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  • Ryan: ‘We need answers’ on alleged ties between Trump associates and Russia
  • Kellyanne Conway puts feet on Oval Office couch; Twitter freaks  📌Often times, body language is something to display or put out there as an expression. In this case-an expression of ‘comfortability,’ familiarity, or privilege-sort of like how you and a friend may visit your grandma’s house. You both sit on the couch. Your friend puts his/her feet up on the table (until gran’ sees it), yet, you-the friend-can’t do it at all. I’m not sure if Kellyanne’s message was “I can do this, we’re doing you a ‘favor’” or: “I can do this-this may be the Oval Office because Trump,  the gang and I are an unconventional bunch-no different than our decision to decline to dine in the delicacies and formalities of ‘A White House Correspondents Dinner’ guys, relax.” It’s one or both, though.  (more on Kellyanne Conway)

Texas Attorney General upholding Trump’s immigration laws:


Suspect in custody for plowing car into Mardi Gras crowd: