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I love my baby so madly. On the flip side, strides in technology change for the better so well day by day and my son wasn’t so lucky in a major sensory area: sight from oxygen. Retinopathy of prematurity-like Stevie Wonder (I just recently found out). And ironically though, my son’s name is Stevie too . My son has quite a story worthy a “Wonder” movie. I just haven’t written it yet. It’ll only take me all but 30 days to do, whenever I do.

Anywho. Bless this baby’s likkle heart. Kiss kiss.




Sean Parker unloads on Facebook “exploiting” human psychology.

…You know. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ultra-validated in all that I have been saying all along. Keep in mind, this guy is not an ’employee’ or board member or exec. He is just as much a Mark Zuckerberg as Mark Zuckerberg is to Facebook: He helped build it. And like (Mark Zuckerberg) he knew (in advance) all the elements and buttons to enslave you.

I have been writing articles (like thisthis,  and this) and books (like this one) about the psychology and people’s mind states on social media for YEARS. So (again) just to know that one of the inventors of Facebook-one of the main social media platforms-came through and totally validated what I have been saying all along is COMPLETE validation for me. Outside of freedom of speech and being able to watch people’s min states and (good or bad) watch the real motivations, intentions of the world around you) there are NO healthy elements of social media that’s particularly “healthy.” Even before the invent of social media, we have to control our own minds. Because our minds are not even our friend. With that being the case, you can’t even begin to think that a technology that plays on your psyche is [your “friend”].. It’s simple math there.

Outside of the media end, ‘social media’ is about three things:

  • pretense (pretentiousness and pretending)
  • calculation, reciprocal valuation, and premeditation (doing something to yield some result or reaction in our favor or for our agenda)
  • psychology not technology-contrary to what most think (under the guise of the word “social” making you feel that pretentious and premeditated forms of engaging is really “engaging.”

Call it what you want to, but your social media savvy and relationship to it, with it and on it, tells more about you than you think (or post). I promise to get a #AngFrankPodcast discussion on exactly what I mean by that guys, okay? But in short, I will say this. You can’t fight or change the fact that social media is here to stay.

Although (as I explained in my article here) I feel an international psychological reset is essential and Twitter Jack, Facebook Mark and the rest won’t fully have my respect until they do. Believe it or not, THEY are responsible for the (STDs) spiritual transmitted disease’s of many through these platforms and we ALL NEED to understand out TRUE existence in versus the matrix they live in on social media. There will even be suicides out in the real world if this happens, but a world humbling and realization and rebirth will occur. The necessity of that far outweighs the lost who will commit suicide over a 30-day social media blackout.

Social media was one of the most essential technological tools necessary to take control of the media and out of a select few forms of media’s hands. But where social media people made it bad and things went wrong is: Somewhere in it, everybody decided that they are supposed to get famous because of it, instead to being able to see the world through it. That (and those types of people-who are often times unprepared but, unearned,  just wanna be-by way of the knobs and hob-knobs of social media alone) are the biggest problems of social media being a problem.

Contrary to what you probably think, life and business can (and will) continue as, the Internet and social media are two different things.

As a business, a blackout will make you see the actual health and strength of your business.

As a person, it will tell you the truth about who and what you think you are.

Either way, it’ll clean us all up-because we forgot (or don’t know life without it).

What that Facebook founder (Sean Parker) admitted was brave and to be respected. Mark Zuckerberg would never admit that as, his premise (that he continuously fights to defend) is that it brings the world together. And it does. But elements of social media that make social media unhealthy to the mind, life and spirit happen to be the smallest features (by comparison to the greatest and genius element of the media being controlled) and that’s the numeric and validation features-they work like [in psychology what is known as] the Pavlov Dog Experiment.

That is where the unhealthy comes in.

Like I quote at end of one of my books   First Things First: Discovering Your Karma Mission and Purpose in Life, Carl Jung said it best: “Anything born at a certain moment in time has elements of that moment in time.” That said, lest we not forget-in the early days of Facebook even before the movie, it was known (and written about) that Mark Zuckerberg found joy in inventing a platform that allowed the odd duck near social outcast in him to say what he wanted to say from behind a screen to who he couldn’t in person and face to face.

That very same spirit rumbles beneath the surface of Facebook and social media as a whole. All else is just the dirt on top. We the people are the flowers—or weeds.

Pick your poison.

Social media is the best invention ever.

You just have to be “woke” as you claim to be and know how to “life” while using it-not living on, or vicariously through it while trying to get a “life” from it.

“I use these platforms, I just don’t let these platforms use me” …<–says a creator of Facebook.

Be the utility, NOT the tool. HAVE/possess the utility AND the tools (the goods–the supply in demand). Other than that, it will use you.









Three things in life mean more than money to me is

-my life

  • mind my
  • my time.

And what, who and why I spend each on, (as an individual in control of my life, my mind and my time) I evaluate—(individually and case by case). I’m not easily influenced or convinced or sold (because of a  majority way without evaluation). I’m just one of those chicks that never needed a posse to go out with or out to eat with or to the store with. I’ve been to concerts and clubs and sat at many a table alone-comfortably. My natural way is intimate and individual with people, undivided in my attention when in. And my friends are like that with me. I’m just like that, it’s just always been like that with me. All my friends are intimate friends with me separately. I don’t have 4-to-a group of friendships and never have. So maybe my way on this is easier to handle than the next because of. Not everybody is an individual comfortably and I am aware of that, too.

That said, I don’t (and never have) cared about what “everybody’s doing” (for too long a time). I’m human and just as self-indulgent as the next person. But like night ’til morning: I evaluate in the morning what I felt or did  about something I felt or did in the night. If in the morning, I don’t feel the same as I thought I did in the night-it’s a wrap (or a ‘no’) for me when that sun comes up and put the light on it all.

But enough about me. Good luck yall. The whole iPhone world has had the iPhone blues for like a month now. That sucks. Whatever news I get to help yous, I will post.