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…📌in the words of my son-circa his unique speech and inability to sound out ‘th’ words- “No fank you.”

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…📌again:  “No fank you.”




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It’s ‘my brand”s “Feng Shui” and prospectively, planned, super-power (which, has to be outsourced-ToriSpilling.com, too like I explained here in ToriSpilling.com’s end-game podcast).

When I run on the track at my college or in the neighbor a few mile a ways from me-I run the opposite way of the majority. Sort of like the saying that goes: “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, stop and reflect.” There is an epidemic with now. I feel this narcissistic society we live in [all these pop-up ‘purposes in life’ all having to do with fame and attention or intention] somehow the universe (God/ higher power or whatever you wish to call it) is handing out punishments of stagnation, and stress that social media is affording many to hide behind. By example and observation, I got my nudge and warning a long time ago. I submit to that. So I choose to build a brand that still stays exclusive to all that I do, and can do (and run alone), and love to do. 

Eventually, I am going to be running OtherSideoftheFame and everything on it, soley-only. It’s my blogging baby and first born. http://ow.ly/N4wZ30aFfZkBut right now, I work here (on ToriSpilling.com AND SelfieStyleStories.com) so that when I do outsource (or employ), my team with have THEE. EASIEST. JOB. EVER.

I’m not here, online, to front for you. I’m taking care of business…All THREE of  “my” businesses FOR: You, The World, and Me. It’s “my brand”‘s ‘Feng Shui.’