After having not quenched your thirst for news and information in a few days, what an awesome way to break the ice before I pour it all on you.


Having a Coke and a Smile in 2016 has become literal in every sense of the liquid, line and lyric.







Like never heard tech or tale of, while knocking back a squig of the beverage, multitasking, and doing what we do best in 2016; the cola giant made sure that We (The Pepsi Selfie Generation) could get our hands on a Coke and a literal smile. 

While you are having a Coke, the apparatus and business below that bottles your backwash will now be dressed in a boot.

Dip it low.

Once you dip it low to a 70 degree angle, it’s on and “poppin’!”

This snapping bottle boot’s built-in USB transfers your images in what looks like an old-school, white, Polaroid picture frame!coca-cola-coke-selfie

What say you guys?

I taste a #CocaColaChallenge coming on.

Sounds fun!

Read more on this from our friends at TechCrunch!



Hey Ya, way’ment.

Speaking of tech crunch. I think I’ve already done the pre-video treatment for this advertisement for this whole Coke and a Smile thing already, eh?

Perhaps Coke’s gotta double tap Outkast to shake it like a Polaroid picture (3:18 to 4:10), at pic processing.

Then tap Christina Milian to help dip it low (:47 to :57). Certainly that’s needed at that 70 degree dip to strike that Coke and the Smile pose! 

Hey, I think we’re on to something!

Video treatment write-up stat!