ICYMI: 📌Niagara ̶F̶r̶o̶z̶e̶ Falls’ Winter Wonderland 📌When Your Favorite New Phone Will Be Released This Year 📌Here’s Where Minimum Wage is Going Up 📌Here’s When All Your Favorite Shows Are Coming Back in 2018 📌Vegas Sportsbooks LOSE Millions Over Astros WIN 📌 18 Best Places to Visit in 2018 📌The World’s Happiest Airports 📌Hmmm.👀 Peep This: Apple Patents a Mysterious iPhone ‘Window’ 📌2017’s Definitive pop Culture Moments Explained With Cheese 📌and More!

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Moore spokeswoman pressed on colleague’s anti-Semitic remark

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Vegas sportsbooks lose millions over Astros win

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Alabama certifies Jones’ win over Moore

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Professor resigns amid threats over tweets

Death threats are forcing professors off campus

Cops storm building during anti-terror raid

Charges in Justine Ruszczyk’s death won’t come in 2017

Price tag for Wisconsin Foxconn plant soars

Trump sets his doctor’s appointment 🗣

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QB threw 4 TDs, won bowl game with torn ACL

Police want tips in quadruple homicide

At least 12 people, including at least three children, died in a Bronx apartment fire

Video shows aftermath of NYC blaze

At least 12 dead in Bronx fire

Mayor: Firefighters prevented worse tragedy

Rooftop restaurant fire kills 14 in Mumbai

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2017 celebrity deaths felt like family

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Someone swapped photos of Trump with his animatronic, and plz let my mom know I am dead

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Apple Patents a Mysterious iPhone ‘Window’

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Here’s when all your favorite shows are coming back in 2018

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Roseanne clarifies retirement tweet, says she’s taking a break from Twitter – not TV – USA  TODAY  🗣