📌Hillary’s Huma Abedin 📌 Kanye Unseats Mike Tyson 📌White Lives Matter Protests Outside NAACP 📌 New Mercedes Maybach Rivals Tesla📌 Idiots Snapchat Kangaroo Beheading 📌and More!

  1. Closing Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics.
  2. Model Teacher: Tyra Banks is a professor at Stanford University.
  3. Teen gets paid $6million dollars for impregnating teacher.
  4. The Apple gets an ally: NSA hack helps Apple fight the FBI  (see more on this from our sis)
  5. Kanye West unseats Mike Tyson at the UFC.
  6. Popular hair care product prompts FDA to issue safety alert for hair loss.
  7. No burkas in schools, universities and public workers in Germany.
  8. Both Trump and Clinton wreck Facebook friendships.
  9. Here’s everything you need to know about the girl who rewrote India’s Olympic history: PV Sindhu.
  10. Fantastic Jurrasic: Montana Paleontologists find 2,500-pound T. rex skull.
  11. Enzo and Cass’ #SummerSlam homecoming. See what a $30K pair of sneaker closet looks like
  12. Kevin Harvick wins Bristol race, pulls away for rain-delayed victory
  13. So What sneakers did Enzo wear this Sunday’s #SummerSlam?
  14. Jaw dropping Mercedes-Maybach to rival Tesla.
  15. Drag Race: McLaren vs Porsche vs Audi R8 vs Nissan GT-R
  16. VIDEO: So was Donald Trump’s first general election ad worth the wait?Wen hair care products
  17. Gamescom Overwatch Contest Offical Rules – Overwatch Forums
  18. Olympics: Malaysia’s Lee through to men’s singles badminton finals
  19. Hillary Campaign says opposition website has No ‘Right To Exist’
  20. Finding’s say Hillary’s assistant aid Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for a years.
  21. Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin worked as assistant editor for radial Muslim journal
  22. Style Icons set 47 rules for a perfect image
  23. Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey3777C86D00000578-3751812-image-a-23_1471833130872
  24. Contrast Between Photo-Op Justin And Policy Trudeau Is Night And Day
  25. ‘Keep It,’ Says Simone Biles Throwing Gold Medal To Adoring U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team
  26. Al Roker loses his cool on live TV when anchor Billy Bush plays semantics in effort to defend Ryan Lochte’s lie.
  27. Crowd ‘boos’ cause French pole vaulter athlete to break down in tears while on medal stand
  28. Louisiana’s Dem Governor stuns American by announcing this (after being shamed by Trump):
  29. Kyle Snyder: Youngest Olympic champion in U.S. history.
  30. See photos of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins hosting a VIP signing at Barclays Center in NYC.
  31. Ethiopian medalist led a protest that could land him in jail
  32. Ethiopian runner’s protest puts him at odds with his government. 
  33. This Ethiopian Olympian’s hand gesture may get him killed.
  1. New York Post: American journalism is collapsing before our eyes.
  1. This is where Texas would rank in Olympic medal count if it was its own country:
  2. White Lives Matter group protests outside Houston NAACP
  1. Black Pastor attempted to praise Trump on MSNBC with Joy Reid and this happened…
  2. Joy Reid issues ‘unmerciful temper tantrum’ on black pastor in support of Trump.
  1. Eric Bolling says he no longer respects President Obama because he has no respect for the American people.
  1. Carmelo Anthony says he’s finished with Team USA after winning 3rd gold medal
  2. Watch Carmelo Anthony’s emotional speech after Team USA wins the Gold
  3. Rio Olympics 2016: USA beat Serbia in men’s basketball to win last gold of Games
  4. So apparently there is a ‘real’ reason why women drink?
  5. Whatever happened to wooden nickels? Couple tipped Latina server a hate message instead.
  6. Idiots torture and decapitate a Kangaroo for Snapchat
  7. Dave Bidini: Not quite saying goodbye to a Canadian who made us see ourselves.
  8. Now that the Judge dismisses lawsuits against Kentucky Kim Davis over marriage licenses, we can officially dismiss her (see more on this story via our sis).
  9. Michael Kirby warns against ‘dangerous’ political precedent of a gay marriage plebiscite.
  10. 16 reasons plus-sized women shouldn’t wear sheer.
  11. Too reel: 12 cringe worthy “accidental” selfies that were obviously staged.
  12. Two football players come to rescue of a 5 year-old boy who throws up every day because of bullies.
  13. So apparently there’s a ‘Clinton death list’: 33 of the most intriguing cases.
  14. Huffington Post calls for end to Clinton Foundation? 
  15. So over one well thought out plan to head to Louisiana, apparently Donald Trump retakes the lead of the entire presidency.
  16. “Donald Trump Is Going To Be Elected”—says the same author of the previous link of previous headline.
  17. Simone Biles: was ‘Excited’ to carry the flag yet worried about its size.
  18. Cleveland Browns sign wideout Josh Boyce
  19. The wedding suicide bomber in Turkey ‘was child aged 12-14’ .
  20. Israeli air strikes attack Gaza.
  21. So apparently, there are 24 ways working in a coffee shop changes you for life.
  22. The quest for declaring Hillary physically, neurologically (and now) mentally unable to be president continues: “What’s Wrong With Her? Hillary Wears Heavy Coat and Black Pants to Nantucket Fundraiser… In August”