📌Apple’s Tim Cook Says If You Can Buy Coffee You Can Buy His iPhone 📌{Spiel} Are Elizabeth Warren & Donna Brazille Being Petty?📌What Living Paycheck To Paycheck Does To Your Health 📌Men w/the Mean Curves Just Might Have Cancer 📌Sh|t We Already Knew: Star Jones’ Ex Al Reynolds Comes Out As Gay 📌The Connect To Bacteria-Resistant Chickens Found 📌Why We Empathize w/Dogs More Than People 📌Employee’s Last Day Decided It Was Trump’s Last Day On Twitter 📌and More!

‘Unbelievable’: Heart Stents Fail to Ease Chest Pain Study Of 1.5 Million Men Finds Link Between Penis Shape And Cancer Risk ‘It’s insane’: Ont. patient told she’d have to wait 4.5 years to see neurologist Obama Takes to Twitter to Promote Obamacare Enrollment Brain scans of toddlers reveal impact of Tap in for more!

Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan B. Anthony, Sandra Day O’Connor – 7 Ways Women Have Taught Us How To Make Things Happen

 Surely an oversight of the head rather than the heart, although Janet Reno and Madeleine Albright ….are missing from this list, they too, could/should very well be included. But read the story on 7 other great women here!

📌Department Of Justice Conclude Baltimore Does Indeed Target Minorities 📌Elizabeth Warren Tweets Trump Can’t Handle Losing To A Girl 📌 University of Cincinnati Cop Ray Tensing To Testify At His Trial📌Citizens Police Academy Drill Leaves 1 Citizen Dead 📌and more!

Bittersweet and too little, too late for Freddie Gray, Korryn Gaines and others: (more here and here) Department of Justice investigation determined Baltimore PD does discriminate against blacks DOJ finds Baltimore PD targeted minorities, ignored and belittle sexual assault case  Investigation finds BPD used discriminatory practices, made unconstitutional arrests University of Tap in for more!

TORISPILLING SPILLS: 📌Amazon Paying Employees $5k To Quit 📌CNN Lays Off 50 Employees After Missing Revenue Targets 📌 N̶i̶k̶o̶l̶a̶s̶ ̶C̶r̶u̶z̶ Florida School Shooter Uber’d to School Before Shooting 📌Dems Smack Monies From PAC 📌Why Rob Porter Scandal Is a National Sercurity 📌Spotify Entrepreneur Loses Legal Battle To Stop Brother from Spotlighting His Past 📌Wanna Juggle Competing Uber and Lyft Rides? There’s an App For That 📌Deets You Might Have Missed at NYFW 📌The Average American Experiences 60 Bad Days a Year 📌15 Best Docs on Netflix Right Now 📌Prince Collaborator Selling ‘Soft and Wet’ Songwriting Credit of eBay for $490k 📌Just “Turrible”: Barkley Admits Playing NBA Game Drunk 📌Weed on Shopify? 📌and More!

WTF / RANDOM Camel Wrestling Is Real And We Went To See It In Turkey (HBO)   Kid Shows What Happens When You Jump On Frozen Trampoline In Slow Motion       WORLD NEWS Homeless man arrested in random beating of elderly LA woman   Study: Most Americans Still Tap in for more!


Gwyneth Paltrow Is Engaged to Producer Brad Falchuk: Reports – PEOPLE.com Celebrate Fixer Upper’s Final Season with Chip and Joanna’s Cutest Moments – TV Guide Jennifer Lawrence Says Her Nude Photo Hack Was ‘Unbelievably Violating’ – Us Weekly Greta Gerwig Sent Justin Timberlake an Impassioned Letter to Use “Cry Me Tap in for more!

📌Health Care Bill News

Obama on Senate bill: It’s ‘not a health care bill’ Obama slams ‘fundamental meanness’ of Senate healthcare bill Obama’s Full Statement Defending Obamacare Elizabeth Warren says GOP health bill ‘kicks dirt in the face of the American people’ Here’s the full text of the secret Senate healthcare bill McConnell reveals Tap in for more!

LoL: 📌Hillary Clinton: “People in Covfefe Houses Shouldn’t Throw Covfefe” Not So Funny: 📌Trump Plans To Minimize Civil Rights Efforts In Agencies +White House Grants 14 Ethnic Waivers 📌43% Of Americans Want Trump Impeached 📌and More!

Here Are the Airports You Can’t Fly From With Your Laptop POLITICS Comey OK’d to testify; House committee issues subpoenas Comey preparing to testify before Senate about Trump conversations as early as next week Elizabeth Warren: Trump’s Russia scandal could be worse than Watergate White House grants 14 ethics waivers Tap in for more!

📌Everybody Loves (and Hates) Aaron 📌3 Sex Positions Men Should Avoid 📌Google Seeks Volunteers To Give Up Health Secrets 📌Can You Really Die From A Broken Heart 📌and Munchies

WORLD NEWS Judge blocks Arkansas from using lethal injection drug George H. W. Bush remains in hospital Professor tweets ‘Trump must hang,’ agrees to paid leave No reward yet for McDonald’s workers who led police to Facebook killer Las Vegas now has vending machines to dispense clean needles for IV Tap in for more!

📌Which “State” Sends Most Taxes To DC? 📌Woman Robs Banks In PJs 📌Border Wall Leaves Some Americans On Other Side 📌Next Step Deployment: Banks That Do Business w/North Korea 📌and More!

Five factors to watch in battle for House Mike Pence arrives near DMZ after failed North Korea missile Trump says media downplayed Kansas victory  📌If you can assert “The election is over!” at marchers demanding your taxes, you ALSO need to stop asserting where you (feel) you won from state to Tap in for more!


📌THIS is comedy genius: Chelsea Handler trolls Trump in photo with Nordstrom bags outside WH …if I have to explain the pun (because you’re not following this world stage that politics is on right now), here goes: Retail giant, Nordstrom (conveniently? Ironically—or intently, meticulous or purposely) canceled Trump daughter (Ivanka Tap in for more!


LoL at this headline. I totally acted it out: Man, Ted Cruz has had himself a weird week LoL at this headline, too: Intel is giving Trump credit for a factory he had nothing to do with Mercedes-Benz, Honda among companies with ads on jihadist websites   CELEBS / ENTERTAINMENT Tap in for more!


Video news: YouTube adds mobile video streaming for top talent HitsMeUp, New Video Platform Founded by Nashville Music Vets, Announces March Launch Hundreds of millions of Facebook Messenger users are making voice and video calls VIRAL VIDEO George Lopez Heckler Reacts To ‘Don’t Marry Somebody Black’ Latino Rules [Video] Baby Tap in for more!


Male Contraceptive Gel Proves 100% Successful In Monkey Trials Wife leaves husband of 22 years because he voted for Donald Trump San Francisco announces free community college for all residents A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album  FOOD What is flax? Is flaxseed good for you? Tap in for more!

📌{Trending on Twitter} #WomensMarch 📌Who Started It? 📌Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Marches Don’t Matter 📌Madonna & Ashley Judd + Other High Profile Celebs Turnout & Support 📌Over 1 Million NY Women To Have Free Access To Contraception & Abortion📌and More!

Although (in this blog post) Tori Spilling provided highlights and listed over 100 articles written about the goings on at the Women’s March, we still made it possible for you to watch 6+ hours of the March! To be connected to it, just tap here. At any rate.   Text: Tap in for more!

📌What I Liked About Melania Today 📌Trump & Obama Trade Places: Shake Hands, Obama Off In Helicopter {Footage} 📌What To Expect From An Unexpected President 📌11 Times Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Poker Face Failed At Trump’s Inaugural 📌What Trump Inherits📌”America” “You” “We” “I”: How Many Times Did Trump Say Each In His Speech 📌and More!

Trump’s To-Do List: What to Expect From an Unexpected President Chinese Media Instructed Not To Bash Trump On His Big Day Surviving four years of Trump’s huge ego and incurious mind One Of President Trump’s First Acts Will Cost Homeowners Millions Of Dollars Inauguration Day Generates More Than 12 Million Tap in for more!

📌Why Trump’s Confusion About What A ‘Blind Trust’ Is, Matters 📌Trump Tweeted Himself Into The White House 📌Chelsea Clinton Being Groomed For Congressional Run? 📌Sanders Eyeing Leadership Bid? 📌Dukakis Calls For End To Electoral College 📌13 Major Revelations From Trumps 1st Interview Since His Win–That You Need To Know 📌and More!

Trump University agrees to settle lawsuit for $25 million: Reuters, citing source Why Trump’s confusion about what a ‘blind trust’ is matters Why some Democrats think Minnesota’s Keith Ellison is the answer to Donald Trump Chelsea Clinton reportedly being groomed for congressional run Sanders eyeing Senate leadership bid New York Tap in for more!


Hacked Podesta Twitter sends out Trump-supporting tweet  Hacked Podesta Twitter sends out Trump-supporting tweet Challenging Iran is ‘the last thing’ Obama wants to do — even as Iran-backed militants fire on US Navy ships Challenging Iran is ‘the last thing’ Obama wants to do — even as Iran-backed militants fire Tap in for more!

📌Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoe Sale Date: Nov. 28 Price: Unknown. 📌AAA (Triple A) Says Drivers Waste 2.1 Billion Per Year Buying Premium Gas 📌Apple Hires YouTube Doctor ‘DocMikeEvans’ 📌Wage Gap Between Blacks & Whites Worst In 40 Years 📌 Vets Warn Against Buying Flat Faced Dogs 📌and more!

TECHNOLOGY The first Xbox One S bundles in the UK are really cheap Japan enlists Huawei and ZTE to help win the race for 5G, report says Government ‘committed’ to Alan Turing gay pardon law –  Nintendo NX will let developers ‘take more risks   SPORTS Tim Tebow Makes Minor Tap in for more!

📌Corey Haim’s ‘A-List Rapist’ To Be Named 📌D.L. Hughley Expresses Outrage Regarding Terence Crutcher Silence v. Kaepernickneeling Outrage 📌Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Split-He Reportedly Had Affair w/ Marion Cotillard 📌Skittles Respond To Trump Jr. 📌Prince’s Legacy Messy 📌Jim Carey Sued Over Girlfriend’s Overdose 📌and more!

After another police shooting, silence from Kaepernick’s critics speaks volumes  Video of Terence Crutcher’s police shooting may be “the worst we’ve seen” yet Video Released in Terence Crutcher’s Killing by Tulsa Police  NBA’s Larry Sanders — Terence Crutcher Shooting … Makes Me Scared For My Kids  Minnesota Restaurant Posts ‘Muslims Tap in for more!

📌 Trump’s ‘Birther’ Statement Gets Life & Lambasted 📌Skype Let’s You Text 📌New Breast Cancer Test Can Save Lives 📌18 Year-Old Sues Parents For Posting His Pics on Facebook 📌Bullied Kids TO Eat Alone No More 📌84-Proof Whiskey Cans Now 📌L’Oreal Sued Over Relaxer 📌The King of Prince Tributes Underway 📌Sugar Industry Not The Only One Paying For Favor 📌Lupita, Lil Wayne, Bruce Springsteen, Master P, The Game 📌and more!

  L’Oréal Sued By Black Women Angry Over Relaxer Marc Jacobs’ show features white models in faux dreadlocks, causes uproar Dyson’s $399 hairdryer: Just a lot of hot air? (see this Panasonic robot hair hairwasher) Sugar Shocked? The Rest Of Food Industry Pays For Lots Of Research, Too (more on this) Baby Tap in for more!

📌Michael Phelps Gives His Opponent the Finger 📌Maliah Obama Caught Smoking Pot 📌Trumps Assassination Joke + Other News in Politics, Entertainment, World News Sports and More!

NYPD arrests man who scaled Trump Tower with suction cups Volleyball in a hijab: Does this picture show a culture clash? – BBC News Hear Hendrix’s Stunning First Band of Gypsys Performance No hashtags prayers for Paki Where are the hashtags for the Pakistan hospital attack? Lack of response to Tap in for more!

ICYMI and More!: 📌

Twitter is dragging Trump’s lawyer for his choice of font Should you watch ‘The Room’ before seeing ‘The Disaster Artist’? Donald Trump’s latest tweet proves he really doesn’t understand the right to remain silent Watch a ninja dog attempt to escape an animal shelter by climbing up its cage…. LoL Tap in for more!