📌Department Of Justice Conclude Baltimore Does Indeed Target Minorities 📌Elizabeth Warren Tweets Trump Can’t Handle Losing To A Girl 📌 University of Cincinnati Cop Ray Tensing To Testify At His Trial📌Citizens Police Academy Drill Leaves 1 Citizen Dead 📌and more!

Bittersweet and too little, too late for Freddie Gray, Korryn Gaines and others: (more here and here)

  1. Department of Justice investigation determined Baltimore PD does discriminate against blacks
  2. DOJ finds Baltimore PD targeted minorities, ignored and belittle sexual assault case 
  3. Investigation finds BPD used discriminatory practices, made unconstitutional arrests
  4. University of Cincinnati Police Officer That Killed Sam Dubose To Testify At His Trial
  5. Cincinnati Police Department To Get Body Cams 
  6. FOP wants Cincinnati Police Dept to Negotiate with Union Over Body Cams
  7. Woman Fatally Shot By Florida Cop Playing ‘Bad Guy’ During Citizen’s Police Academy ExerciseVictim Mary Knowlton
  8. Former NFL QB Tim Tebow to pursue a career in professional baseball
  9. Would you let your children watch you give birth?
  10. Adele Might Be Performing at 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show:Adele 
  11. Republicans Panicking As Rumors Hint At Possible Michelle Obama Senate Run
  12. Little Girl Abandoned by Father and Drug-Addict Mother Is Adopted by Christian Texas Family, Becomes Best Athlete in the WorldRio Simone
  13. ‘N Sync Reunites for JC Chasez’s 40th Birthday
  14. Twitter reacts to Michael Phelps beating Le Clos for 200m butterfly win
  15. Trump hints at assassination of Hillary Clinton by gun rights supporters
  16. Elizabeth Warren Fires Back At ‘Pathetic Coward’ Donald Trump After Assassination Suggestion
  17. Sanders buys $600K summer home
  18. Goodbye to ‘Honeys’ in Court, by Vote of American Bar Association
  19. landscape-1470772720-trumpyellWill Smith Wants to Cleanse Country Of Donald Trump Supporters
  20. Donald Trump’s 2nd Amendment Line Will End His Campaign
  21. Instead of complaining when his 93-year-old mom moved in, he got his camera.
  22. Anyone who thinks Trump was “just joking” about shooting Clinton is missing the point
  23. Trump appears to encourage gun owners to take action if Clinton appoints anti-gun judges
  24. Olympic Volunteer Proposes to Her Brazilian Rugby Player Girlfriend and Everyone CriesOlympian proposes to girlfriend
  25. Trump supporter Scott Baio won’t back down: ‘I genuinely, in my heart, do not care if I ever work again’
  26. Sen. Warren: Trump can’t handle he’s ‘losing to a girl’2016-08-09T23-13-14-1Z--1280x720.video_1067x600
  27. A white homeowner called 911 to report ‘hoodlums’ outside. Then he fatally shot a black man.
  28. The Polls Aren’t Skewed: Trump Really Is Losing Badly
  29. Trump in trouble over ‘Second Amendment’ remark
  30. New Orleans gets its 133rd festival: Beignet Fest
  31. Man ‘on neighborhood watch’ kills 20-year-old
  32. The GOP must dump Trump
  33. Poll: Clinton Opens Up Double-Digit Lead Over Trump
  34. Martin Sheen Calls Donald Trump an “Empty-Headed Moron”: “He Has No Chance”
  35. De La Soul’s Legacy Is Trapped in Digital Limbo
  36. Hear Hendrix’s Stunning First Band of Gypsys Performance
  37. Watch Every Single Deleted Joker Scene From ‘Suicide Squad’ the-joker-tries-to-kill-harley-quinn-in-suicide-squad-s-darkest-deleted-scene-1089101
  38. Clinton endorses Wasserman Schultz
  39. 11 unbeatable ways to do ordinary things 3 times faster
  40. Ex-Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s 14-year Sentence Upheld – Will Stay in Colorado PrisonCpcWzugWAAElLhz 
  41. Chaos and Gunfire in Ferguson on Anniversary Date of Mike Brown Shooting and Protests

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42. Being lazy is a sign of high intelligence 

43. Swearing, staying up too late and being messy are signs of high intelligence