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Della Reese’s passing is so, so sad. And while at the same time, it is with great admiration and appreciation-the fact that (many of us learned) this lady (born in 1931) was an entertainer during the most oppressive times in history yet, transcended time and brought us good times.Image result for della reese

That “many of us” being we young whipper-snappers that remember her from our time (“Touched By An Angel”) and especially hood classics like “Harlem Nights” and “ Thin Line Between Love and Hate.”

For us, and I’m sure those that knew her and worked with her (legends like Lynn Whitfield, Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy and other legends we lost: Red Foxx and Richard Pryor-starring in the next clip with her) she gave us all good laughs. She will be missed…oh so dearly.

I was in tears (of sadness and nostalgia) re-watching this. RIP Della Reese. We enjoyed you. Thanks for blessing us in our time.



…this, too, is very said. Good times in life.



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    • Teen depression, suicide and smartphone use
    • Dem candidate boasts of ‘hayloft’ romp, sex with 50 women in bid to preempt oppo …I said it in an excerpt of my (not yet published) book Feel Like a Lady Deal Like a Man-Tips & Secrets on Everything from: Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex, and Men (a lot of excerpts can be found within these write-ups on our sister site)… I mention (in the RPC/reverse-psychology cheating section) that men loooooooooooove bragging (and even redemption and humble-bragging) about their sexual conquests–AND THIS GUY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO OFFER THIS INFO. LoL. At any rate, in that chapter of my book, I’m teaching women my RPC method of the psychology of reversing cheating. I teach them how to use this as fuel to allow their significant others to share (with them) these trysts (and thoughts). Why? Because the secret to keeping cheating alive (actual or emotional) lies in the secrecy of it. That’s key. But when the secret is out, it puts the fire and desire out of wanting the thrill and the thrill seeking of cheating. I explain how where women “romance” sexual and physical experiences, men ‘rogue’ it. And as per my RPC method (by which I am seeking to get implemented into couples therapy nationwide), if the couple is at a point in the relationship where they still half way like each other, and a woman [is strong enough to] grab hold of that thing men love to do (talk about their conquests)-cheating can easily be eliminated by making it not ‘fun’ and on fire anymore.

In the RPC excerpt, I explain that the act of cheating more of a knock-down, drag-out ordeal in the mind and heart of a woman yet, most often, it’s merely a conquest and sport for men. Cheating isn’t always a reason to break up. You just have to know what to do with it (before, during or after it happens). When a man feels like he has a bestie in his woman-far over watching sports but rather, kicking it with her about what happened, what almost happened and what he entertained the thought of happening-she wins…because the next time it almost happens (mind or in the flesh), he’s becomes more concerned with the fact that it could have (with satisfies his male ‘conquest’) but habitually becomes compelled to spill it (with his woman).

The space and opportunity to cheat presents itself in a mans life (and mind) far too often for the woman he is in a relationship with for her not to have a method for it. You’re not really your man’s “friend” until he can confess things to you that you aren’t ready to hear–like he does with his real friends. Kickin’ sports talk with him is not enough. But if you keep him practice like what I share in the RPC chapter, you’ll really have a ‘friend’ in him–and salvage your relationship. Trust me, I didn’t write this book out of mid-air. I’m the keeper of many-a-souls and secrets and ‘keep’ men that are even kept anymore.

To know more about what my book is about read the intro here and see the table of contents here.

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