hillary’s America’ tie for most Razzie Awards BUSINESS / TECHNOLOGY BlackBerry KEYOne launches – Here’s why the ‘Mercury’ is much better than you might expect Google Chrome update – Awesome new feature is set to make popular browser even better Huawei P10 preview: A hands-on look at the ‘dazzling’ and risky new iPhone rival Tap in for more!

📌Oscar Breaks Jimmy Kimmel’s Cherry

Airing tomorrow (February 26, 2017 at 5:30 PST) live from Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California; this year’s Academy Awards/ 89th Oscar Awards Ceremonies will be hosted by non other than late night funny man 📌 Jimmy Kimmel-his first time ever hosting!  That said, the Oscars is sure to be laced with his trademark ironic humor on television and film’s biggest night for the fight of the golden iron statue: Presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this year’s Oscars will honor the best films of 2016. Awaiting with baited breath for tomorrow night’s shin dig, here is the list of your favorite movies and actors that brought them to life of the big screen: a search of “Oscars” past at our sister site: Other Side of  the Fame BEST PICTURE Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures  📌(HIDDEN FIGURES HAS WRITE-UPS AT OUR SISTER SITE…GO Tap in for more!

📌Black History Month Out-White Privilege Campaign In 📌Magician Found Hanged at Hollywood’s Magic Castle 📌Nicki Minaj Gets Ivanka Trump’d By K-Mart and #ShETHER’d By Remy Ma 📌Trump Sends Correspondence: No White House Correspondent’s Dinner For Me – Thanks’ 📌and More!

Celebrities launch pot brands as California legalizes drug Lana Del Rey, Cauldron Of ‘Witches’ To Hex Donald Trump Daily Mail: Witches gather at midnight to cast spell on Donald Trump A Global Alliance Of Witches Plans To Cast A ‘Binding Spell’ On Michigan witches claim to have cast spell on president Trump And His Supporters Every Month During The Crescent Moon The Holy War Over Trump: Witches and Christians Have Spiritual Showdown Over President’s ‘Curse’ Now that Black History Month is almost out the door, say hello to the “White Privilege Campaign” brought to you by Watters World:   📌a search of “White Privilege” at our sister site. POLITICS I will not be attending the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 25, 2017 WHCA says it looks forward to dinner despite Trump absence Rep. Tap in for more!

📌’Bonehead’ Boehner Is #TeamObama On SOMETHING, Finally 📌Police Ordered To Stop High-Fiving 📌Google Gives $11.5 To Racial Injustice Groups 📌NBC=Now Babies Cometh: 3 NBC Journalists Are New Moms 📌and More!

If you’re poor and British, best not to marry a foreigner Russian model in hot water after dangling from atop Dubai skyscraper ICYMI: Pope: It’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian Pope denounces Catholics who lead a ‘double life’ Undocumented woman with brain tumor removed from hospital Analysis: Deadly threat from far-right extremists is overshadowed by fear of Islamic terrorism Dem reminds Trump: LGBT doesn’t stand for ‘Let’s Go Back in Time’ Obama Just Got Coffee In NYC. What Happened Next Is AWESOME Obama and daughter Malia attend ‘The Price’ on Broadway Barack Obama spotted on Broadway watching Arthur Miller’s ‘The Price’ with daughter Malia Barack Obama is Back from Vacation and He Looks Better Than Ever Dealership taken for a ride when $150k Maserati disappears Mom to carry baby without brain to full term to donate organs 10+ Powerful NSFW Photos From The 2017 Birth Photo Tap in for more!


Top fashion illustrator will sketch your wedding, but only if you marry at this Kauai resort Am I doing it right? Hilarious photos of people around the world getting ENTIRELY the wrong end of the stick A Burger King Worker Got Fired for Stealing Food. She Won $46,000 Did This Cheating Boyfriend Get Busted on Burger King’s Instagram or Is It a Marketing Ploy? HEALTH / FOOD This Kind of Fat Lowers Your Risk For Diabetes If your kid is too fat, then you may be a reason Scaring young people about substance use won’t work GPs refer just 7% of mothers with postnatal depression to a specialist 10,000 steps a day is a meaningless fitness goal, says science Here Are the Health Benefits of Pilates Get pedometer, other prizes, by joining two-month activity challenge Warn gym users about steroid risks, says watchdog Mediterranean diet may decrease pain due to Tap in for more!

📌Maxine Waters: “They Need This President To Get These Sanctions Lifted” Did Maxine Waters Lift Veil On Trump’s Careful Placement of His Administration For Oil & Gas Interests? 📌Michael Moore’s 10-Point Plan To Make Trump A Goner 📌Can Faith Heal Depression? 📌and More!

Michael Moore shares 10-point plan to make Donald Trump ‘toast again’     WORLD Woman admits $1M stolen from employer paid for luxury lifestyle Attempt made to snatch body of Kim Jong-nam at mortuary break-in – police What killed Kim Jong Nam, who did it and why still not known Dylann Roof stopped at another AME church after Charleston massacre, new documents say Man pleads no contest to destroying Trump’s Walk of Fame star Two teens robbed a 14-year-old Utah girl for $55 and her iPod, then shot her in head, authorities say Partner of British children’s author Helen Bailey found guilty of her murder NYC Gave Sanctuary to Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Gang Member, Feds Say Polygamous man accused of plotting with 3 wives to kill teen he sexually abused Colorado Springs police fatally shoot home invasion suspect in gun battle Police find a body in burned home where shooting Tap in for more!

📌Is The Media Capable of Being Objective? The Answer is YES and NO. Here’s Why+My Personal Example Of When and Why (and When and Why Not)?

IS the media capable of being objective? YES, the media IS “CAPABLE” of being objective. But the world is on stage right now so, they we are only going to be as objective as being able to get the story out and told COMBINED WITH being as provocative as much as the publicity for the story will garner-just like the antics of you and anybody else on SOCIAL “media.” It’s a juggling act. Unlike before social media (when television and radio controlled the media) the playing field is now leveled BECAUSE OF the Internet COMBINED WITH social media. It’s just that MEDIA OUTLET SOURCES (blogs/online news sources-even over radio and television) hold the bases, run the ball and cover the bases that regular people (via social media etc) are allowed to play the same game in–BUT only court side, the stands, out in the field and the dugout. The bases, Tap in for more!

📌Milos’ Book Deal Canceled + What This Can Teach You 📌Uber Forced To Roll Out Secrets on Sexual Harassment After Employee Blow The Whistle 📌Is Lisa Marie Presley Broke? 📌Ashton Kutcher: From Punk’d to Purpose 📌and More!

Blog post details sexism problems at Uber, CEO says heads will roll (hey y’all. Is our literary jargon getting around? Cool beans! Yeah, I use “heads roll”/”head will roll” several times in a recent post at our sister site. We’re cool with it, though.😁No shade). In colossal shock, Uber alleged to be wretched hive of sexism, craven managerial ass-covering  (📌READ MORE AROUND THIS AT OUR SISTER SITE) Former Attorney General Eric Holder Will Lead Investigation Into Sexism At Uber Uber Under Fire Once Again Following Sexism and Harassment Claims An Open Letter to Uber’s CEO (Re: That Horrifying Blog Post About Working for Uber) An ex-Uber engineer’s blog post prompted Uber’s CEO to launch an ‘urgent investigation’ Horrific story goes viral: Ex-Uber employee shares nightmare of workplace sexism An Ex-Engineer at Uber Just Published a Nightmarish Account of the Sexism She Found There Claims of chaos and macho culture put Uber Tap in for more!

📌Hitlers Phone Auctioned Off For $243k 📌No “Alternative Fact” Or “Fake News” Here: A Look At Trump’s Tough Week 📌U.S Olympic’s Sports Doctor Found Guilty of Raping 150+ Gymnasts 📌Government Orders Parents To Destroy ‘Spy Doll’ 📌and More!

Small plane crashes, narrowly misses gas station   Is there mail on President’s Day? A look at what’s open, what’s closed Hitler’s phone sold for $243,000 Hitler’s phone sells for more than Sh24m Hitler’s telephone auctioned for $243,000 Adolf Hitler’s dreaded red telephone sold for USD 243,000 Your daily 6: Big bucks for Hitler’s phone, travel ban targets and Brits not big on Trump TORI’S TRUMP TOUGH WEEK RECAP: AP Fact Check: Trump’s view at odds with events of the week  Trump marks his first month with tweets, turmoil  Trump’s first month augurs stormy trans-Atlantic relations   📌Among others, Gail King and Scott Pelley were the real journalist MVP’s with this genius journalist exchange: KING: I was watching your coverage. I remember when you interviewed him before he became president, you said something to him like, “You know, Donald Trump, if you’re elected, running the country is not going to be Tap in for more!


Senior Trump appointee fired after critical comments Trump to meet with Congressional Black Caucus after all Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Defense Secretary Mattis Has No Issues With Press, Unlike Trump Melania Trump attacked for reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at campaign rally The Middle East: Contradictory promises that led to a century of conflict Netanyahu turned down secret peace offer brokered by Kerry 4 North Korean suspects fled Malaysia after Kim’s murder     Chelsea Clinton mocks Trump over Sweden incident comments Chelsea Clinton attends Muslim solidarity rally in NYC Fake News: Former Trump pal Russell Simmons leads ‘I Am A Muslim Too’ rally against president ‘We did not start this fight’: In Trump era’s dawn, scientists rally in Boston Wilders Slams Foreign Criminals, Media Twists Words Into Attack on All Moroccans Police: Man in photos now ‘main suspect’ in 2 Indiana girls’ deaths Bomb explodes by Colombia bull Tap in for more!


‘The Great Wall’ Director: This Film Can ‘Bring People Together’ From Different Cultures The Women Of Bridge To Terabithia Reflect On The Film’s Magic 10 Years Later The Envy Awards: The otherwise unrecognized great moments in film Oscars: How ‘La La Land’ Songwriters Matched Their Music to the Film’s Big Moments So naturally, basically, I’ve been on the right track, perhaps?… ..Many of my books come w/ mentions (to play on the readers mind while reading). That song + visual set the time & tone w/o 1 mention of it. — IG: osfmag_ (@AngFrankPodcast) February 15, 2017 You screenwriters / screenplay writers are sleep on me. My books http://t.co/5iKJ595n7X make awesome movies. I tell ya.' 🙂 — IG: osfmag_ (@AngFrankPodcast) February 1, 2014 What makes a successful film adaptation of a stage play? Casting call for Taraji P. Henson film takes place in Allston Does Danny Boyle think a film Tap in for more!


What Trends Will Drive Digital Marketing Success in 2016?  …uh. I don’t create the titles of the articles here L 5 Lessons in Entrepreneurship From Starbucks and Philz Coffee 3 Strategies to Nail Before You Launch Your Social-Media Campaign 3 Ways the Dark Side of Passion Can Help You Grow Your Business A third of millennials suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’ in the workplace Your job interview starts the second you walk in the door — here’s how to nail first impressions  (📌more on this at our sis) Why Some Startups Succeed (and Why Most Fail) How To Get Marketing Recruiting Wrong? The Minimum Viable Name — A Product Naming Strategy What Are The Business Operations of a Company? 5 things to take into account when running your A/B testing experiments New Year’s Resolution for Publishers: Rethink Your Social Content Strategy 4 Sneaky SEO Mistakes Hurting Your Blog Traffic 10 Ways to Wake Tap in for more!


How To Heal From An Abusive Relationship A Feng Shui Expert’s 5 Secrets To Lasting Love Couple reveals pregnancy by pretending to take photos of family to capture ‘authentic reaction’ Here’s How You Can Help Your Partner With Their Mental Health Dear Abby: Bride fears anti-gay guests will ruin her wedding Good Conversation, and a Few Dissertations ICYMI: Michelle Obama Wishes Her ‘Favorite Island Mate’ Barack a Happy Valentine’s Day With Sweet Photo Why I’ve always celebrated Valentine’s Day in a country that bans it WELLNESS / SELF-CARE / PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT The Brain and Mental Illness This Is Why You Have Trouble Sleeping in New Places I Have No Control Over My Anger and Short Temper | Ask the Therapist End Taboo Around Depression, Get Help, Says Arvind Swamy Don’t Want To Make Money: Shilpa Shetty on Health Initiatives Eating alone at school: How four students began mission to end Tap in for more!


US scientists back gene editing but warn against ‘designer babies’ 📌(more on this at our sister site) Zero Tolerance Policy May Unfairly Target Black Girls Infection linked to rat urine kills 1 person in NYC, sickens 2 Video Moral dilemma: Would you kill 1 person to save 5? Blood condition is highly predictive of graft failure in pediatric kidney transplant New research examines patients’ satisfaction with their radiologists USDA reposts some animal welfare records after criticism Bowel cancer in England: Rates of killer disease mapped Mexico finds small amount of fake anti-cancer drug FOOD NEWS Egg-free surrogate chickens act as saviour for rare poultry breeds Surprisingly heart-healthy foods 3-Ingredient Protein Pancake Recipe 10 Science-Based Benefits of Grapefruit Chicken With Green Olives and Prunes Toad in the hole with onion gravy and garlic cabbage 8 popular American foods that aren’t what you think they are Even a single meal of pizza can Tap in for more!

📌It’s Britney B|tch: The Best & Worst Moments From Her Lifetime Biopic + Her Feud With Katy Perry For Shading Her Hair Shaving Meltdown 📌and More Britney News

Despite NOT giving her green light and good graces to the making of the Lifetime biopic, the show must go just went on, and here’s what some are writing and saying: Britney Ever After Gif Recap: All the Best and Worst Moments from the Lifetime Movie Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake’s Dance Off In ‘Britney Ever After’ Is Amazing — Watch Britney Spears’ Head Shaving Breakdown, Comeback & More — Her Wild Ups & Downs Natasha Bassett: 5 Things To Know About Actress Playing Britney Spears In Lifetime Movie   https://youtu.be/1lkdRDI9Fl4   ICYMI: Britney Spears Blasts Katy Perry In Classy Fashion On Instagram Dear Celebrities, Please Stop Subtweeting Each Other   Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter visits classmates following ATV accident PHOTOS: Inside Britney Spears’ $30 Million Valentine’s Day Airbnb with Boyfriend Sam Asghari Britney Spears Skipped The GRAMMYs To Hang Oceanside In Smoking Bikini Britney Spears Goes Full See-Through In Tap in for more!

📌Quinn Cook Wins D- League All Star MVP 📌”No One Knows What It Means But It’s Provocative- It Gets The People GOIN’!” -Adam Silver…Sorta – On Kyrie’s Flat Earth + 📌Other Sports & 📌NBA All Star Shenanigans and Stuff

Adam Silver on Kyrie saying Earth is flat: ‘He was trying to be provocative and I think it was effective’ Tracy McGrady And Chris Webber Headline 2017 Finalists For The Basketball Hall Of Fame Even without Kevin Durant, Sam Presti’s plan for the Thunder holds up NBA All-Star Game 2017: Isaiah Thomas for MVP? Celtics star says ‘Why not?’ NBA All-Star Saturday 2017: Porzingis tops Hayward, latest big to win Skills Challenge Kentucky suddenly learns to make free throws, and De’Aaron Fox saves the day Bubble Watch: Winners and losers among NCAA tournament fringe teams Quinn Cook wins D-League All-Star Game MVP Carmelo Anthony calls All-Star selection a ‘downer’ due to cancelled vacation plans John Wall agrees than an All-Kentucky team could win the NBA title this season Bulpett: Danny Ainge willing but patient as trade deadline looms As minutes add up, LeBron James vows he can play more during Tap in for more!