Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump cheer during a campaign rally in Everett, Washington, U.S., August 30, 2016. Picture taken August 30, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri


  1. IRS doesn’t tell 1 million taxpayers that illegal immigrants stole their Social Security numbers
  2. A letter to my breadwinner husband
  3. Father to EpiPen CEO: “My Daughters Will Be Nothing Like You”
  4. Chargers to Greet Colin Kaepernick with a ‘Salute to the Military’ on Thursday Night
  5. John Legend Calls National Anthem Racist On Twitter
  6. 100-Year-Old Grandpa Clutches Dying Wife’s Hand During Final Moments Together (this got over 78k shares all across social media)
  7. First U.S. commercial flight in 5 decades lands in Cuba
  8. Passenger Jet Service From U.S. to Cuba Starts Wednesday
  9. Pakistani Pilot Sisters Make History By Co-Flying Boeing 777
  10. I’m saddened: This is the first bad Madame Tussaud I’ve ever seen: Selena Quintanilla ya tiene su estatua en el museo de cera Madame Tussauds
  11. Halle’s has it, still. Halle Berry — The Abs Have It … Yes, STILL! (PHOTOS)
  12. PLOT TWIST: Chris Brown Accuser Is A Wanted Suspect In Connection With Criminal Theft 
  13. Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  14. Chris Brown arrested, to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon 
  15. Chris Brown Accuser’s a Grand Larceny Suspect in Plaza Hotel Theft
  16. Chris Brown Accuser Stripped of Beauty Queen Crown Over Nude Photos
  17. 50 Cent, Waka Flocka, K. Michelle And More Show Support For Chris Brown
  18. Chris Brown Released on Bail, Accuser Wanted for Theft in NYC
  19. Instagram Adds Pinch to Zoom to Give a Closer Look at Photos and Videos
  20. Now THIS is a ‘talk show’ I’m here for: Bill Nye Saves The World on Netflix With New Talk Show Take in 2017
  21. South African Students Demand To Wear Their Natural Hair
  22. Hidden Rainbow Hair For Shy People Who Are Bold Inside
  23. Girls Try The World’s Hottest Pepper And Terribly Regret It
  24. 10,000 Rooms, 70 Restaurants & 5 Helipads – Welcome To The World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca
  25. Last week (ICYMI) MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Destroys The Trump Campaign’s Fake Minority Outreach (This week: Mexico?)
  26. Donald Trump to Visit Mexico After More Than a Year of Mocking It
  27. Obama Pays Mexico Five Billion Dollars to Keep Donald Trump 
  28. Donald Trump is about to meet the president of Mexico. Which of these tweets might they discuss?
  29. Trump to make trip to Mexico before immigration speech
  30. Donald Trump meeting Mexican president Peña Nieto
  31. Donald Trump, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to meet
  32. Trump’s Campaign Manager Thinks ‘Rape Would Not Exist’ If Women Were As Strong As Men
  33. I’m a Young Black Man and I Support Donald Trump
  34. Man Gets ‘Stuck’ With 47-Year Flight Connection, Travel Company Has Brilliant Response
  35. 10-Year-Old Boy Dies 2 Weeks After This Strange Marking Appears On His Leg
  36. Michele Bachmann: God ‘Raised Up’ Donald Trump
  37. Tyga’s Ferrari Repo’d While Bentley Shopping!
  38. Eagle-Eyed Teens Peer Into Stranger’s Car — And Discover Abducted Girl
  39. Rude Man Catcalls Woman In Green Dress, Then She Removes Her Wig To Reveal She’s His Mother
  40. Colin Kaepernick’s Mother: He’s Brought Shame To Family
  41. 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Against Police Brutality Is Not Hypocritical
  42. Dog Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since He Was Rescued From A Shelter
  43. One sweet gesture by FSU’s Travis Rudolph makes mom of an autistic son cry
  44. School Blames Bullied Girl For Being ‘Weird,’ But Mom Fights Back Against The Administration
  45. Man Rescues Baby Left Unattended In Car At Howell Shopping Center
  46. NFL’s Rodney Harrison Says Colin Kaepernick Is Not Black: Mixed Race Doesn’t Count
  47. Former models for Donald Trump’s agency say they violated immigration rules and worked illegally
  48. White Lives Matter Has Been Declared a Hate Group
  49. Colorado dad dad Nathan Weitzel accused of intentionally trying to kill toddler in car crash
  50. Rihanna’s All Over Drake’s Face in Miami PDA
  51. Drake And Rihanna Are Either Getting Married Or Dropping An Album Together
  52. First Girl Born Into Family of Six Brothers Turns 1
  53. Kourtney Kardashian on Why She Doesn’t Let Her Kids Watch Her Show
  54. Kendall Jenner Reveals Secret Tattoos
  55. Superstars react to Kevin Owens’ WWE Universal Championship victory
  56. Rhyno receives eight stitches following SmackDown Live
  57. Dog Swims Over 6 Miles to Reunite With Family After Falling Off Boat in Lake Michigan
  58. ‘Stranger Things’ Renewed for Second Season
  59. Remember Brock Turner? From 3 Months Ago? He’ll Leave Jail On Friday
  60. Letter gets there by hand-drawn map
  61. Australia is beautiful: See a hawk literally throw a snake at an innocent family
  62. New elephant study shows catastrophic decline in Africa
  63. Triumphant Tarantula Survives Being Eaten by Toad
  64. Springsteen dishes dream set in 3rd N.J. concert; breaks record yet again
  65. Military Personnel Support Colin Kaepernick with #VeteransForKaepernick
  66. Gabby Douglas reveals the medical condition put her in the hospital
  67. Alicia Keys Isn’t ‘Anti-Makeup,’ She Just Doesn’t Want To Wear It
  68. Poll: Clinton Unpopularity at New High, on Par With Trump
  69. Colin Kaepernick Says Hillary Would Be in Prison If She Were Anybody Else
  70. Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections
  71. Canadian surgeons urge people to throw out bristle BBQ brushes
  72. Gene Wilder’s Family Reveal He Died Listening To ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’
  73. A dog has given birth to the first identical twin puppies
  74. How Japan went crazy for KitKats
  75. How Apple paid just 0.005% tax on its global profits
  76. Florida prosecutor Angela Corey just lost her re-election bid in a blowout
  77. Angela Corey lost her primary, and the Internet is celebrating
  78. Selena Gomez Is Taking A Break From Music To Recover From Anxiety And Depression
  79. Steelers, Antonio Brown on verge of a restructured contract
  80. Internet Reacts to Tim Tebow’s MLB Tryout with Memes Aplenty
  81. Why Are So Many BASE Jumpers Dying?
  82. Matthew Slater inks 1-year extension with Patriots
  83. Reports of Clowns Trying to Lure Kids Into Woods in South Carolina Prompt Investigation
  84. Black Love: Dwyane Wade Shares Sweet Message Celebrating Wedding Anniversary With Gabrielle Union
  85. 9 simple ways to tell an authentic perfume from a fake
  86. Amazon Dash – who wants to live in a push-button world?
  87. Shaikh Mohammad opens IMG Worlds of Adventure