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📌Frank Ocean will play first U.S. shows since 2014 📌Leah Remini Reveals If Tom Cruise and John Travolta Have Reached Out Following Her Scientology Claims  MORE ON SCIENTOLOGY AT OUR SISTER SITE  📌Leah Remini Says Hard-Working Scientologists Must Fork Over $250,000 To Church 📌Kim Kardashian Is Planning Huge Party For Kanye West Upon Hospital Release [Debunked] 📌Kanye West remains in hospital with no ‘release date set’ 📌Wiz Khalifa Reignites Kanye West Feud: I’ll Send Him Weed To ‘Mental Institution’: 📌Lin-Manuel Miranda to help adapt ‘Kingkiller Chronicle’ film, TV series 📌’Hamilton’ grosses record $3.3M Thanksgiving week 📌Freaky Money: How RuPaul’s Compassion For Lucian Piane Is More Financial Than Friendly 📌Bruno Mars headlines another Super Bowl week concert                         MORE ON BRUNO MARS AT OUR SISTER SITE 📌Amazon and Execs From NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS to Skip January TCA Press Tour 📌Shakira’s Tap in for more!

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Barbara Walters Reflects On Her Meetings With Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, A.D

As you may well have heard already, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died. Empathy and apathy: a clear divide. Some care, many don’t. More on Castro’s regime and rise to politics Despite our current president Obama mending fences with the country recently-just before Castro’s death-it’s no secret that Castro/Cuba’s relationship with the U.S was always strained. In addition to that feat, another American icon should be notated and written in as the only American journalist to land not one, but two interviews with the Cuban dictator who at the time, seldom, if ever interviewed. Although currently retired from in front of the camera, journalism genie Barbara Walters took some time out to reflect on her meetings with the dictator that then, and especially now, are etched into American history. And so it is written: “I first interviewed Fidel Castro 39 years ago. He was charming and fiercely guarded about his private Tap in for more!

📌Charleston Church Killer Dylan Roof Ruled Competent To Stand Trial 📌Trump Says If Millions Hadn’t Voted Illegally, He Would’ve Won The Popular Vote 📌Ted Cruz Warns U.S American Officials Not To Attend Castro’s Funeral 📌Trump Mad At Clinton Again: After Agreeing To Support Green Party Recount, Trump Reaches Back At Decision To Reneg On Having Clinton Investigated For Prosecution

📌Hard-of-hearing driver didn’t know officer was telling him his truck was on fire 📌Black Friday’s mall mayhem led to at least two deaths 📌Homeless man’s digs are so cool that he charges rent, but city calls his place a hazard 📌11-year-old plays Grand Theft Auto, takes parents’ car for a spin 📌Teen accused of killings, eating man’s face showed odd behavior, journal entries before deaths 📌Two killed, four wounded in multiple shootings across Denver overnight 📌Missing mother Sherri Papini was found ‘heavily battered,’ dispatch records show 📌7 dead, 1 missing in New Zealand fishing boat disappearance 📌Four people, including a two-month-old girl, are found dead in Alaska hotel room in murder-suicide 📌Dylann Roof Found Competent for Trial in Charleston Church Killings 📌Motorcycle rider killed in crash with drunk driver (search reference Lauren Franek) 📌Seven hurt in police-involved shootout spanning several blocks in east Kansas City 📌Dozens Killed In Scaffolding Collapse Tap in for more!

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  All Successful Entrepreneurs Share These 4 Qualities 7 Great Habits Of The Most Successful People How to Transform Anger Into Constructive Action Market to Everyone, Reach No One How to Really Thank Your Employees Instagram Launches Live Video & Ephemeral Messages: Here’s What You Need to Know 4 Key Influencer Marketing Lessons from Roxy 6 New Social Apps to Help Cannabis Lovers Find Each Other Simple steps to addressing your one-time buyer problem OK Go’s Latest Video Extravaganza Is About Changing the World—That and Morton Salt 5 New Social Platform Features You Need to Know About   With its recent update, the Pixel is now almost perfect Pilot strike could delay Amazon, DHL shipping Autumn Statement 2016: Lettings agent fees will be banned American Express Declares 32-Cent Quarterly Dividend (AXP) Brexit won’t help the people who voted for it, World Bank warns Ex-BB&T CEO Allison Said to Be in Tap in for more!

Should Donald Trump’s International Business Dealings Being Called To The Carpet Now, Been Met At The Door?

Believe it of not, the day after the election, I was still hurt but ‘realized.’ ‘Realized’ meaning I came to terms with the fact that we are going to have to deal with the country being run an unconventional way for the first time in history. Look out for my explanation/elaboration on that via an upcoming podcast, but to put it short; I am looking forward to this Trump presidency and can’t wait to explain why. So hopefully, (after what I have to say) all who are still in ‘fear’ will chill, too-and not let

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  📌19 signs you’re intelligent — even if doesn’t feel like it   📌5 Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones   📌Red Bull gives you… a whole host of health issues: Minute-by-minute guide reveals what the energy drink REALLY does to your body 📌Quick-thinking toddler, 3, saves his father’s life after force-feeding him two Muller yoghurts when he had fell into a diabetic coma 📌Eat It, Don’t Leave It: How London Became A Leader In Fighting Food Waste 📌When Food Banks Say No To Sugary Junk, Schools Offer A Solution   📌Sexist men have psychological problems 📌Men Who Want Power Over Women Likely To Have Poorer Mental Health 📌Men’s attitude to fatherhood influences child behaviour, says study 📌How to talk politics at your Thanksgiving meal this year     📌The year of living thankfully 📌Planned Parenthood has received 50,000 donations in Pence’s name 📌New laser method could help neurosurgeons get Tap in for more!

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Bitter Beatles letter from John Lennon to Paul McCartney sells at auction Lennon’s Beatles breakup letter sold at auction for $30,000 All You Need is Hip-Hop: The Best Beatles-Influenced Rap Cuts Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Dead, or Just Old? Bruno Mars Still Can’t Get Halle Berry To Call Him Back scurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hold on playboy: Hayma Washington makes history as Television Academy’s first African American chairman and CEO Jay Pharoah Gets Candid About Hosting the 2016 American Music Awards: ”Buckle Up and Get Ready!” Bridgit Mendler Sang Her Guts Out In A Library And No One Noticed Matthew McConaughey in Talks to Star in ‘White Boy Rick’ Kanye West Leads New Hot Tours Ranking Jury rules against man who claimed he created Kung Fu Panda All Of Fandom Exploded After Emilia Clarke’s ‘Star Wars’ Casting Was Announced Sharon Jones Dead At 60 After Heroic Battle Against Pancreatic Cancer Wyatt Cenac’s New Album Tap in for more!

Texas Teacher, 24, Sentenced To Prison For Up To 30 Years For Relationship With 13 Year-Old Student

Just because the family was okay with it doesn’t mean it was okay—at all. Alexandria Vera, a 24 year-old Texas English teacher, began dating her 13 year-old student not long after he slid up in her DM’s on Instagram. Reportedly, the unequally yoked pair got the blessings of their inappropriate love affair from his side of the family. One fact still remained: At her age, she was on the wrong side of the law. The Houston Chronicle reports Vera and the under aged boy had been seeing each other for quite some time and that she had even been impregnated by the boy. She now faces up to 30 years in prison.   Read more on the story here  

📌Huge Names On Obama’s Medal of Freedom List 📌200 Films / 5 Decades Later, Jackie Chan Is Honored 📌Katy Perry Donates 10k To Planned Parenthood 📌ICYMI: Nick Gordon To Pay 36 Million For Death Of Bobby Kristina 📌Anchor/Journalist Gwen Ifill Dies 📌Musician’s Musican Leon Russell & ‘Halleleujah’s Leonard Cohen Dies 📌Prince’s Estate Sues Jay Z 📌and More!

Mariah Carey Recording New Album Full Of ‘Big Heartbreak Ballads’ After James Packer Split Buckingham Palace Is Getting a $457 Million Makeover and Many Taxpayers Are Not Happy Prince’s Estate Says Tidal Streamed the Late Artist’s Music Without Permission Prince’s estate sues Jay Z over streaming rights to late star’s music ICYDK: Nick Gordon Must Pay $36 Million for Death of Bobbi Kristina Brown Carrie Fisher insists: I never said Harrison Ford was bad in bed Bon Jovi Contributes $5,000 to Repair Ben Franklin’s Gravestone Metallica: Enter Sandman performed with classroom instruments for Fallon Watch Justin Bieber Cry During a Performance of ‘Purpose’  ABC’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries set to become an action movie trilogy Katy Perry Donates $10K to Planned Parenthood, Urges Fans to Follow Suit The cultural impacts of Harry Potter on the next generation 5 Things ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Recognize in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Peter Gabriel, Johnny Tap in for more!

📌Why Trump’s Confusion About What A ‘Blind Trust’ Is, Matters 📌Trump Tweeted Himself Into The White House 📌Chelsea Clinton Being Groomed For Congressional Run? 📌Sanders Eyeing Leadership Bid? 📌Dukakis Calls For End To Electoral College 📌13 Major Revelations From Trumps 1st Interview Since His Win–That You Need To Know 📌and More!

Trump University agrees to settle lawsuit for $25 million: Reuters, citing source Why Trump’s confusion about what a ‘blind trust’ is matters Why some Democrats think Minnesota’s Keith Ellison is the answer to Donald Trump Chelsea Clinton reportedly being groomed for congressional run Sanders eyeing Senate leadership bid New York governor extends legislation challenging Electoral College Dukakis calls for end to Electoral College ‘Excellent’ first meeting for Obama, Trump For the Record’s Week in Review: Coming to terms with Trump The 6 most surprising things from Donald Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ interview Paul Ryan Says Medicare Privatization Is On Ryan won’t address fate of birth control coverage in Obamacare repeal The unlikely trio who called it right for Donald Trump More than 3M sign petition for Electoral College to elect Hillary Trump now says ‘Crooked Hillary’ is ‘very strong and very smart’ Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders duo will lead liberals in Tap in for more!

📌Airbnb Adds Local Experiences and Restaurant Reservations 📌Defiance and Anxiety Among Undocumented Youth in Trump’s America 📌Trump Supporters Are Our Friends and Neighbors 📌Bank To The Future: Where We’re Going, Do We Need Banks? 📌Wahlberg Says McGregor Can Have His Piece of UFC Ownership 📌Lexus Just Made a Sriracha Car 📌and More!

WORLD 📌 Finding a toilet in cities around the world is no easy task: Report 📌Ten mind-blowing, historic events you will likely witness in the next 100 days 📌Experts disagree on authenticity of new Van Gogh sketches 📌Mike Huckabee apologizes for sharing fake news about ‘liberal, Jewish’ students 📌A Transgender Teen is Being Sued by Her Mother for Seeking Gender Reassignment 📌ICYMI: Mom Kicks Out Kid From Home For “Voting” Trump 📌Michael Moore Predicts Donald Trump Won’t Last The Full 4 Years 📌Election ruptures civility here in the America’s bastion of inclusivity 📌Meet the Women Leaders of the World 📌I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump. 📌Pro-Trump Women Entrepreneurs on His (Many) Troubling Remarks: ‘We Have to Pick Our Battles’ 📌Why people are posing with safety pins after the presidential election 📌Can A Safety Pin Really Pop Our Collective Angst? 📌Defiance and Anxiety Among Undocumented Youth Tap in for more!

Why Minnesota Mom Is Suing Her 17 Year Old Pre-Op Transgender Child, The County & The State +Texas Rep. Sen. Konni Burton’s Texas Bill Requires School Admin To Out LGBT Students

In the world of self-identity, it seems like an all out war against teens and young adults right (under 21) now. It’s obvious however, that our baby boomer and parents of Gen X’ers are starting to feel a loss of control over the direction their child is headed—sexually.  Full story over at our our sister site.

📌U.S Govt Demand Homeopathic Products Admit They Don’t Work 📌Vegan Athletes Show You Don’t Need Meat To Be Fit 📌Craving Sugar But On a Diet? Try This 📌The Effects Of Heartbreak On Your Health 📌”My Kid Regularly Visits My Rapist” 📌Kanye Turns His Instagram Into A Margiela Shrine 📌What To Wear Home For Thanksgiving 📌Rose Gold Sneakers You Can Wear With Anything 📌and More!

FOOD 📌Craving sugar but on a diet? No worries, try this Nutella banana ice-cream 📌Starbucks speads holiday cheer with 13 new seasonal cups 📌US Government Says All Homeopathic Products Now Have To Admit They Don’t Work 📌Tribes Revive Indigenous Crops, And The Food Traditions That Go With Them 📌Bagged salad is Salmonella risk, study finds 📌To Relieve Post-Election Stress, Bake And Bake Again   HEALTH 📌The Physical Effects Of Heartbreak on Your Health 📌What Actually IS An Orgasm? What is hand, foot and mouth disease?  📌What are signs of a thyroid disorder? 📌The vegan athletes who show you don’t need meat to be fit 📌Grocery trade group ordered to pay $18 MILLION for illegally laundering money of pro-GMO donors  📌From preventing the flu to helping you live longer, doctor reveals why we should ALL follow the Government’s advice to pop vitamin D this winter 📌This Morning Yoga Sequence Will Boost Tap in for more!

Have A Coke and A Smile—Literally

After having not quenched your thirst for news and information in a few days, what an awesome way to break the ice before I pour it all on you.   Having a Coke and a Smile in 2016 has become literal in every sense of the liquid, line and lyric. Rewind: Fast-forward. Like never heard tech or tale of, while knocking back a squig of the beverage, multitasking, and doing what we do best in 2016; the cola giant made sure that We (The Pepsi Selfie Generation) could get our hands on a Coke and a literal smile.  While you are having a Coke, the apparatus and business below that bottles your backwash will now be dressed in a boot. Dip it low. Once you dip it low to a 70 degree angle, it’s on and “poppin’!” This snapping bottle boot’s built-in USB transfers your images in what looks like an Tap in for more!