Did Florida Deputies Watch Or Reach Out To 3 Teens Drowning in Florida Cemetary? (You Be The Judge)

3 girls drowned floridaA photo of the Honda Accord was published-a car that served as a death chamber for three Saint Petersburg, Florida teens Dominique Battle, 16, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Laniya Miller, 15.

The back story (which contains several discrepancy’s and the need for deciphering and discernment) calls for is a careful choice of words (seemingly) to lesson the blow and blame of this major, and unfortunate they did, he said, they didn’t situation.

A Honda Accord was stolen from a Walmart parking lot by which Miller, Battle, and Butler were the drivers.

According to reports (for starters) it is unlawful for even police officials to ensue a police chase but somehow in this, the officers [quote] “trailed” [end quote] the 3 teens who (officials let the record state) had “several arrests for auto theft” between them.

The “somewhere” was the fact that the car (with the 3 teens trapped inside), ended up sinking in a cemetery pond-leaving Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri angrily defending his officers who people are saying “didn’t do enough” to save the girls as the stolen car they drove sank into 5-feet pond water.

The other discrepancy is a total scrambling of time, place and reason. That being, it’s also being reported that (as per Gualtieri) a friend asked someone by the name of Damien Marriott, 35, to
drive the girls to Child’s Park on the March 30 night the drowning took place. The discrepancy in that is, that park closes at 8 p.m and the stolen car (belonging to Marriott) wasn’t reported stolen until 8:30 p.m.

Several hours later, the Honda was seen running a red light without its headlights on during the “pursuit” (as per one report), called a “trailing” via another.

At any rate, when the girls entered the back of the cemetery [during this trailing or pursuit], they accidentally drove the Honda into the pond.

Deputies that exited their vehicles can be heard (merely saying) words like: