1. Friday Mailbag: Soda, the Health Act and ‘Mrs.’ Trump
  2. Trump to lay out vision for country in inaugural address, but don’t expect a ‘long-winded’ speech
  3. Handicapping Trump’s first 100 days
  4. After oath, Trump faces ambitious Day 1 to-do list
  5. At candlelight dinner, Trump says election was ‘victory for all of us’
  6. Memo To Black Folk: Don’t Be So Thirsty For Trump’s Kool-Aid
  7. Inside the Massive Inauguration Security Effort
  8. Just in tiem for Trump LoL Drug lord ‘El Chapo’ extradited to the U.S., Mexico’s government says
  9. Talk about coincidence! And here I thought George Sr. and Barbara Bush being hospitalized during Trumps inauguration was a coincidence. Wayne Barrett, NYC reporter who wrote book on Trump, dead at 71
  10. Democrats in sad shape: Power deficit as Trump era begins
  11. Doctors Consider Removing Former President George H.W. Bush’s Breathing Tube
  12. Ivanka Trump asks America to give her dad a chance
  13. George Soros warns Donald Trump is a ‘would-be dictator’
  14. Obama staffers challenged to WH scavenger hunt on final day
  15. Donald Trump’s Cabinet is complete: No Latinos for the first time since 1989
  16. Donald Trump Has Plans To Hit The Ground Running. Here’s What He Wants To Do
  17. Will Trump speech meet ‘God’ average for inaugural addresses?
  18. Jimmy Carter spotted en route to DC
  19. Trump team wanted tanks, missile launchers in parade: report
  20. Britain’s Hammond: Trump creates new uncertainty for Europe
  21. Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest
  22. The Obamas were a master class in dignity and civility. Did we learn what they taught?
  23. One President out, another in: You don’t just hire 2 guys with a truck
  24. Inside the Final Hours of the Obama White House
  25. Obama in Thank-You Letter to America: ‘You Made Me a Better Man’
  26. Obama pens goodbye letter to the American people
  27. A look back at fact-checking President Obama
  28. Trump: ‘The next time we’re going to win the old fashioned way’
  29. George H.W. Bush hopes to return home soon
  30. Bush letter to Obama made public for the first time
  31. First on ABC: George W. Bush’s Inauguration Day Letter to Barack Obama
  32. Trump’s ‘Day One’ will play out for weeks and months
  33. Yawn. Ethics Lawyers Call Trump’s Business Conflicts ‘Nakedly Unconstitutional’
  34. Yawn. Donald Trump’s Inauguration Becomes a Time to Protest and Plan
  35. Donald Trump’s Inauguration Inspires a Memory of Eisenhower’s
  36. Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates
  37. MY Man! *single one-hand clap* LoL. Tearful Biden Carefully Takes Down Blacklight Poster Of Topless Barbarian Chick From Office Wall
  38. MY Man! *single one-hand clap* LoL Obama commutes 330 sentences, most in single day



  1. Drone strikes killed one civilian in 2016, Obama administration says
  2. For a Modest Price, the Streets of Paris Can Be Yours
  3. Spain officials say 2,000 trapped overnight as snowfall cuts off roads
  4. ‘Deploraball’ guests met by protesters in chaotic scene
  5. Police: Facebook video shows teen mom taping toddler to wall
  6. Suspected Orlando Cop Killer Appeared to Be Kicked in Head as He Was Captured: Video
  7. Families of terrorist attack victims sue Facebook and Twitter
  8. Temperature in Alaska drops to minus 59



  1. Sorry Scott. A resuscitated defunct career won’t be apart of this dream you have: Scott Baio Now Wants to See Trump Lead An American “Resurgence”
  2. Steve Harvey was ‘hurt’ by backlash following Trump meeting
  3. Kristen Stewart co-wrote an academic paper about artificial intelligence
  4. 11 Celeb Couples Who Broke Up And Still Had To Work Together
  5. Madonna Slams Donald Trump: ‘We Have Gone As Low As We Can Go’
  6. “A Dog’s Purpose” premiere canceled after abuse allegations
  7. Paramount gets $1bn Chinese funding
  8. Nelly speaks on the Nelly vs. Drake Twitter debate



  1. Takeaways, Player Grades in Dallas Mavericks Loss to Heat
  2. The Giants and Adrian Peterson? Talk about an imperfect match
  3. A look at the absurd All-Star starter votes cast by NBA players
  4. NFL Playoffs: Breaking down the final four quarterbacks


  1. Samsung Note 7 investigation will blame ‘irregularly sized’ batteries and manufacturing flaws, says WSJ
  2. these are the 10 most stressful jobs of 2017
  3. 6 Tips for Avoiding the Worst Student Loan Repayment Traps
  4. E-commerce is passe. Moonshot ideas will grab attention of startups in 2017Startups tweaks its employee structure, discards flat structures


  1. If You’ve Been Told To Stay Away From Cheese, We Need To Talk