CRUZIN For A Brusin’ : HEIDI CRUZ Likens Husband TED CRUZ’s Campaign Fight To The 25 Years It Took To End Slavery

Reparations is an order, surely now.

They say when people show you their true colors-believe them and it’s obvious that almost-First-Lady of the United States of America, Heidi Cruz, knows zilch about the red, white, and blue.

Given her now infamous, campaign swan song of a sad statement [for] comparing a mere four-year Ted Cruz campaign fight and end to slavery AND the “25 years” it took to end [slavery]

“I don’t want you to feel like any of this was in vain. I believe in the power of prayer. This doesn’t always happen on the timing of man, and God does not work in four-year segments. Be full of faith and so full of joy that this team was chosen to fight a long battle. Think that slavery — it took 25 years to defeat slavery. That is a lot longer than four years.”

…we now know (for sure) that